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7 CRO lessons learned after going through 100s of A/B testing case studies

  1. HelloI am Taruna. Digital Marketer at Wingify, and absolutely awed by the power of A/B testing and <3 all things data.
  2. What am I going to talk about? 7 LESSONS 100s of A/B testing campaigns
  3. Lesson #1: If you want to make more friends, build less doors!
  4. What this means? If you want more conversions: Reduce clicks Eliminate steps Avoid URL changes
  5. Example: 33.4% increase in conversion rate
  6. Lesson #2: Imitate and learn, but don’t forget to be yourself i.e. sexy!
  7. What this means? When copying best practices and going by the rule book, remember Your target audience is very different from some other company’s Just because another company got a win from an a/b test, it will not necessarily work for you
  8. Example 1: When cross-selling and up-selling didn’t work… 5.6% increase in orders
  9. Example 2: When social sharing button didn’t work… 11.9% increase in clickthrough of CTA button
  10. Lesson #3: If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  11. What this means? Clearly display on your webpages: Your value proposition Competitive advantage, if any Social proof and other credibility indicators
  12. Example: A/B testing testimonials increased conversion rate by 22%
  13. Example: Showing price comparison clearly increased conversions by 10%
  14. Lesson #4: Unless you’re too cool to need introduction, put your best foot forward!
  15. What this means? Don’t shy away from adding: Explanatory copy, credibility indicators and FAQs on your pages *But of course, if you’re Facebook, Linkedin, Quora or VWO and people already love and adore you, you can just keep it simple and minimum.
  16. Example: Adding FAQs & testimonials on lead generation page increased sign-ups by 373%
  17. Lesson #5: The color of your CTA buttons is not going to get you sales!
  18. What this means? Red is not a better color choice than green or blue or yellow. And vice versa. CTA button color should be unique and in contrast to other colors on your page Train your visitors with your website’s color key
  19. Lesson #6: Don’t A/B test copy, A/B test the message!
  20. What this means? Meaning, not the words, really matter. Test only those copy changes which will affect users’ decisions and motivations.
  21. Example 1: Sub-headline test increased conversions by 69%
  22. Example: Headline test increased subscriptions by 10%
  23. Lesson #7: Images convey a thousand words, use them wisely!
  24. What this means?  Don’t think of images just as glamour quotients of your webpages.
  25. Example: Image A/B test increased conversions by 40%
  26. dhanyawaad! Want more lessons?  @Taruna2309 
  27. Edit: Here’s a sketch note made live during the talk by a dear friend who I absolutely adore. Thanks Aakansha <3