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  1. 1. PREFACEAs a part of the MBA Circulam and in order to gain practical Knowledge in the field ofmanagement, we are required to make a report on “Consumer attitude towards Celebrity andnon-celebrity Endorsement for Airtel”The Basic Objective behind doing this project report isto get knowledge tools of different tools of marketing.In this project report we have included various concepts, effects and implications regardingcelebrity endorsement to the BhartiAirtel.Doing this Project report helped us to enhance our knowledge regarding the work in to theattitude of consumer towards celebrity advertisement Vs non-celebrity we doing undergo manyexperiences related with our topic concepts. Through this report we come to know aboutimportance of team work and role of devotion towards the work. I
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTTo make any project, essential requirement is able guidance and references without whichproject is incomplete. We are very much thankful toMrs.RachitaJaiswaland who has providedus an opportunity and motivation to gain knowledge through this type of project. We will getpractical knowledge from this project and this will help us a lot in our career.We are also thankful to V. M. Patel Institute of Management for providing facility of library andcomputer laboratory, which are proved as valuable input resources for preparing our project.We are also obliged by our respondents, whose co-operation has contributed major part in ourproject. At last but not the least, we are thankful to all our colleagues, friends and other personswho have directly and indirectly helped us during preparation of report.Thank you.Sutaria Pratik D. Roll No.:61Patel Vishal Roll No.: 41Patel Nirmal. Roll No.: 07(ampics)TrivediPrayagrajJ.Roll No.: 64MBA Sem-III,MarketingVMPIMGanpat UniversityKherva, Mehsana II
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAs a part of our general Subject project report, we were supposed to given a subject topic onwhich we will have to carry out this project report.As our project report on “Consumer attitude towards Celebrity and non-celebrityEndorsement for Airtel“ work on this and find out how different tools are use in advertisingreport.The Primary Objective of the study is to know the real knowledge about consumer attitudetowards celebrity and non-celebrity advertisement effect on purchase related to thetelecommunication.This Report is based on the secondary data got from various online and offline sources. III
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