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Indian business directory Articles - Page 1


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Trade Your Business With Indian Business DirectoryBy: Mukhtar Ahmed | - Business directory has turne...

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Indian business directory Articles - Page 1

  1. 1. Indian business directory Articles - Page 1 Trade Your Business With Indian Business Directory By: Mukhtar Ahmed | - Business directory has turned to be one of the best online advertising means. The entire business world has well accepted this advertising method for its effectiveness. The business world needed advanced techniques of marketing as it got bored with the conventional kind of business advertising methods which were time consuming and less effective. Some conscious minds made research with the aim of creating some great advertisement options, realizing this need of business industry. At the end of t ... Tags: Indian business directory, business directory B2b Directory India- Chance To Push Your Business In India By: Deepankar Dey | - Do you need to push your business in India? b2b directory in india is that the right and straightforward answer for you. the sole factor you've got to try and do is to seek out out prime quality, true and real b2b directory in india, that is incredibly notable in Bharat successive step is to urge your business web site listed within the relevant class of the directory. Now, lets see that however will the listing in B2B Directory facilitate your business or we tend to b site? A ... Tags: b2b directory in india, business to business directory india Indian Supplier Directory By: subhrakant | - Indian B2B directory is the easiest solution for companies and the market for buyers and sellers. Here you can find all new products or services for your needs and find business partners. The only thing for you is to find the right site for your business and then list your site in that particular directory. We all know that search engine is the most popular method for finding information online. So if your company is in the list of a good Indian business directory, then the search for your produ ... Tags: Indian manufacturers, Indian suppliers, exporters directory, b2b portal, b2b business directory, exporter, manufacturer, supplier, India exporter, India manu The Growth Of Indian Manufacturers And Other Traders Compared By: subhrakant | - Indian manufacturers had been screened from large scale manufacturing exports. But as per McKinsey report the forthcoming brand in the future years would be 'Made in India'. India would soon emerge in the picture as the developed nations utilizes Indian manufacturers for manufacturing and producing from cheap labor as it is a low cost country (LCC).
  2. 2. The report suggested that the US$40 billion as in 2002 will rise to an approximate of US$300 billion by 2015 which would interpr ... Tags: Indian manufacturers, Indian suppliers, exporters directory, b2b portal, b2b business directory, exporter, manufacturer, supplier, India exporter, India man Why B2b Directory Is A Successful Bet? By: Chini | - Business directories are available in different format these days. Some are available with the big portal and some are available with a printed form. Some companies are offering the database in the compact disc. However, the compact disc has been an out-dated format in these days due to a lot online stuffs are available in India those are completely free. These listings are available in a systematic way. If the user searches the website then he or she will find the business information country-w ... Tags: Indian companies directory, Indian B2B directory, Indian suppliers guide The New Era Business Directory A Boon Or Bane By: Chini | - Today, the business people think that the search engine can bring revenue, while, it is partially true. Generally, the search engine like Yahoo, Bing and Google has major shares in the commerce of internet. It plays a vital role in generating revenue for the people as well as manufacturing industries. In these days, the internet marketing is available in versatile form such as; search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing and e ... Tags: Business directory, online business directory The Role Of Business Directories In The Export Industry By: Chini | - The exports industry has developed by leaps and bound because of the emerging economic growth across the globe. The economy of the world has enabled the environment to establish new industries around the world. Our country is one of the hot destinations for the countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada etc. due to the cost. India is relatively cheaper as far as manpower and resources are concerned. We have created significant space in the international arena of business in the field of inform ... Tags: Business directory, online business directory Indian Manufacturers By: subhrakant | - Indian manufacturersIndian manufacturers sector makes up only 16 percent of its GDP. This needs this to increase if the country is to find jobs for its huge population. Yet on the back of strong domestic demand, global car indian manufacturers have flocked to India and are helping to make the sector globally competitive -- particularly in small cars. Capacity is expected to increase from 4.8 million units in 2010 to 12 million in 2018 according to Rothschild. India is set to become the third-lar ... Tags: Indian manufacturers, Indian suppliers, exporters directory, b2b portal, b2b business directory, exporter, manufacturer, supplier, India exporter, India manu
