Gap Digital Strategy Powerpoint


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PowerPoint Presentation about the remaking of Gap new website and image!

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Gap Digital Strategy Powerpoint

  1. 1. By: Tarolyn Robinson Adv 420
  2. 2. Overview I came up with a strategy that is projected to bring more traffic to Gap’s website and broadened Gap’s image on individual and originality. To achieve this task and objective I have developed a marketing strategy that consist of marketing the website to go with the seasons and holidays throughout the year. Making Gap’s site a little more fun and exciting to go to.
  3. 3. Overview (Cont.) The target audience for this Gap Campaign will be anyone who is internet friendly or prefer shopping online then going to stores. The seasons for Gap’s website will consist of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The holidays for Gap’s website will consist of Black Friday, Christmas, and 4th of July. The models on the website will wear clothing that corresponds with the seasons on the site. The backgrounds will corresponds with the seasons and holidays throughout the year.
  4. 4. Key Components The key components that are to be utilized during this Marketing Campaign are as follows: Twitter Facebook Instagram Foursquare SEO Advertising Google Adwords
  5. 5. Key Components (cont.) One of our concentrations for this strategy includes Social Media Marketing. Social Media is one of the biggest ways to engage a large number of people in participating and giving feedback to Gap as a brand. Facebook and Twitter will be the catalyst for our social media campaign because these two sites alone generate heavy traffic from one site to another while interacting with the consumer. Twitter allows the consumer to see about Gaps latest fashion and trends ,when sales and promotions are going on and win as well as received rewards to shop at Gap website and in-store. Facebook on the other hand can act in the same way as twitter, with a little added extras such as the “like” button.
  6. 6. Key Components(cont.) Instagram will be used for sole purposes of sharing Gap’s latest trends and tips on how to be fashionably fit. Foursquare is a location based site that allows you and your friend to the make the most of where you are. This will be significant for anyone who check in the most with Gap will received a half off reward of an item of their choice online or in store.
  7. 7. Key Components(cont.) SEO advertising is vital in obtaining views that will potentially lead to future sales. This advertising method allows certain keywords to register your site in Google’s search engine. Google Adwords will be the final piece of the plan that will tie all the other keyword groups that wouldn’t originally be thought of when searching for any product that Gap produces.
  8. 8. Measuring Success Gap will have the ability to track all of the success and numbers that the marketing plan is generating. This will be possible with the aid of several tools such as: Google Analytics- For website traffic monitoring. Product Sales Numbers- For the amount of units sold of customers purchasing on the site during the course of a year. Facebook “Likes” and Twitter Followers- These are to monitor and track the growing interaction between Gap and its customers.
  9. 9. Budget and Timeline The budget for this Marketing plan is set at $200,000 a year. August 2012- Gap website remodeled, $20 rewards for first 100 people who share Gap new image. September-October 2012- Back to school rewards and Backgrounds and models corresponds with the seasons and holidays. November 2012- December- Black Friday & Christmas sales and rewards. Backgrounds and models corresponds with seasons and holidays. January-July 2013- Backgrounds and models corresponds with seasons and holidays.
  10. 10. Budget Allocation The allocation of the budget stated earlier is listed as follows: Management of Social Networking Platforms- $35,000 SEO Advertising-$15,000 Google Adwords-$15,000 Location Based Mobile Marketing- Foursquare  Gap rewards-$18,000 Monthly website images- $9,750 Overall Gap Budget-$200,000 every year