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Peak Trainings


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power point presentation on company profile/training programs

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Peak Trainings

  1. 2. Why Peak Performance Trainings? Tarun Ahuja has a mission to provide World-Class Training Modules to empower every human being for Unlimited Success
  2. 3. Peak Performance Trainings Global Trainings, Local Pricing Training modules designed to maximize your performance in all key areas of your life Strong research team and integrated website Exclusive post-training support system Unleashing Leadership.
  3. 4. The Numbers Say It! Mr. Tarun Ahuja, driven by passion to train people, is one of the fastest rising stars in the world of trainings. He is an electrifying speaker and a powerful leadership trainer. He has trained more than 50,000 people and his programmes are received with rare enthusiasm by people from all walks of life. Quoted in The Business Diary
  4. 5. The Press Says It! Human Beings have potential, which is very rarely tapped; powerful training can motivate ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things and their way to un-limited personal success. Quoted in The Times Of India Mr. Tarun Ahuja, narrated a story close to 300 people, who listened and were spell-bound as he shared tips on how to go up the ladder of success soon. His workshops work beyond just personality development and are concrete examples on what attitudes to develop. One main session is on transformational vocabulary how to express emotions with appropriate words. Quoted in Indian Express
  5. 6. The Testimonials Say It! Your trainings have the 'NORTH STAR' effect. The North Star knows not what he means to travelers but people travel from one continent to another just by its guidance. When guidance is constant, the only variable is success. It only constantly increases. Your training sessions and material have been of immense help in guiding me to conduct business and be inspired to achieve more. The beauty of it is that it is all very simple, practical and can be applied easily to yield tremendous results. It is evident that the training material is all world-class and tremendous effort has been put to ensure that only the best material is distributed. The content has always been very powerful and motivating. When applied these trainings have the power to transform one's life. It has been a fantastic experience that has changed my life to a great extent. Satyan S. Punjabi -CEO
  6. 7. The Testimonials Say It! Lt.Col. Parbate (Indian Army) The training has helped all the people in transforming the ideas, thought process and attitudes towards life. I have myself found the training program to be very useful. It has helped me in many ways especially, the modules on Goal setting, Decision Making and Improving self Image.
  7. 8. <ul><li>Mr. Sudhir Shenoy (Saint – Gobain ) </li></ul><ul><li>The Program was conducted extremely well and time management was good. All the work outs that we did actually made us think about the shortcomings we have and make a conscious effort to overcome it. The participant manual; is very concise and informative about the basics of presentation skills. </li></ul>The Testimonials Say It !
  8. 9. <ul><li>Mr. Subhasis Nandi (Saint-Gobain ) </li></ul><ul><li>Program was very good specially on soft skills for Presentation /Public speaking. Many aspects which we were not aware, were highlighted and definitely will enable us to improve. Best part of the training was interactive session and working on the very basic of human behavior during presentation. It is very good for youngsters to build the confidence and experienced executives to recollect and rejuvenate the basics. </li></ul>The Testimonials Say It !
  9. 10. <ul><li>Mr. Biju R. Naik (Air-tel) </li></ul><ul><li>The program was very effective and useful for our day to day functioning. The suggestions given was implementable and actionable. </li></ul>The Testimonials Say It !
  10. 11. <ul><li>Mr. A. Radhakrishna (Air – tel) </li></ul><ul><li>This program has bee very instrumental in developing skills on how to make effective presentation. </li></ul><ul><li>At the close of the training, I admit that I am more confident and have overcome most of the fear. </li></ul><ul><li>Would continue ad excel by repetitive performance. </li></ul><ul><li>Thanks to Mr. Tarun for taking personal care ad involvement to make this program richer. </li></ul>The Testimonials Say It !
  11. 12. The Testimonials Say It! Yes…truly…your trainings have been very much of help to me…it has inspired me to find the true meaning of life, it has made me clear that only &quot;I&quot; can take charge of my life. It has help me to over come some of the conditions which was put down by my people around me,,, mostly superstitious belief' has helped me to know my weakness and identify my strengths and utilize it and frankly speaking I was surprised by your ''mirror effect'' recommendation-- I used to talk to my self in front of the mirror before going to write my exam saying that---&quot; the paper will be very easy and will be able to get 60 to 70 percent&quot; in my weak subject-&quot;mathematics&quot; [which I am very week from childhood] and to my surprise I did very well in the exam and followed the same experiment in my other subjects too--I believe me &quot;it worked&quot;..!!! I am very happy with the kind of help that the training is providing it to me, by making me to cope up with both my profession and personal life..!!! Manoj (IIPM)
  12. 13. The Testimonials Say It! The Training Modules has really helped me in understanding the importance of life n what are the tools to be used to make it more beautiful. It has shown me the path of thinking big and also made me very strong in achieving them. The training has definitely helped me in my career as well as in my personal life. Lakshmi L. - Businesswoman I am M Nagaraj, Govt. service, Hyderabad aged 44 years. The trainings are superb. They helped me to visualize, focus, taking action & taking control of life in all aspects i.e., self, family, society, business, finance &health etc., & also to face any sort of problems in life. M. Nagaraj - Hyderabad
  13. 14. The Testimonials Say It! This programme is very very valuable asset for not only pensioner, also effective to all people. This programme gives knowledge about value of time, present and management system to all. This programme is foundation stone of success, humility, energy and good leadership. LU. K. Subramani (Retd.) – Indian Army Thank you very much for your e-mails on the 'Training Modules'. - The contents really awake us and give us an encouraging push for a positive approach to any task! - The Tips really apply to our day to day life activities and are thought provoking -There is definitely a logic behind the points that have been formulated and they are not mere statements - I have decided to refer to them till I inherent them ! S. Murari – Software Engineer in Multimedia Firm
