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Marketing Analytics KPI


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Market share would appear to be a simple set of calculation of its our product for customers against our competitors offerings. But in reality it is a complex permutations and combinations of a lot of factors such as what units are being used, and where in the value chain - social, digital, non-marketing etc, do we Which units are used? Where in the value chain do we capture our information? What time frame will maximize our signal- to-noise ratio? In a metric as important as market share, and in one as closely monitored for changes and trends, the answers to such questions are crucial. This simple infographic takes a look at key components of market share, including penetration share, heavy usage index, likability, reach, impressions, brand penetration, brand awareness, top of the mind, hierarchy effects, ad awareness which can in turn help those right brained creator marketing managers to finally measure the effects of what gores in (effort - money, time, resources) as to what comes out (value - more consumers, positive ROMI, promotional spend optimization etc)

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Marketing Analytics KPI

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