  3. 3. B2b Consumers And The Strategic Analysis Of The Market By: Dataguru | - The consumer market seems to be a lot bigger that the B2B market place from a lay mans point of view. But on a close analysis, B2B rules over the consumer market segment in terms of currency and actual figures. Firms catering to the B2B segment have a lot on their plate, like a large workforce, massive projects and of course catering to the needs of the end user. To add to it, there are complicated purchasing and selling decisions to take and act on. To start with, lets ponder over t ... Tags: Indian Business directory, top Indian companies Why Business To Business Portal Is A Beneficial Business Directory? By: snehashah | - The actual concept of the B2B portal is that two companies can come forward to a deal without taking the involvement of the customers. This term B2B portal can be expanded as Business to Business portal. This online portal is actually the basis by which the one company fulfills the requirement and needs of other business. It has evolved as a perfect destination for the leading companies and business associations. The two companies linked by the bond of B2B can successfully fulfill e ... Tags: b2b portal, business directory, online portal, business Get Complete Business Contacts At Yellow Pages Delhi By: Yellow Pages | - There are numerous advantages of the yellow pages business directory to the users as it provides the business listings of all the Indian cities, states, and, union territories. For example, the yellow pages Delhi lists all the businesses across the Delhi whether it is a food business, transport business, clothing business, pest control business, travel business or any other type of business. In earlier times, the business directories come with the printed version while in this 21st century, the ... Tags: Yellow Pages, Business Directory, Yellow Pages Mumbai, Yellow Pages Delhi, Yellow Pages Bangalore, Yellow Pages Pune Indian B2b Directory: Global Market Place For Buyers And-sellers By: Rahul Sharma | - Indian B2B Portal has increased rapidly across the last few years. We all are careful of the truth that that Indian B2B directory is largely valuable for both buyers as well as sellers in the Indian B2B Marketplace today. It is an suitable program, where one can browse for a long list of kindred business partners and a number of new products and services in the market. If a company wants to be acknowledged from around the world, the a lot of felicitous option would be to receive registered into ... Tags: Indian b2b directory, indian b2b marketplace, b2b portal Reach Out Your Customers Via Online Business Directories By: jamessuemartin | - Are you struggling hard to sustain in this competitive business world?
  4. 4. One of the key factors to reach your customers is through promotion, there by increasing the visibility of your brand name, products and services there upon your revenue. Promotion can be done through news papers, television, radio, banners, hoardings, etc. Though they are effective, it is not a good choice for the start ups and small or middle level business as it is not affordable. In this online era, any ... Tags: London business directory, London business searches, UK busi What Is A Business Directory? By: Michaell Waugh | - When having a business specifically in India, you are about to enter a stiff competition wherein there is always uncertainty if you will gain your targeted number of buyers. With this, you need to be aware that there is a better way of advertising your business by using the ability of an India business directory. Through it, you will be able to post your products to a more targeted audience rather than posting it to several sites wherein most of the readers will never be interested with it. ... Tags: India business directory, business directory, B2B directory Some Important Know How Of Online Marketing By: Kuldeep Kumar | - In the realms of IT sector, the development seen is very aggressive and effective. This further gave birth to the online marketing. Though the trade has become very easy and accessible through the mode of internet there are some of the important facts that one should keep in mind before availing the online marketing for the business. Various big as well as small business houses are nowadays dependent on online marketing. The availability of business and association with perspective clients withi ... Tags: Online Business Directory, B to B Exclusive Plastic B2b Trade Directory From Plastic World "?" New Way For Searching Plastic Business By: Tejas Kansara | - Online B2B Plastic Marketplace - Plastic World has provided new solution by introducing the plastic trade directory. Within short time of launching this plastic portal (B2B) becomes the professional business platform for all who are involved in to import-export trade, Indian exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of plastics and allied industry. This plastic company directory offers to find out plastic manufacturer, plastic exporters, plastic company, plastic importers, plastic buye ... Tags: Plastic Business Directory B2b Portals - A Boom For All Business By: Ahtisham Ahmed | - A B2B portal can be explained as the source target for users that combines
