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Google penalty

  1. 1. Date: 16 April 2012From: Tarun
  2. 2. Introduction:. Google Penalty & Recovery idea:Search Engine Optimization is the process of developing web sites to achieve high rankings onsearch engines, which in turn increases traffic to your website Organic SEO is an important part ofwebsite SEO that can bring more traffic to your website. Organic SEO is the process of optimizing awebsite in a natural manner and does not include paid campaigning. It is one of the most prominentmethods to increase volumes of targeted traffic to a website. But this process becomes a harmful forwebsite ranking and traffic when it’s done access and more for websites. This is called “GooglePenalty” dude to over stuff for particular website.In this presentation, I want to discuss about some process of “SEO” which helps to grow rankingand traffic. And about “Google Penalty”, its effects and its solution which pull Out Of a “GooglePenalty”.Have you seen your Google traffic coming down to zero in last 2-3 days and wondering what isgoing on? Well there could be only two reasons. One people are not searching for your keywordswhich is not possible. Other is your site has been penalized by Google and most probably this is thereason you are not getting visitors to your site.
  3. 3. .Why Google Penalty:There are some points which region of Google penalty of site. Website not follows rules accordingto Google Webmaster Guidelines. Website might be engaged in one or more of following activities.1. Keyword stuffing on website pages2. Cloaking
  4. 4. 3. Duplicate content from other websites4. Paid back links5. Hidden text
  5. 5. 6. Linking to websites that are involved in above activities (bad neighborhood).Kind of Google Penalties:Filtering – This is mild form of penalty. Google adjusts website page ranking and indexing. So ifwebsite was ranking at number one for certain keywords, website’s ranking will come down forthose keywords.-950 Ranking penalties – This penalty is imposed on pages of website not on complete website.Google moves your webpage to 950th position.-60 Ranking penalties – Google moves complete website to 6th page on search result-30 /-40 Ranking penalties – Google moves your website to 3rd/4th pages. (-60 and -30/-40ranking penalties are imposed mostly because of duplicate contents)Complete Ban – This is the harshest penalty wherein Google completely bans a website andremoves it from its index. So if you search for just name of website, you will not see website insearch list.
  6. 6. How to check for Google PenaltySearch for website domain name without “www” and without your domain (like .com/.net/.org. Forexample if you want to check if this domain has been penalized or not, searches for blog demy. Ifyour website is not on number one, you have been penalized. To find out what penalty, check page3/4, page 6 or page 95..The precautions, need to follow to avoid and fix the GooglePenalty?Here some tips how to avoid and fix Google Penalty:1- Google Penalty because of providing outbound links to banned websites: You must to checkall website outbound links if any website is banned by Google.2- Linking to bad neighborhoods Google Penalty: You check that website is not linking to anybad neighborhoods, doorway pages or link farms. Bad neighborhoods include spammed websitesand doorway pages, while link farm pages are just pages which contains non relevant linkdepository.3- Automated query Google penalty: Google penalties sometimes can be caused by usingautomated query tools which make use of Google’s API, particularly when such queries are madefrom the same IP address that hosts your site. Such tools break Google’s terms of service (as laid outin their Google webmaster guidelines). Google allows certain automated queries into its databaseusing its analytic tools and when accessing through a registered Google API account. Unauthorizedtypes of automated query can cause Google penalty when used excessively.4- Over SEO optimization Google Penalty: These things can be triggered by poor SEO techniquessuch as aggressive link building using the same keyword or phrase in link anchor text. Whenmanaging link building campaigns always vary the link text used and incorporate a variety ofdifferent keyword terms. Use a backline anchor text analyzer tool to check backlines for sufficientkeyword spread. Optimizing for high paying keywords like “Viagra” can further elevate risk, so mixin some long tail keywords into the equation. For brand new domains, add no more than 5 new oneway backlines a week and use deep linking to website internal pages, rather than just homepagelink building.5- Website cross linking & link schemes Google Penalty: If you run more than one website andthe Google penalty hits all sites at the same time, check the interlinking (cross linking) betweenthose sites. Extensive interlinking of websites, particularly if they are on the same C Class IPaddress can be viewed as “link schemes” by Google, breaking their terms of service. The risks areeven higher where site A site wide links to site B and site B site wide links back to site A. If you mustuse site wide links, make sure they are not reciprocal links. Link schemes built around links in the
  7. 7. footer of each webpage are particularly risky. The reality is that site wide links do little to increasesite visibility in the Google SERPS, nor do they improve Page Rank more than a single link, as Googleonly counts one link from a site to another.6- Invisible text or links Google Penalty: Remove all invisible text from website content andremove any hidden keywords. Such content may be hidden by using CSS or alternatively, text mayhave been coded to be the same color as the page background, rendering it invisible. These riskySEO techniques often cause of a Google penalty or web site banned by Google so hidden text shouldbe removed immediately.7- Keyword stuffing Google Penalty: Remove keyword stuffing in your website content(unnatural repetitions of the same phrase in body text) if there are. Always use natural, well writtenethical seo copywriting techniques.8- Automated page redirects Penalty: The use of automated browser re-directs in any of yourpages. Meta Refresh and JavaScript automated re-directs often result in Google penalties as thepages using them are perceived to be doorway pages. This technique is especially dangerous if therefresh time is less than 5 seconds. To avoid Google penalties, you can use a 301 re-direct or ModRewrite technique instead of these methods. This involves setting up .htaccess file on your webserver.9- Link buying or selling Google Penalty: Check for any paid links. There is some evidence thatbuying links can hurt rankings and this was implied by comments from Matt Cuts on his SEO blog inwhich he discuss Google seo tips. Matt states that Google will