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Social Media Affordances


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This 20 minute presentation is a quick introduction to the current state of social media services and tools. It will highlight the affordances (new ways of working, communicating, and collaborating) as well as current practices and cultural conventions of online communities and networks. The presentation will describe social media in general, and briefly touch on activities that it enables, such as publication, collaboration, multimedia publication, messaging, networking, community building, and virtual worlds.

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Social Media Affordances

  1. 1. Social Media Affordances Plenary keynote for the 6th European Conference on e-Guidance. Riga, 9/16/2009: Tarmo Toikkanen CC BY
  2. 2. Tarmo Toikkanen Psychologist, researcher, author, entrepreneur, software architect, instructor, consultant. Find me in: LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning, Twitter, Brightkite, Qaiku,, Blogger, Wordpress, Diigo, Delicious, SlideShare, Plaxo Pulse, YouTube, Friendfeed, BackType, xri://=tarmo
  3. 3. Something old, What is changing? something new...
  4. 4. Reading
  5. 5. RSS, social recommendations, customized feeds
  6. 6. Chatting
  7. 7. Instant messaging, social networks, microblogging
  8. 8. Discussing
  9. 9. Blogs, social networks, mini communities
  10. 10. Meeting
  11. 11. Videoconferencing, virtual worlds
  12. 12. Sharing
  13. 13. Pictures, videos, slides, conference presentations, audiobooks, music...
  14. 14. Collaborating
  15. 15. Wikis, Social networks, mini communities, groupware
  16. 16. Staying in touch
  17. 17. Location, mood, status, lifefeeds
  18. 18. Future Some predictions...
  19. 19. Organizations embrace social media
  20. 20. Social networks interconnect
  21. 21. Authentication No more password hassle. Real identities. converges
  22. 22. Everything becomes mobile
  23. 23.