  5. 5. web links, features and services. In the beginning, it was used as a generic term for popular search engines and Internet service providers, like AOL, MSN and Yahoo, but in recent days has bought a revolution in the coverage and the convergence of web sites business, where a corporate portal or portal for information from the company acts as a source to employees, customers, suppliers and other partners in a company to ac ... Tags: B2B Portal, Business directory, B2B Marketplace Business Directories - Helpful For Growing A Trade By: Ahtisham Ahmed | - Looking for openness to new global channels for your business? What is needed to interact with thousands of similar companies and their partners? Does your business listing and receive export from import trade consultations? If your answer to them is a yes, "A Business directory" is your only stop solution. There are various fastest growing B2B portals "Business to Business directory" that brings the best solution to the world of commerce. It helps us to easily locate and navigate through the li ... Tags: Business Directory, Online Business Directory, B2B portal Indian Suppliers Directory - A Way To Success By: Ahtisham Ahmed | - If you are searching for the topmost Indian suppliers for a wide assortment of products or services under a common roof, then do not run up and down. Online directories offering a source line, where you can find one Indian supplier of a particular product at the same time, compare the rates and types of services as well. These directories are updated guide to help users find anything in this world, with just one click and within seconds you have the result of the sample. Online dire ... Tags: Indian Supplier Directory, Supplier Directory, Mobile Phone Accessories Suppliers Indian Supplier Directory - A Better Platform For New Busines- By: Sarah Ashlin | - Indian supplier directory is a major source of availing complete and genuine information about the leading suppliers of India and their products. These directories can be easily accessible on several online portals. The India's potential base of suppliers is represented by small and medium businesses. What are you looking online Indian supplier directory. Post selling leads there or looks for buyers who have posted buying leads. They also help in generating business opportunities ... Tags: Indian Supplier Directory, Supplier Directory, B2B Trade Indian Supplier Directory - A Detailed List Of Indian Traders By: Ahtisham Ahmed | - Indian supplier directory is an index that contains detailed list of all the major suppliers of India. The directory contains full information regarding their products and company. What is B2B directory India?
  6. 6. Indian B2B directory is the easiest solution for companies and the market for buyers and sellers. Here you can find all new products or services for your needs and find business partners. The only thing for you is to find the right site for your business and then ... Tags: Supplier Directory, Indian Supplier Directory Business Directory - An Overview By: Sarah Ashlin | - A business directory is either printed or web page containing information on companies. Some of these trade directories are limited to specific aspects (e.g., sectors of activity, location or size), while other business directories covering all companies regardless of the details. In the older days, only printed business directories were accessible. Any person wishing to purchase a directory of businesses had to go to a store that sells those directories. Search through a directory of companies ... Tags: Business Directory, Online Business Directory, B2B Trade, B2B Marketplace, Suppliers Directory Export Business And Products Exported From India By: Vaiv Jais | - The Indian economy has grown substantially with the increase in the exports of the country. The Indian exporters have elevated the exports of the country to an international level with the help of various business platforms. The past decade has witnessed a major increase in the export business of the country in different fields. Some of the Major Export Products The Indian exporters have succeeded in carving a niche in the global markets with its uniq ... Tags: indian exporters, business directory, exporters from india The Essence Of Corporate Gifts To Augment Business By: Vaiv Jais | - One of the best marketing strategies includes corporate gifts. These gifts pave way for better and stronger client relations. Most of the companies today choose to give these gifts to prospective and existing clients as it helps to fortify business relationships. In addition to increasing brand awareness, these gifts also create a good reputation for the company. Corporate Gifts- A Growing Trend Besides improving business relationships between companies ... Tags: corporate gifts, business directory, corporate gift items How Indian Exporters Can Benefited Through Business Directories By: Vaiv Jais | - The Indian export industry has been growing at a tremendous pace with the emergence of new industries in the international market front. The Indian exporters have benefited enormously due to the increased usage of the online b2b directories. Indian industries mainly consist of Small and Medium industries which have grown recently due to the use of b2b directories.
