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Komrisk: Lexplosion's Regulatory Compliance Management Application

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Komrisk: Lexplosion's Regulatory Compliance Management Application

  1. 1. Are you in Control of Regulatory Compliances? 1. Do you know your complete regulatory compliance landscape in India? 2. Do you have processes in place to address challenges posed by innumerable Indian and Global compliances? 3. Do you have a single-source-of-truth for your compliance process and documents? 4. Are you abreast with the latest regulatory changes and compliance owners are following updated compliances? 5. Do you have comprehensive and real time visibility of your compliance status? If your response to any of the questions above is “No/ May be”, you risk following repercussions: 1. Imprisonment for Senior Management 2. Closure of operations and resultant revenue loss 3. Hefty fines and penalties 4. Reputational loss 5. Challenges in Mergers & Acquisitions, divestiture, IPO 6. Productivity loss due to notices/ challans etc What kind of Compliance Support will empower you? Comprehensive Covers all the regulatory compliances applicable to the specific organization and provides lucid interpretation for easy understanding Updated Updates the compliance database with latest changes in the statutes Scalable Easily cover the changing business requirements due to expansions within India and internationally/ M&A activities Single Source of Truth Accumulates all the compliance activity related information such as compliance proof, incidents etc and provides one comprehensive view to the management How can Lexplosion Support in Compliance Management? Lexplosion offers comprehensive solutions to take care of your all compliance related challenges: Lexplosion’s Compliance Management Approach Lexplosion has worked with some of the leading Global and Indian organizations in managing their compliance management process. We have worked across industries and geographies and our clients include: Components of o NASDAQ 100 o S&P 500 o BSE SENSEX o FTSE 100 Leaders from o IT/ ITeS Industry o Manufacturing o Telecom o FMCG/ Food processing o Financial Services o Healthcare
  2. 2. Komrisk- Lexplosion’s Compliance Management Solution Snapshots/ Key Features of Komrisk Geographies1 Komrisk is available in: Asia India Bangladesh Singapore Philippines Americas USA Canada Africa Egypt Mauritius Europe UK Netherlands 1 Lexplosion works with our associate law and compliance firms to support geographies outside of India Regulatory Modules available over Komrisk 1. Labour, Employment and Payroll Compliances 2. Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) including Building and Infrastructure Compliances 3. Corporate Compliances including FEMA and SEBI Compliances 4. Industry Specific Compliances such as TRAI, RBI, IT etc 5. Fiscal Compliances (Direct and Indirect Tax) How do we implement Komrisk? For More Information, reach out to us at: Tarun Pandey, Asst Vice President, Lexplosion Solutions Pvt Ltd; +91.8860005580;

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