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What's happening to copyright


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Slides and audio recording from my presentation at Aalto university Media Lab, concerning copyright, creative commons, remixing, and such. The actual presentation is just over half an hour long - the last slide has 20 minutes of discussions, which may be of interest as well.

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What's happening to copyright

  1. image source: OskarN @ Flickr Aalto university Media Lab What’s happening to 23.2.2010 copyright? Tarmo Toikkanen CC BY-SA
  3. “A remix is an alternative version of a song, different from the original version. This name is also used for any alterations of medias other than a song (film, literature etc.).” --Wikipedia
  4. Contact us ONF About the film Brett's blog Participate Press Contacts Join the discussion DOWNLOAD! US residents can pay- RiP: A remix manifesto is a what-you-want to documentary film about download the film via copyright and remix culture. You . can contribute to the film, and Rip is also available for follow the conversation on the download via iTunes social networks below. FOR TEACHERS Adam Hodgins, Music and Technology teacher at Selwyn House School Join us on Facebook (Montreal, QC) has compiled a study guide for RiP ! that touches on music, media, the arts, Follow us on Twitter <intro>Meet Girl Talk</intro> social studies, law and Today we're going to make a mashup, find out who Girl Talk is, and why his current events. music holds the key to the future of culture. Subscribe to RSS SCREENINGS Keep me posted United States
  5. CC BY-SA 3.0, source Tom Bell
  6. Mikael Agricola 1510-1557 PUBLIC DOMAIN source:
  7. Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 “... even short Hints and imperfect Experiments in any new Branch of Science, being communicated, have oftentimes a good Effect, in exciting the attention of the Ingenious to the Subject, and so becoming the Occasion of more exact disquisitions ... and more compleat Discoveries ...” PUBLIC DOMAIN
  8. A remixer’s manifesto • Culture is always built on the past • The past always tries to control the future • Our future is becoming less free • The control by the past needs to be restricted in free societies
  9. Andy Warhol 1928-1987 COPYRIGHT (CITATION) source:
  10. Shepard Fairey 1970- CC BY-NC-ND source:
  11. COPYRIGHT (CITATION) source:
  12. New proposal for copyright infringment • Publishing or presenting a possibly modified version of an existing works that effectively replaces the existing works from the consumer’s perspective.
  13. Search About News Donate FAQ Wiki Projects Store International Share, Remix, Reuse — Legally Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that increases sharing and improves collaboration. Learn More » Find » Donate » License » Find licensed works you can share, remix, Invest in the future of creativity and knowledge — Use our free tools to inform people how they can or reuse. Donate Today! reuse and share your creative works. Commons News International Community News Information La Stampa and Global Vocies Online CC Colombia: El parlamento The Licenses Case Studies Collaborate on Voci Globali europeo rechaza el “tres strikes Newsletter CC Talks With... February 19th, 2010 out” February 19th, 2010 Events International Peer 2 Peer University Launches Second Pilot Supporters Education February 18th, 2010 CC Catalonia: Els principis de Panton Jobs Science
  14. Choose license Allow Creative Allow commercial Add NC Allow private use? Yes redistribution? Commons BY use? No clause Yes No No Don't publish Publish under online at all normal copyright Add ND Allow publication clause No of derived works? Yes Require use of No same license? Yes Publish using the Add SA selected CC clause license OWN WORK
  15. cc by- cc by- cc cc by- cc by- PD cc by GFDL © sa nd by-nc nc-sa nc-nd redistribution + + + + + + + + - commercial use + + + + + - - - - modification + + + + + + + + + publishing of modifications... + + + + - + + - - ...under any license + + - - - + - - - removal of author’s name + - - - - - - - - OWN WORK