  14. 15. The Testimonials Say It! The training programs conducted by Mr. Tarun Ahuja have really helped a lot, especially few training materials like: > Attitude is Everything > 7 Magic Leadership Principles > Power of Belief -Action-Result: > Public speaking skills. > Build super confidence > Power Steps to success These trainings given by Mr. Ahuja has only inspired me to do better, dream bigger. I feel more confident and now believe my work has the power to set me free. So that I can realize my true potential and reach limits untouched before. To make everyday a new challenge, I need opportunities for creativity and innovation. In my business life it has improved me in many simple effective ways. It has given me the courage to Raise my Sights to achieve all my Dreams. Thank you very much for giving us such training materials which helps us all in every walk of Life. Ranjitha Veena – Software Engineer
  15. 16. Maximize Performance Leadership Can Deliver Success How To Lead Change Programs Strategy, Leadership And Culture Making Time Work For You Taking The Stress Out Of Stress Management Effective Presentations Win-Win Selling (Selling More-More Often) Customer Relationships - Deliver The Results You Desire Excellence In Public Speaking Modules for Corporate Excellence
  16. 17. Maximize Performance Today's organization requires strong leadership for survival. The ability to lead, and the traits and behaviour associated with leadership are the central focus of this training module. Leadership Can Deliver Success Modules for Corporate Excellence What is Leadership? - Leadership Defined - Understanding Leadership - What Makes and Effective Leader? Leadership Versus Management Leadership Styles - Traditional - Negotiating - Charasmatic Leading a Team. Expectancy and Conflict - Managing Expectations - Conflict Development - Dealing with Conflict Lateral Leadership When Leadership Goes Wrong!
  17. 18. Maximize Performance What parts of your organization could benefit from improved change leadership skills? The ability to effectively lead change in the face of growing economic and social pressures has become the core attribute of great leaders and the successfully organizations within which they reside. This informative change leadership learning module delivers key concepts and techniques that will enable change leadership skills to be transferred easily within your organization How To Lead Change Programs Modules for Corporate Excellence Change and the Organization - Recognize the Need for Change - 20th V's 21st Century Organizations - What is Change? - Rebalancing the Equilibrium The New Change Leader Visioning - Formalize the need for change - Identify issues and potential consequences - Develop alternative solutions - Choose the appropriate vision - Formalize the vision Lead the change process
  18. 19. Maximize Performance How does the culture and leadership in your organization impact your bottom-line results? Culture and leadership are the heart of any effective organizational strategy. This comprehensive strategy, culture & leadership training module will instruct participants on the complex relationship that exists in all organizations & identifies practical avenues whereby participants can shape an organizational culture and understand how leadership can be integrated to deliver organizational objectives Strategy, Leadership and Culture Modules for Corporate Excellence Visioning - Formalize the need for change - Identify issues and potential consequences - Develop alternative solutions - Choose the appropriate vision - Formalize the vision Lead the change process Visioning - Formalize the need for change - Identify issues and potential consequences - Develop alternative solutions - Choose the appropriate vision - Formalize the vision Lead the change process
  19. 20. World Class Training Team Design A Life How To Be A Winning Negotiator The Magnificent Power Of Charisma 20 Ways to Increase Your Confidence Six Steps To Success Hiring Smart How To Conquer Your Fears And Develop Courage Vitamins For A Meaningful Life The Magic Of Goals Have made a deep impact on the life’s of people! Leadership Trainer Mr. Tarun Ahuja, has designed and delivered training programmes across the country to people from all walks of life. In addition, his training modules such as:
  20. 21. <ul><li>is for people of action where you'll discover how to identify what it is </li></ul><ul><li>you really want, permanently break through any barriers that might be </li></ul><ul><li>holding you back, dramatically increase your mental clarity and motivation </li></ul><ul><li>levels, and infuse passion into your daily life. </li></ul><ul><li>CREATE A BLUEPRINT FOR FUTURE ( Foundations ) </li></ul><ul><li>  Transformational vocabulary </li></ul><ul><li>Lead effectively and improve relationships </li></ul><ul><li>Manage activities(not the time!), bust the stress and achieve top performance </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>7 PRINCIPLES OF GOAL SETTING </li></ul><ul><li>7 STEPS TO REACHING YOUR GOALS </li></ul><ul><li>Get the Winning Edge to separate you from the rest. </li></ul>The Winning Edge Module for Corporate Excellence
  21. 26. Peak Performance Trainings Focussed Dedicated Committed To Deliver High Impact Trainings
  22. 27. Releasing Shortly Shortly releasing an AUDIO CD- DESIGN A LIFE (PART I) which will be available at select outlets across the country
  23. 28. Experience Global Trainings CEO, Leadership Trainer Mr. Tarun Ahuja is a member of ICF. Peak Performance Trainings has the vision to launch these High Impact Trainings across the globe. ICF Mission Statement To be the global forum for the art and science of coaching, where we inspire transformational conversations, advocate excellence, and expand awareness of the contribution coaching is to the future of humankind.
  24. 29. Transformation Through NLP Tarun Ahuja is a Certified NLP Practioner by Richard Bandler – USA. & Certified Member Of National Federation Of Neuro Linguistic Programming , Venice – Rome.
  25. 30. Contact Us For Live Programmes Whether you need a High Impact Training Program, a Keynote to be delivered or a Leadership Seminar for your organization, do contact us at 09900002775 or mail to tarun @ To experience the energy of Tarun Ahuja and his Live Programs