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  1. 1. SUStank ® stories
  2. 2. father and kid father and his kid are flying with their personal jet over the city doing their usual flight on a beautiful Sunday morning. They ‘ve been doing these flights over and over again , because the father believed that his son could <<conquer>> the world through sky . Meaning that all problems can be solved right away , reality problems forgot and best ideas to come up.So , one morning during this common flight , the kid realises a new materialplaced on rooftops that is so peculiar and looks like a pool in his eyes .He asked his father :-‘ Hey dad, is this really a pool on the top of roof ?I can see a million of them . Why are they so many ? The little boy wasexcited that he started counting each one of the peculiar <<pools>>.-Then the father explains to him:It seems , the father is knowing a lot about these new things.Kid, these are not pools, but water tanks and they have a key role in ourlives.It’s called Sustank ! You know, when rain falls , Sustank can collect it ,so wedon’t waste all the water . By this way , we can save water , be friendly withthe environment . Don’t you remember how many times we told aboutenvironment , that we people with our actions make it worst and wastemany resources ; Well , there is a part of people ,who cares , respectsenvironment and would love to help . So , Sustank is a way of helping ,caring and respecting not only environment but also ourselves .-the temperature has increased the last years , and ice is melting .
  3. 3. So, we need to make something with water . Sustank can transform waterrain into potable water . Additionaly, your mother can use it for cooking ,washing or plant watering . Therefore , a house can have its autonomy anddon’t waste neither energy or water .Kid to father : Can we buy one as well father for our home ?Father : Look son , do you wanna help ? I think you are a grown up now :)Well , the kid agrees and the father tells him :-So, there are three packages , Pebble, Oceania and Poseidon . Check thosevia the website of Sustank. Then , decide which you prefer , look at the costsand come over with your option.I believe we can call some people for the installation or there can be a Do itYourself installation- i know you like games and constructions , so we can co-operateOk dad, i am ready! Land the plane , i want Sustank!
  4. 4. Steven in Botswana teven, 42, Chemical Engineer – Father of four and Gardening Hobbyist. Steven lives in a housing complex in the suburban outskirts of Botswana’s capital city, Gaborone. He has specifically chosen to live in this neighborhood because of the opportunity the local housing provides to possess a small to medium sized garden.He had always been fond of gardening as well as growing his own selectionof vegetables when the right season came. Because of the environmentalproblems of drought and desertification that Botswana is currently facing,this caused Steven to curtail his hobby expansion to a minimal area.His water utilities bill had always been high since besides the fact that thegeographical area that he lives in has a very low annual rainfall, he also has 4children that demand a considerable volume of treated water for cooking,bathing, drinking, washing and household cleaning. Additionally, the localauthorities that control the water utilities have a history in interrupting thewater supply and in many cases for more than 5-6 hours at a time. You can’timagine what chaos this brings to a family of 6 when you have 2 fulltimeworking parents, one infant and 3 kids that go to school.Steven’s studies as a Chemical Engineer combined with his own personalperspective, have led him to respect the environment he lives in and theenvironment that he will leave as a legacy to his four offspring.These reasons are more than enough to have made Steven to visit one of
  5. 5. Sustank’s local dealers, whom he had contacted whilst visiting a localexhibition on the Environment and Sustainability. It was clear to him thatthe solution that Sustank provided was optimal for his case. Being asustainable system for rainwater harvesting, Sustank once installed readilyprovided purified water for his family and hobby needs, reducedconsiderably his utilities costs, provided his household with a much neededwater supply autonomy, and promoted and satisfied his environmental-friendly lifestyle.His family income and savings allowed Steven to install the high-end modelbranded Poseidon, which besides the standard cover that preventsevaporation losses, mosquito breeding and contamination andenvironmentally-friendly, recyclable, easy-to-clean material, also contains: • the high level water filter (grade A, for drinking water purification, • the sensors for water level, consumption and temperature • the microprocessor & LCD screen for: • monitoring saving and consumption data • displaying day/week/monthly figures • alarms (low/high water level, freezing temperature) • Smart Sustank technology and subscription which offers the capability of the system to suggest and/or prioritize the alternative rainwater usage depending on activity demand (drinking, cooking, washing, plant watering) and on weather forecasts, as well as to gather metrics from the sensors and evaluate historic data to give accurate recommendations on the demands of the household and suggest ways to increase efficient use of the Sustank system, depending on its location.The consulting that Steven was provided at the dealer was free of charge
  6. 6. and gave him a clear insight of how the final installation would operate andlook like. He chose to install the tank on the roof of his home and adjustedthe plumbing to provide for a connection with selected taps within hishome. All this was accompanied with a 5 year warranty. Sustank providedthe plumbing companies for delivery and installation, leaving Steven free totend to his ripening tomatoes!Taking into consideration the price hikes the water utility company hasannounced for the coming years, Steven estimated that his payback periodwould come to around two and a half years. He’s more than happy for hischoice, especially under the light of Sustank’s Corporate SocialResponsibility program, which provides part of their proceeds to sponsorthe installation of the Pebble system to impoverished districts ofdeveloping countries that face critical water shortage. to be continued..
  7. 7. SUStank ® stories