Atma yoga restorative yoga sets


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Here is a collection of our Atma yoga Restorative Yoga sets.

Slow deep poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress in several ways.

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Atma yoga restorative yoga sets

  1. 1. Atma Yoga Restorative Sets
  2. 2. HOW SLOW DEEP RESTORATIVE YOGA WORKSSlow deep poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress in several ways. First, the useof props provides a supportive environment for total relaxation.Second, each restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions. Thesemovements illustrate the age-old wisdom of yoga that teaches well-being is enhanced bya healthy spine. Some of the slow deep stretch poses are backbends, while others areforward bends. Additional poses gently twist the column both left and right.Third, a restorative practice usually includes an inverted pose, which reverses theeffects of gravity. This can be as simple as putting the legs on a bolster or pillow, but theeffects are quite dramatic. Because we stand or sit most of the day, blood and lymphfluid accumulate in the lower extremities. By changing the relationship of the legs togravity, fluids are returned to the upper body and heart function is enhanced.Psychobiologist and yoga teacher Roger Cole, Ph.D., consultant to the University ofCalifornia, San Diego, in sleep research and biological rhythms, has done preliminaryresearch on the effects of inverted poses. He found that they dramatically alterhormone levels, thus reducing brain arousal, blood pressure, and fluid retention. Heattributes these benefits to a slowing of the heart rate and dilation of the blood vesselsin the upper body that comes from reversing the effects of gravity.The following represent the best of our Restorative sets - Please enjoy the benefits ofthese poses.
  3. 3. “A Deeper State of Chill”1 Laying back Lay back over a bolster. 11 min Inhale through nose. Exhale with slightly pursed lips. Blow the exhalation out with as long and drawn out breath as possible. Music: moody trumpet and guitar.2 No title Bolster under butt, knees up. 11 min Hands over knees, drop into the stretch. Inhale through nose. Exhale crackly “o” sound drawn out as long as possible.3 No title Face down, spread eagle. 11 min Arms at 45 degree stretch. Hands and feet away from body. Inhale nose, exhale long hum. Vibrate the area between the eyebrows.4 No title Legs straight up, using partner’s leg for resistance. 11 min Partners should be male-male and female-female. If partners not possible, use wall for resistance. Inhale nose. Exhale long through nose. Reading from Krishna’s pastime.5 Yoga Mudra Use bolster for support under head if it doesn’t reach floor. 11 min Inhale nose, exhale a long surrendered sigh.6 Sivasana Long version. 11 min Read story from Atma yoga Story Book
  4. 4. “My Breath, My Lover”1 Forward Squat Hand on floor. 5 min Elbows push knees out. Visualize the breath traveling up the length of the spine.2 Posterior Stretch Forehead to knees. 5 min Be sure to breathe diaphragmatically. Become reacquainted with your breath. Begin to extend the length of your exhalation.3 Child’s Pose Weight on heels. 5 min each side Extended arms. Turn head to the right. Again breathe very deliberately, opening the lower rib cage in back. See how intimately you can feel your breath. Make every breath an adventure, a story, an affair to remember. Turn head to the other side.4 Bolstered Fish Pose (Or without bolster and chin up, or supported butterfly with strap). 6 min Soles of feet together. Hold ankles and pull heels into groin area. Feel the breath more through the throat, chest, and navel area, coming into you like and arch opening up each area. Notice every possible detail of what the breath is doing. As you exhale, let the breath simply slide out of you.5 Janu Shirsasana Sharp inhale through the nose. 6 min each side Long, surrendered exhale. The inhale is like the mind running to your lover’s arms. The exhalation is the complete surrender to their embrace.6 Reg. Spinal Twist With strong ujjaya breath. 5 min each side Look for the physical limitation. Use the exhalation to experience them.7 Lying Spinal Twist 2 for 1; feel the breath with story. Notice how the breath has changed.8 Sivasana Short.9 Meditation Sit with hands on knees. 5-11 min Silently meditate by hearing “Haam” on the inhale and “Sa” on the exhale.
