What is a BlogCamp?


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Introduction to the concept of Blogcamp and unconference.

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What is a BlogCamp?

  1. 1. Welco me to Blogca the mp Pu ne
  2. 2. What i s Blogca mp?
  3. 3. It is an uncon f…
  4. 4. What i s an uncon f?
  5. 5. An un confer partic ence i ipant- s a fac aroun driven ilitated d a th confer , eme o ence c r purp entere o se d
  6. 6. Sound s cool there are any ru les?
  7. 7. No bu t there some are princip yes th les an e re i s d a LAW …
  8. 8. Law of 2 feet
  9. 9. Scary stuff! should What I expe Blogca ct at a mp?
  10. 10. r s… ☺ ge hem og f t Bl t o a lo
  11. 11. A lot o f these …
  12. 12. Lot of the microb logger s
  13. 13. Some of the for su se re!
  14. 14. Hopef ully no ne of these
  15. 15. Yeah! Possib did no ly thos t follo e who w th e LAW.
  16. 16. Hold o n dud What L e! AW?
  17. 17. I knew you w paying ere no attent t ion…
  18. 18. using your t where wo fee you ca t you n learn move , share to pla or enj ce oy
  19. 19. Oh ye ah, I w remem ill ber th at!
  20. 20. Is that all are missin n’t yo g anyt u hing?
  21. 21. Like w hat?
  22. 22. Dude t he t a t he s e lk s a n ssions d …
  23. 23. Oh Ye ah! Th to be ere ar a plen e goin ty of t g hose ☺
  24. 24. Can I ask yo I do p u wha ost Blo t shou gcamp ld ?
  25. 25. Learning Experience Improve your Blogroll
  26. 26. tag nd a ad lo n e Up pu mp ca log # b
  27. 27. That’s pretty what i much t is. Bu remem t ber to …
  28. 28. Questions
  29. 29. Important Things to Remember About SICSR Food Snacks Restrooms Emergency Exits
  30. 30. Enjoy the BlogC amp P une!
  31. 31. O Hell o! Whe going n are w to hav e e the I ntros?
  32. 32. Right NOW! Do me ntion tag wi your b th you l og r nam e!
  33. 33. Hey # blogca only r mper emem sorry ber yo I could ur tag .
  34. 34. Now W HAT?
  35. 35. Where do I go Where now? is the Agend a?
  36. 36. we a, r nd ou ge d y n A ad e a i… v k e ha Wi e tim n’t all- abl do W uit We ve a a s a s at h k tal
  37. 37. Alrigh t, let m what I e chec want t k out o atte nd
  38. 38. Cool! But do to use n’t for your t get wo fee t!
  39. 39. And h ey if y questi ou hav on, I w e any Le t s e ill be a njoy th round e Blog . camp.
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  41. 41. Photoblogger http://photos.tarunchandel.com Camper tarunchandel@gmail.com Tarun Chandel www.tarunchandel.com Twitterer http://twitter.com/tarunchandel Business Analyst http://ba.tarunchandel.com