  7. 7. Maximum Utilisation of Business Directories The b2b directories have proved to be a platfo ... Tags: indian exporters, business directory, industrial products How Business Directories Help To Augment Import-export Business By: Vaiv Jais | - Technology has elevated to greater heights with the advent of online business transactions. The use of business directory to promote import and export is one of the major breakthroughs in the field of business. There are a number of benefits of using these online directories. There has been a substantial growth of both import and export in the country due to the use of these directories. Effects of Business Directory on Import Export Business The advent ... Tags: business directory, b2b business, indian exporters Top 10 Business Sectors In India By: snehashah | - Indian economy's fastest growing economies in the world and the world with one of the B2B market position by increasing India's share is evident. In addition to major business houses, the real contributors to economic development in various areas related to small and medium enterprises. Discover sectors on different in India, there is a directory of B2B, where these businesses open their doors to the world is a better place. Given the popularity and growth of the company, here is a ... Tags: business, business directory, industries, India, business sectors, b2b, b2b portal Italy Business Opportunities & Fashion By: snehashah | - Located in southern Europe, Italy, tourists and business people is like a popular destination. Mediterranean resorts in the alpine forests and volcanic mountains - the country boasts a wide variety of environments. Many business travelers regional food and wine, art museums and look forward to lively urban culture. If you have a business plan travel in Italy, business etiquette to prepare. 1. Italian is the official language of Italy, and most Italian business people also speak Eng ... Tags: business, business to business directory, b2b portal What Role Do Business Directories Play In Indian Export Business By: Vaiv Jais | - There are many things going on in the backdrop of the Indian economy that are favoring the growth of India as a key player in the global economic setup. The small and medium enterprises are getting stronger, the value of Indian export goods is rising steadily and the Indian exporters are finding news ways to take their businesses to the international level.
  8. 8. If you analyze carefully, all these things are interrelated to one another. The growth of small and medium enterprises ... Tags: business directory, b2b directory, business opportunities Online Versus Offline Business Directories: A Comparison By: Vaiv Jais | - Business directories have existed in the form of printed yellow pages and directories. People have always relied on these directories to search for businesses and service providers. With the advent of the internet and large number of people switching to online search, the significance of online business directories has increased tremendously. This calls for a comparison between the offline and online business directories to understand which category offers more advantages. ... Tags: b2b business directory, business directory, business Exploring Top 10 Business Sectors In India By: Vaiv Jais | - The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and this is evident from the increase in b2b business space India shares with the world. Apart from the big business houses, the real contributors towards the economic growth are the small and middle sized enterprises belonging to different industries. To learn about different business sectors of India, there is no better place than a b2b business directory, where these businesses open their door ... Tags: business directory, business industries india Business Directories: Finding Your Way By: Vaiv Jais | - Are you looking for an opening to the new global avenues for your business? Do you need to interact with thousands of similar companies and your associates? Do you require listing your business and starting receiving export import trade enquiries? If your answer to these is a YES, "A Business Directory" is your one stop solution. Thinking of a business directory the name that pops up in most of our mind is the Yellow Pages. The Indian Yellow Pages is India's largest & fastest growing ... Tags: business directory, b2b business directory, business directory india Small Business Directories Importance By: Easy2source | - In today's fast moving business era business community demands a strong bridge between suppliers and buyers. If the business is of import and export then the online market place will be the good bridge between suppliers and buyers. This kind of market places will be the good portal for making strong relationship between buyers and suppliers. As these portals are providing wide range of business listings both buyer and suppliers will get extensive range of choice. These market places or portals a ... Tags: Small Business Directory Indian Business Directory Indian Products Indian Suppliers