also devalue links from companiesselling text links, such that they offer zero value to the recipient in terms for improving websiterankings or Page Rank. More recently, Google applied a Page Rank penalty to known link sellers andmany low quality directories.10- Reciprocal link building campaigns Google Penalty: Excessive reciprocal linking maytrigger a Google penalty or cause a SERPS filter to be applied when the same or very similar linkanchor text is used over and over again and large numbers of reciprocal links are added in arelatively short time. The dangers are made worse by adding reciprocal links to low quality sites orwebsites which have an unrelated theme. Google Backlink over Optimization Penalty causes suddendrops in SERPS ranking. To avoid this problem, reciprocal link exchange should only be used as partof a more sustainable SEO strategy which also builds quality one way links to original websitecontent.11- Check Google GuidelinesRead the Google Webmaster Guidelines thoroughly and check website compliance in all respects.Google may alert webmasters via the Google Webmaster Console who they feel might haveunknowingly broken their guidelines to advise them that their site has been removed from Googlefor a set period of time due to breaking one or more of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. However,blatant spam or significant breaches of Google’s rules will often result in a site being banned, withno Webmaster Console notification. Where notification of a violation of Google’s guidelines isreceived, it usually encourages the webmaster to correct the problem and then issue a re-inclusion
  8. 8. request to re-include their site. From my experience, after this is done the website will usuallyregain its original ranking, having lost no trust.12- Google Webmaster CentralGoogle is improving webmaster communication with respect to banned and penalties websites.Google is now informing some webmasters the cause of a website ban or penalty, via their excellentnew Webmaster Console. In addition, a Google re-inclusion request can be made from the sameinterface. For this reason, if you’ve been hit by a web site ban or penalty, it is worthwhile signing upfor Google Webmaster Tools and uploading an XML Sitemap onto your site and then to check sitestatus in the Google Webmaster Console. This is an easy 10-15 minutes job and may help to identifythe cause of Google Penalty and fix for the problem!When all issues are fixed then send a re-inclusion request to Google..How to recover from Google Penalty:Google slaps penalty because its algorithm think that your website is flouting Google WebmastersGuidelines. There is no magic formula to recover from these penalties. One of the ways is to gothrough Google Webmasters Guidelines and review your website against those guidelines. Removea thing (webpage, link etc) that violates those guidelines. This should help your website ranking.But as everything is algorithmic it will take time and there no guarantee that you will get ourwebsite to front page of Google. You can also request Google to reconsider your website after youhave done complete clean up. This is again time consuming process and you do not know whenyour request will be considered. For this reason, it is advisable to abandon your website and startnew one. You can also create a new blog page a put unique and fresh content in it. Becauseaccording to Google panda “Content is a king”. Google loves fresh and new content. It searchesalways for new content.Another idea that you can try is to get more traffic through social media sites like facebook, twitterand social networking sites. Though it is not going to make up for lost organic traffic but till yournew website comes up there is no harm in trying.Important Note – “Important lesson to learn is never depend on only one source for gettingvisitors. Make social traffic building task as important as SEO.”
  9. 9. S you know SEO is more important for generate traffic and leading SERP for website. Thereare some process which known as “Off Page SEO”. Off page SEO or search engine optimization isdoing things off site to improve your sites search engine rankings. The only thing you can do off siteto increase your rankings is build up more links. More links will generally lead to better GooglePage Rank and better search engine rankings..Off Page SEO Process:Once the on-page optimization likes bolding text, keyword in title, Meta tags are some things whichyou should do for your website is complete than we move ahead to the off-page optimizationprocess introducing it to the actual World Wide Web. Off page optimization is important as well ason page optimization. Here we will focus on off page optimization factors which you should followso that you will get your website to the top of search engines. Off Page Optimization Consists: Web Directory Submission- Submit your site to relevant categories of high rankedweb directories. Blog Submission and Blog Directory Submission-Create your own Blog and submitpost in blog directories.
  10. 10.  Article Submission- Submit your article in article directories like article base, goarticles etc. Video Submission- Video submission is the great method to drive the traffic to yourwebsite; it is also the interesting for the watching in the comparison to reading longarticles, like article submission service the video submission can save your time. Blog Commenting- There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning a link from a blogpost you decide to comment on. In fact, if you comment often on blogs, it is a good wayto increase the amount of inbound links pointing to your site’s pages.
  11. 11.  Forum Posting- forum posting is a way to increase your page rank. Now the question ishow its work. In webmaster forums there is a option of signature. Put your anchor textand attached the URL of your website. By this process you create a back link. now postcomments regularly to the forum. Social bookmarking- Social bookmarking is a way for people to save their favorite webpages online. Press Release- A press release, also known as a news release, is simply a writtenstatement to the media. They can announce a range of news items.
  12. 12.  RSS Submission- RSS (most commonly expanded as "Really Simple Syndication") is afamily of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blogentries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. Search Engine Submission- The act of submitting specific URLs to popular searchengines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! to ensure the web page gets spidery and indexed. Social Media Optimization - Social media related website like digg, twitter etc is goodwebsite for taking initial traffic on any website. Social media optimization is a techniquefor indexing any website in search engine and promote website in his social network.