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SoMe eilen ja huomenna

Pecha Kucha -esitykseni SomeTime2010-tapahtumassa.

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SoMe eilen ja huomenna

  1. 1. Web Images Video Local Shopping More Yahoo! Web Search Y! Suomi My Yahoo! Mobile Sign In New here? Sign Up Have something to share? Page Options MY FAVORITES Add TODAY - May 11, 2010 TRENDING NOW 1. Men in Black III 6. Heidi Klum View Yahoo! Sites 2. Philippine Elect… 7. Fat Fingers Yahoo! Mail 3. Bobby Brown 8. Betty White Autos 4. Steve Nash 9. Colin Hanks 5. Taylor Swift 10. Hummus Finance (Dow Jones ) Games HotJobs Billionaire investor's priceless gift to son Warren Buffett’s son Peter reveals the Warren Buffett's forecast Messenger most valuable thing he received from Berkshire's profit jumps one of the world’s richest men. Self-made billionaires Movies Not money Personals 24 Boston Celtics Carey Mulligan Shopping Glee Pittsburgh Penguins Kristen Stewart Warren Buffett's Maxim's newest Obama knocks Flap over tactic Lost Cleveland Cavaliers Miley Cyrus son's gratitude No. 1 woman Xbox, iPad in perfect game Sports 1 - 4 of 32 Most emailed news photos News Twitter Chefs with Rare white lion Updates NEWS WORLD LOCAL FINANCE record 10-ton cubs unveiled hummus in Serbia Weather (43°F) Death toll from Iraq bombings and attacks rises to 114 Stuntman Groundbreaker Missile barrage kills 14 suspected insurgents in Pakistan skiing down Lena Horne in Edit Add escalator the 1950s 5 dead as tornadoes rip through Southern Plains Photos RECOMMENDED Oil slick spreads as executives to face grilling by lawmakers 1 of 5 Facebook Lettuce recall expands as FDA investigates E. coli outbreak Hank Haney, Tiger Woods' longtime swing coach, resigns DAILY OFFERS omg! 'Real Housewives' Jill Zarin , Kelly… - New York Dai… Improve your finance searches Travel New York Legislature Approves 1-Day Furloughs - N.Y. Times Go to Yahoo! Finance for powerful High Court Nominee Has Strong NYC Ties - CBS 2 finance research tools.
  2. 2. ITK10some-työpaja, Työpaja Tietokoneluokka osa 2: Etsiminen Content Methods Tools Web community for finding, Teaching and learning story / collection: ITK10-some- työpaja authoring and sharing open Tässä työpajassa osallistuja toimivat pienryhmissä ja ensin oppivat educational resources toimimaan verkossa, keräämään verkosta tietoa ja verkostoitumaan muiden kanssa. Tämän jälkeen he perehtyvät verkon sisältöpalveluihin [read more...] What's going on? Browse collections New to LeMill? Take a tour or read FAQ Find learning content, method, tool or people... Go Join... Latest from our blog: LeMill updated, new PILOTs. (2010-04-13) LeMill is a web community of 11366 teachers and other learning content creators. At the moment LeMill has 10230 reusable learning content resources, 5164 descriptions of teaching and learning methods, and 1039 descriptions of teaching and learning tools. If your
  3. 3. Kiitos! • 3. Hollola church interior: Kasperi Hasala, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA • 5. Capilla: Ramon Leon Rosas, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA • 7. Guebwiller, Notre-Dame: KBWEi, Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA • 13. Handing out leaflets: Callum Black, Geograph. CC BY-SA • 19. Google Social Graph API: search-engine-land, Flickr. CC BY • Kuvakaappaukset asianomaisilta sivustoilta • Muut kuvat: • Copyright 2010 Tarmo Toikkanen