  5. 5. “Peace on Earth”1 Horse Weight then 2 for 1. 5 min2 Forward Bend Hang forward, arms crossed. 5 min 2 for 1.3 Squat Ujjaya breath. 5 min4 Posterior Stretch Ujjaya breath. 5 min5 Lying spinal twist Breathing in a low growl purr. 5 min each side6 Sleeping Pigeon Hum breath (hmmmm). 5 min each side7 Bolstered fish Cross-legged. 5 min Mantra “Ham Sa”—long “haaam” ending with “sa” sound.8 Roll side to side inhale”ham” exhale “sa.” 5 min9 Pranic Meditation On back. 11 min Feet and palms grab the floor. Inhale nose, exhale in four exhalations through pursed lips. Rest in external kumbakah as long as possible before the inhale. Repeat.10 Sivasana Read story from Atma yoga Story Book.
  6. 6. “Slow Deep Strength”Take 45 seconds in between each pose, standing comfortably, to notice changes.1 Forward Bend Arms folded and hanging. 5 min Focus on weight and gravity.2 Upward Stretch Toes and heels together. 5 min Arms go up. Palms forward. Inhale to the pelvis. Exhale slowly and lift up out of the hips, elongating the spine. Without pain, slightly bend the back.Steps 3-5 use 2 for 1 ujjaya breath.3 Horse Combine awareness of weight and gravity. 5 min Exhale in to (surrender to) the sensation of weight.4 Easy Bow Heels against gluts. 5 min Chin on floor. Begin ujjaya on exhalation.5 Supported Cobra Chest and head only. 4 min Forearms on floor. Elbows close to ribs. Toes, heels, and gluts squeezed tight. 30 sec Release to child’s pose; stretch.Steps 6-9 use a long slow ujjaya exhale.6 Posterior Stretch Forehead to knees. 4-5 min7 Forward Stretch Legs spread wide. 4-5 min Aim to place forearm on floor. Bolster use in acceptable. Grab foot if necessary.8 Supta Virasana 5 min9 Easy Plow 4 min10 Rock side to side. 1-2 min11 Sivasana Reading from Atma yoga Story time book.
  7. 7. “Slow-Deep-Stretch”1 Standing Pose Legs far apart (bend forward). 4 min Arm bent at elbow. Forearm parallel to the floor. Hand clasped. Breathing in 2 for 1.2 No title Stand. 4 min Arms up, open slightly. Palms face each other. Toes and heels together. Squeeze butt tight. Stretch open hip and pelvic region up to belly button with no strain on the small of the back.3 No title Sit on heels. Stretch back. Places hands on floor. Do not bend your back or drop head back. Pull upper torso out of the hip socket. Keep the knees together and down on the floor. Keep head and neck in a straight line with your shoulders relaxed. Inhale deep, exhale long in a hum that vibrates the whole mouth.4 Easy Rabbit Diaphragmatic breath, 2 for 1. 3 min5 Spinal Twist Straight spine coccyx to crown. Turn on that axis. 3 ½ min each side Inhale deep, exhale long with a very subtle vocalized hum. The lips part slightly on the exhale and the hum as the sense of vowel ahhh.6 Sleeping Spinal Twist with a Hum-sigh 4 ½ min each side Try to vibrate it from the center between the eyebrows. Use bolster if necessary under the knees.7 Posterior Stretch One leg (heel to glut) folded under. 3½–4 min each side Forehead on knee. Long ujjai exhale. Begin reading.8 Variant Crocodile Hand on top of hand (any order). 6 min Hum or tone, but vibrate with a long, slow rumble in the roof of the mouth. This should be a slow/deep vibration that lasts a very long time.9 Sivasana Relaxation 3-4 min10 Meditation Vibrate a silent Ham Sa. Ham on the exhale, Sa on the inhale.
  8. 8. “Specialty Set”1 No title Lie on right side, arm extended under head. 4 min each side Begin slowing down the outgoing breath.2 Child’s Pose Arm forward and stretching the arms. 5 min Count out the exhalation. Make it longer and longer.3 Kneeling Cobra Push up from Child’s Pose by bringing hands back towards knees. 4 min Long exhales.4 Squat Count the exhales out—make them longer and longer. 4 min5 Suptu Baddha Konasana 6 min With Ho (long oh). See how long you can do it for.6 Lying Spinal Twist Look in the direction of the twist, not away from it. 6 min each side Tip head down (chin in slightly). Vibrate a long hum through the sinuses and forhead.7 Easy Rabbit Vibrate a low-pitched Maw Maw Maw. 7 min As many in one breath as possible.8 Stand Toes and heels together. 6 min Stretch up. Interlock first three fingers, point index finger at the sky. Go up on toe and stretch like crazy. Inhale deep, exhale through closed teeth on a sss sound. Make it as long as possible.9 Meditation Seated. Mouth closed.10 Read from Atma yoga Story time.
  9. 9. “Sweet and Light”1 Squat Push knees out, feet flat if possible. 7 min Inhale through nose, exhale through teeth with a hiss. Tongue should float behind teeth. The breath should sound like wind in the trees or in a shell.2 Posterior stretch Legs straight. 7 min Pull down with arm’s strength, holding on where you can. Ok to use a strap. Chest to knees, keep the head up. Inhale nose, exhale mouth in 4 gentle parts.3 Seated spinal twist Legs and spine straight, hips and gluts flat on the floor. 3 min each side Twist gently, open mouth. Breath is slow motion panting.4 Lying spinal twist Inhale nose, exhale hum-moan, very long and subtle 3-4 min each side but low-pitched so it resonates in the chest area.5 Supta Virasana Inhale nose, exhale long hum. Vibrate strong resonance in forehead. At the very end add the vowel ā (as in awh)6 Easy Rabbit Don’t lift tail up! 6-7 min Crown on floor, mouth closed. Intone hum throughout exhale.7 Meditation Lie on back, arms stretched over head and crossed at wrist. 11 min Leg crossed at ankle (men right over left, women left/right) From the heart, chant rapid Yaam Yaam Yaam8 Sivasana Short relaxation. Read for 3-4 min from Atma yoga Story time.
  10. 10. “The Essential Set”1 Horse ground and center 4 minutes2 Squat 2 for 1 ujjaya breath 3 minutes Stand in Tadasana. Bring feet to the inside edge of your mat, facing straight forward. Lower your body about six inches above the floor and bring your hands together in namaste.3 Janu Srishasana ujjaya 4 min each side Bring right leg in front with the foot flexed. Bring the bottom of the left foot to the inner right thigh. Leading with the rib cage grab the right foot or ankles and touch your head to your knee. Ujjaya exhale.4 Posterior Stretch ujjaya 4 min Gentle ujjaya exhale.5 Child’s Pose forehead first palms together pinkies on floor ujjaya 4 min Come sitting on your heels. Go into child’s pose. Bring your palms together with the pinkies touching the floor. Maintain the gentle ujjaya exhale.6 Easy Cobra forehead crown hum direct the resonance upward follow the eyes 5 min Come lying in dandavatasana. Bring the thumbs to the chest, not touching. Tightenting the thighs, gluts, and root lock, arch backwards without your naval leaving the floor. Eyes look for the wall behind you. Your exhale is an upward directed hum, resonating in the crown and forehead.7 Repeat Child’s Pose ujjaya breath 60 seconds Roll back into child’s pose and resume ujjaya exhale. Continued......
  11. 11. 8 Knees to shoulder pull in tightly forehead crown hum use the eyes to lead or push sound up Right Leg 3 min Left Leg 3 min Both Legs 3 min Come lying in Sivasana. Pull your right knee tightly to the right shoulder. Your exhale is a hum that you push upwards to the top of your head. Your can lead this with the eyes… Switch legs…Now bring both legs back.9 Lying Spinal Twist hum-sigh 4 min each side Come lying in Sivasana with your arms spread and your head looking right. Bring the right knee up and let it fall to the left. You can put your hand on it.10 Lying Pigeon hum-sigh 4 min each side11 Sleeping Pigeon hum-sigh 4 min each side12 Sivasana relaxation story13 Chant “Om” chant low and in the chest 3 timesRead from Atma yoga Story time
  12. 12. “To Heal and Surrender”1 Squat weight and breath 5 min2 Janu Sri Asana long ujjaya exhale 5 min each side surrender to experience of tension and inflexibility3 Posterior Stretch contraction ujjaya breath 5 min awareness of the experience of inflexibility4 Flat on back Legs straight up, spread wide. 3 min Lock the knees and let gravity pull legs apart. Long ujjaya exhale. Focus on the experiencing the inflexibility. Use the long exhalation to drop into the experience.5 Easy Cobra On forearms, NO PAIN. 3 min Legs spread wide apart with ujjaya exhale. Press the pelvis into the floor (butt tuck). Continue to experience the boundaries.6 Child’s Pose Shoulder stretch. 3 min Arms stretch far in front, forehead on the floor. Hands barely touch the floor—only fingertips. Roll up afterwards.7 Medium Bridge Hands on the ankles. 3 min Lift pelvis up, shoulders on the floor. Knees spread far apart (but generate no strain). Long ujjaya exhale.8 Knees to chest Rock forward and back. 3 min Inhale back, exhale forward.9 Lying spinal twist long, extended roof-of-the-mouth hum. 5 min each side.10 Easy boat Forehead stays on floor. 3 min Arms and legs up as high as possible. Continue hum. Continued....
  13. 13. 11 Easy Rabbit Continue hum 3 min12 Sivasana Short reading13 Meditation Sitting with head, neck, and trunk straight. 11 min Cover eyes with palm. Let palms rests on nostrils to block them. Cross middle finger over index finger. Chant Hari-Nam. Inhale through mouth when necessary. Listen to the mantra and feel the experience of hearing. Feel the mantra going into your ears.Read from Atma yoga Story Time Book.
  14. 14. “Bees and Honey”1 Banda Konasana Butterfly with head support. 5-7 min 2 for 1 ujjaya breath (add the mental sound of bee-hoar in your mind).2 Janu Sriasana Same breath as before. 4 ½ min per side Let the drown sound creep into the exhalation.3 No title Lie on back. 4 ½ min per side Place leg (right ankle under left thigh). Use weight and gravity to bring knee to floor. Stretch arms out over your head.4 Sleeping Spinal Twist 5 ½ min per side Increase the Drone in strength and consistency.5 Bolstered Fish Sit cross-legged. 11 min Let the drone dance and sing in the sinus cavity and behind the forehead. With reading.6 No title 3 min Rock forward and back with audible drone. 1 min Slow the movement and turn up the volume. 5 min Make a tight little bottle and drone in and out as loud as you can. Finally inhale and hold all bandhas.7 Sivasana Relaxation and Reading from Atma yoga Story time
  15. 15. “Celebration of All Things Female”1 Squat Ground with weight. 5 min Center with breath. 2 for 1.2 ? Feet together, hands under the heels. 5 min Thumbs on outside of foot. Lift tailbone up 2? Stand/roll up and notice weight and changes.3 Wide Horse Arms straight up, palms together. 5 min Legs spread far apart. Tighten gluts. Drop straight down as far as you can without pain in small of back. Tailbone under crown of head. Relax. Standing, notice weight and changes. Strong ujjaya 2 for 1.4 Half Pigeon Lunge into the pose. 5 min Bring forearms to floor. Strong ujjaya breath.5 Child’s pose Rest. 60 sec6 Sleeping Pigeon Breathe in “mmmm” tone. 5 min each side Breath should vibrate the forehead, behind the eyes and up to the crown of the head.7 Janu Shirshasana Hum-sigh. 5 min each side8 Bolstered fish Arms back. 5-7 min w/ reading Inhale nose, exhale “ahh” sigh (the sound of slipping into a very warm bath.9 Easy Rabbit Diaphramatic breaths. 2-3 min10 Free form 2-3 min11 Sivasana Reading from Atma yoga Story time
  16. 16. 12 Meditation Silent, sitting with mantra “Tai Sri Radhe” “Double Moon Set”1 Yoga Mudra Asana Ujaya on the exhale 5 min2 Child’s Pose Knees wide, arms 45 degrees, same breath. 5 min3 No title Lie face down. 5 min Grab feet below toes from the inside. Pull forward and out. Inhale gently through crow beak.4 Easy Pigeon Arms out at 45 degrees 3-4 min per side Same gentle crow’s beak.5 Janu Shirsasana Head hum. 3-4 min per side6 No title Legs open wide. 3-4 min per side Supported forward bend with head hum.7 Sleeping Pigeon Wide open “aahh” from heart center. 3-4 min per side8 Lying Spinal Twist Sound goes “ooohh” through pursed lips. 3-4 min per side9 No title Rock side to side gently. 3-5 min Hands on knees, ankles crossed. Read story here.10 Short Relaxation Skip each body part.11 Chant Sit and chant “Om Purna” word for word call and response.
  17. 17. “Get Your Grin On”1 No title Start out on all fours. 9 min Spread knees as far apart as possible. Rock back slightly with the hips to increase pressure on inner thigh stretch. Hold shoulders and arm straight but let body fall and be supported by arm. Inhale bring head up gently. Exhale release head down toward chest. Make the exhalation longer and longer.2 Child’s Pose Relax. 2 min3 No title Lie on back. 4-5 min each side Stretch left leg. Bring right heel to rest on pelvis or near belly button (keep heel in center of body as high up as possible). Inhale deep, exhale long, slow, subtle sigh. Feel the weight of the right knee. Switch sides.4 Forward Stretch Legs spread far apart. 5 min Grab big toe with two fingers. Pull upper body toward floor—the goal is to rest on your forearms, flat on the floor. Inhale deep, exhale slow.5 Half Pigeon Rest on forearm, first one arm then switch. 3-4 min Use audible sigh of enjoyment.6 Smiley Supta Virasana 5 min Inhale deep, exhale a mild chuckle Even if the chuckle feels mechanical, riddle your long, drawn out exhalation with it and keep your grin on.7 Upward dog Gluts pulled in tight. 4-5 min Slow Khapata Bhati—forceful expulsion of air then let the inhalation occur naturally.8 MakarasnasaRelaxation and Reading from Atma yoga Story time
  18. 18. “Gurudeva”1 Butterfly Pose Extended exhalations. 5 min Mentally chant “jai gurudeva.”2 Janu sri Extended exhalations. 5 min each side Mentally chant “jai gurudeva.”3 Legs open wide Forearms on floor. 5 min Extended exhalations. Mentally chant “jai gurudeva.”4 On back Knees to chest. 8 min Hands on knees. Pull knees apart. Let them open with each exhalation. Extended exhalations. Mentally chant “jai gurudeva.”5 Easy Rabbit Extended exhalations. 5 min Mentally chant “jai gurudeva.”6 Face down Lie with forehead on floor, legs bent. 5 min Hold feet 2 inched below. Toes spread, knees wide. Pull arms back. Extended exhalations. Mentally chant “jai gurudeva.”7 Simple Bridge Hold ankle, lift pelvis. 5 min Extended exhalations. Mentally chant “jai gurudeva.”8 Sivasana Reading from Atma yoga Story time 7-8 min9 Meditation Cross-legged. Palms in Namascar. Silent Japa (sing “Guru Deva”)
  19. 19. “Ham Sa”1 Child’s Pose Count in for 4 and out for 8. 6 min During the inhale, chant “Ham” and during the exahale, chant “Sa.”2 Squat Audible in and out, ujjai style. 5 min Ham represents the perfected ordering of consciousness. It means one class of people. It is the unifying force of divine energy. It is the swan-like perfection of consciousness.3 Yoga Mudra Asana In “Ham” out “sa” 5 min All ujjaya breath.4 Janu Sri Asana Feel the breath. 4 min each side Hug it, squeeze it, touch it.5 Supta Baddha Kondesau 6 min Combine mental mantra and the feeling of breath into one experience.6 Supta Madryenasana 6 min7 Sleeping Pigeon 6 min 1 min each Transition by drawing wind breathing for left, right, and both.8 Easy pigeon With upward dog. 4 min each side9 Meditation In Child’s Pose, very comfortable. 5 min Whisper the mantra “Ham Sa”10 Sivasana Relaxation and Reading from Atma yoga Story Time book
  20. 20. “OM2”1 Squat Ujjaya breath. 5 min2 Standing Forward Bend Both hands flat on the floor. 5 min Head and hands heavy. Aware of weight and breath.3 Posterior Stretch (Standard.) 5 min4 Spinal Twist Ujjaya with hum sound. 5 min each side5 Easy Plow Put knees on chest. 5 min Grab toes. Pull toward or over head while straightening out legs. Vocalize “ahh” on the exhale.6 Upward Dog Toes, heel, gluts squeezed tight. 5 min Vocalize “oooh” on the long exhale. (Modify if necessary down to forearms).7 Child’s Pose Tailbone pulls away from outstretched fingertips 5 min Vocalize “mmmmh”8 Supta baddha konasana Cross-legged. 11 min Arms stretched out for maximum openness. Combine and vocalize “ahhh+ooooh+mmmmh”9 Sivasana In Makarasana with Reading from Atma yoag Story time Book.10 Seated Meditation Chanting “Aum, Aum, Aum...” 11 min Mudra palms up, elbows in close to ribs.
  21. 21. “Omsrivisnu”1 Supta badha konasana Count breath with the mantra “Omsrivisnu” 3 to 1. 3 min Mentally repeat the mantra once on the inhale and thrice on the exhale.2 Gomukhmudrasana Sit in the pose for gomukasana but just lay the head forward as much as possible. 3 min each position Same breath; use the mantra to mentally count the breath. Make the breath smooth and even; allow it to dance with the mantra.3 Child’s Pose Place both hands behind the back, a wrist in each hand. 5 min Begin to feel the expansion of the lower rib cage and diaphragm. The hands and wrists should rise and fall with the mantra. Same breath/mantra dance. Let the practice become romantic.4 Back Stretch Use bolsters or blankets to support your back. 6 min First start with your legs crossed, then lie back over the bolster or folded blanket and continue the same breath/mantra dance. Transition: stretch out; remove blanket or bolster.5 Spinal Twist with Sitarikarana 4 min each side Suspend tongue in mouth, not touching anything and exhaling a gentle sss through closed teeth. Inhale through the nose—inhale for count of 3, exhale for the count of 9 (or if you wish, continue using the same mantra). Transition: Inhale knee back.6 Sleeping Pigeon Sitarkarana 3:9 but do it on the inhale and exhale. 4 min each side Transition: Roll up then onto all fours.7 Easy Pigeon Go back to the original breath: one omsrivisnu in, 3 out. 5 min each side Stretch into pigeon in between poses. Continued...
  22. 22. 8 Meditation Seated pose. 11 min Mudra: with hands in prayer pose, leave the ring fingers straight and locked. Bring the second (closer to the hand) knuckles of the 3 fingers in contact. Hold everything closely together. Cross right thumb over left for women, left over right for men. Regulate your breath perfectly with the mantra (same ratio) but allow it to become an exquisite, intimate partnership. No music.9 Sivasana Short Relaxation with Reading from Atma yoga Story time Book.
  23. 23. “Peace on Earth”1 Horse Weight then 2 for 1. 5 min2 Forward Bend Hang forward, arms crossed. 5 min 2 for 1.3 Squat Ujjaya. 5 min4 Posterior Stretch Ujjaya breath. 5 min5 Lying spinal twist Breathing in a low growl purr. 5 min each side6 Sleeping Pigeon Hum breath (hmmmm). 5 min each side7 Bolstered fish Cross-legged. 5 min Mantra “Ham Sa”—long “haaam” ending with “sa” sound.8 Roll side to side inhale”ham” exhale “sa.” 5 min9 Pranic Meditation On back. 11 min Feet and palms grab the floor. Inhale nose, exhale in four exhalations through pursed lips. Rest in external kumbakah as long as possible before the inhale. Repeat.10 Sivasana Reading from Atma yoga Story time Book