  9. 9. Exporters Directory Importance Of Small Business Directories In India By: Easy2source | - India is a county where the people from different regions are leaving. In the country there are people from different class and tribal are living in all the states. All these tribal are famous for at least one art or craft. All this classes are the good resource for different artists. As the culture of the country is such generally people will not leave their art and expertise and it will be in the hereditary. Because of this trend India is very famous for different skilled craftsmen and artist. ... Tags: Small Business Directory Indian Business Directory Indian Products Indian Suppliers Exporters Directory Importance Of Small Business Directory By: Easy2source | - If you want to start any small start up marketing will be the major issue for you. You first of all need to identify your customers and target market. Then the important task is to reach to those customers. It is necessary that your product must be introduced to your potential customers. If you will not be able to bring or show your product to your target market then your business can not survive. If your product's target market is domestic then it is possible for you to go directly to your clie ... Tags: Small Business Directory Indian Business Directory Indian Pr Advantages Of Listing Your Business In A Small Business Directory By: Easy2source | - Import and export business is very popular in India. Import means to bring goods into India from another country. The opposite export means to sell the goods in another country from India. So in this import export business direct market is almost impossible. So to get business and generate leads so many online market places and online business directories are available. You can register in that directories and give the detail description of your product. The importers are generally searching for ... Tags: Small Business Directory Indian Business Directory Indian Products Indian Suppliers Exporters Directory Why Small Business Directory Is Useful To Exporters By: Easy2source | - In today's economy all the countries are doing exchanges of goods with each others. This exchanges of good and things are called import and export. Import means to buy some goods from other country and bring that good in our country. To send goods in the other country from our country is called export. So import and export is the transfer of goods from one country to another country. As import and export is an inter country transactions it is really important and tough to generate leads and get ... Tags: Small Business Directory Indian Business Directory Indian Products Indian Suppliers Exporters Directory Business Offer For Export And Import Leads
  10. 10. By: Ajay Verma Seo | - Import means to bring goods into your country from another country. An import business makes money by importing goods from another country and selling them at a profit in their own country. An export is any commodity, transported from one country to another country in a legitimate fashion, typically for trade to foreign consumers by domestic producers. Export and import of goods poses various challenges in front of exporter and importer. They are always searching for the information ... Tags: b2b e-marketplace, yellow pages, business directory Continental Europe Warming Up To Indian Markets By: Aniket Dicosta | - The executives of the Indian IT industry are known for their sense of style, but there is a flip side too which Indian geeks should really focus upon. Ever heard of caste and gender prejudice stalking the IT corridors? According to a survey carried out by a London-based outsourcing advisory firm though Europeans appreciate our dressing sensibilities, but caste and gender discrimination have left a more bitter taste in their mouths. The later has an high impact on the former. ... Tags: Indian, business, Indian companies, industry. Benefits Of Registering In An Online Business Directory By: Andy Dicosta | - Getting your company registered in an on-line business directory increases your chances of getting noticed in the marketplace. With Internet being the most-widely used communication medium for businesses, registering in an online business directory can be increasingly beneficial to the local businesses as well. With economy rapidly escalating, every business man wishes that his or her business also prospers and soars higher. To achieve this, people employ different strategies. Whi ... Tags: business directory, products, businesses, business, business Exporter's Directory - A New World Of Exporting Units Online! By: Gyan K | - Indian skilled craftsmen and artisans are popular for their handicrafts, ethnic jewellery, hosiery, carpets, bed linens, floor coverings which are beautifully designed customised to your needs. It is these products which have attracted millions of them across the world. Thanks to the small scale and cottage industries who are putting their heart and soul into it. India exports a huge hunk from its agriculture stock and other related products which are highly valued in the international market. ... Tags: indian importers exporters, online export business directory Manufacturers In India - Find An Inexhaustive List!
