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"Polish open budget" project


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Slides of a presentation at the public launch of the "Otwarty budżet" project - on open public finances data in Poland. Presented at the Open Government Data Camp, Warsaw, 20.10.2011.

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"Polish open budget" project

  1. 1. Polish Open Budget (and more)Alek Tarkowski, Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska
  2. 2. Open data on public finances:budget (traditional / performance); National Health Fund and other appropriated funds; European funds; national agencies (missing: National Road Fund)
  3. 3. What westarted with:
  4. 4. What we did: *Raw data for download*Raw data accessible online
  5. 5. What we also did:*Clean data into standard, consistent, hierarchical form * Visualize data * Dataviz competition
  6. 6. Why did we do this? Data availabilityLead (the govt) by example Engagement
  7. 7. Data availability the layers model (thank you, Creative Commons!)reuse only as good as source data
  8. 8. Leading by example: measure of success: Open Budget @ MinFin add-ons: search, categorization
  9. 9. Engagement: the hard question(that the government does not (necessarily) need to ask)
  10. 10. Engagement:taget group: the citizens?
  11. 11. Engagement:taget group: the citizens? (and journalists, researchers, officials)
  12. 12. Engagement:Human Readable Layer: data viz?
  13. 13. Engagement:Human Readable Layer: stories about data
  14. 14. Engagement: not with financial data?
  15. 15. Engagement:crowdsourcing (apps!) (but crowds dont simply source)
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Thank you. @atarkowski Funded with grants from:Title:(cc.eps) Title:(by.eps)Creator:Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0 Creator:Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0CreationDate:5/2/08 10:36 AM CreationDate:3/25/08 10:41 AM