  11. 11. By: Gyan K | - Indian manufacturers directory brings both manufacturers and buyers or consumers together in one platform. Buyers are allowed to choose their required products from the volley of items available in the online directory. It is an inexhaustive directory which is used by consumers world wide. Manufacturers of different products can not only find their competitors and their products but also advertise their own products. It is a platform to interact and negotiate with sellers an ... Tags: indian manufacturers directory, manufacturers india Online B2b Directory - Displays The List Of Indian Craftsmen And Their Products! By: Gyan K | - Online business to business directory brings you a host of beautiful handicrafts and products made by talented craftsmen and artisans. These craftsmen are found in plenty in Indian small and cottage industries. It is these small scale industries which play a vital role in the economic progress of the country. The same was promoted by Indian government as it has a greater potential for employment generation. It played a pivotal role in industrial decentralisation and industrial expansion in villa ... Tags: online export business directory, import business directory Indian Manufacturer Directory Cabinet And Door Fittings By: Kirthy Shetty | - Furnish your home with the latest & trendy cabinet and door fittings. All online handicrafts are customized to suit your style and can be perfectly designed with outstanding finishings. If you are looking out for hardware for your new house or to give a new look to your old house, by getting your locks and handles changed, then you should scour online. Find trendy cabinet fittings, window furniture, electrical fittings, carpet fittings, stairs, curtain fittings, locks, latches, restoration hardw ... Tags: indian exporters directory, indian manufacturer directory, indian importers and supliers directory, business to business directory, b2b directory Getting Your Online Business Noticed By: Ishika Mathew | - Business plans internally focused target required intermediate goals to reach the goals that are external. They can cover the new product development, a new service, a new system of IT, a finance restructuring, the factory refurbishing or a company restructuring. If you are an entrepreneur looking out for more potential clients you must get register your self in small business directory. Post your products and its review in every small business directories, in order to attract more traffic towar ... Tags: small business directory, business directory, indian product Online Business Promotion: Part 3 By: sanjeev pandey | - In this section we will discuss various online business promotion tools. 1. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more
  12. 12. affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is mainly divided into online & offline affiliates. Online Affiliates are ones having their own website to promote products & services and offline affiliates are ... Tags: business directory india, free business directory, free business listing, india yellow page, indian business directory, B2B directory india, local bus Online Business Promotion: Part 1 By: sanjeev pandey | - Business promotion is defined as the action taken to communicate with, inform, and gain support from a client or consumer. Online or on cyber space promotions has been steadily growing. Many people think having a web site is online business promotion. But, online business promotion is much more than that. All promotional activities performed on cyber space or through internet medium; can be defined as online business promotion. Having a website is not enough to fetch substantial business ... Tags: free business directory, free business listing, yellow page india, indian business directory, list your business, local business listing Lead Generation Through B2b Portals By: sanjeev pandey | - Business-to-business sales, abbreviated as B2B sales, are crucial to many companies survival, to excel and for good profit margins. There are many examples of the importance of better business-to-business lead generation. Business-to-business lead generation will assist them select the better partner to fit their needs. B2B lead generation is the procedures of helping compatible companies discover each other. The business-to-business lead generation marketplace is larger now t ... Tags: business directory listing, free business directory, free business listing, indian yellow pages, indian business directory, list your business, local Lowering Marketing Costs By Promoting Through B2b Portals By: sanjeev pandey | - You promote your business by getting the word out. The first axiom of business promotion is that you have to do this consciously. Promotion absorbs the major chunk of budget for marketing. The second axiom of business promotion is that like every other aspect of your business, it's a budgeted activity. But business promotion doesn't have to be expensive. Marketing professional are always on the hunt for new channels for promotion. Internet has emerged as the most admired channel f ... Tags: business directory listing, free business directory, free business listing, indian yellow pages, indian business directory, list your business, local Smes Can Reach Target Markets More Efficiently Through B2b Portals By: sanjeev pandey | - B2B (business-to-business) portals are becoming way of doing business for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These portals facilitate in establishing new trading relationships between companies and they also supports the existing relationships. It can be termed
  13. 13. as an e-market place. A B2B portal primarily serves as a platform for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to carry out their business activities online. Some of these B2B portals even offer free business directory and ... Tags: business directory listing, free business directory, free business listing, india yellow page, indian business directory, list your business, local bu Site Navigation: ArticleSnatch Authors: For Publishers: For Everyone: