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my work on post modernism (tariq ade)

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A2 media

  1. 1. The building that your seeing right now isThe Sony Building which resides in NewYork CityIt was formerly the AT&T BuildingIt was created by Phillip Johnson and wascompleted in 1984This building is postmodern because it usesa open/broken pediment on top of it whichstrongly resemble Thomas Chippendale’sdesigns on bookcases and other cabinetry,who made open pediment really popular.
  2. 2. As you can see both bookcase andbuilding have an open/brokenpediment similar to each other .
  3. 3. INow this building here is called The ParkviewsquareIt is a office building which is located inSingaporeConstruction started in 1999 and took 3 yearsto completeIt was designed my American Consultant JamesAdamsIt cost 87.93 million dollars to built itIt’s postmodern because the open plaza of theParkview square is reminiscent of the PiazzaSan Marco( St Mark’s Square) in Venice, Italywhich was built in the 15 century
  4. 4. Jay z & Kanye West- Otis• The Hip Hop song by these artists Otis is postmodern seeing how it has taken a verse and instrumental from Otis Redding Soul song Try a little tenderness and has used it at the beginning of the there song. The have also used the same organ and grand piano notes that Otis Redding used for Try a little tenderness and have incorporated there own beat and style to it
  5. 5. • Otis Redding- Try a little tenderness• 4y8U• Jay z and Kanye West- Otis• QAU
  6. 6. George Michael-Freeek!• George Michael song ‘freeeek’ is postmodern• In the song he puts a spotlight on homosexuality and the wild stories that are going around about their sexual lives...chaos, protests from institutions.• There is also futuristic elements in the music video like cyborgs and state of the art technology with a lot of sexually connotations.• George Michael is postmodern with a lot of his song for example in one of he song he thanks Tony Blair and George Bush for the wars in Iraq
  7. 7. T.V ADVERTS
  8. 8. Lynx Excite• The advert is postmodern seeing how its uses religion with using angel falling out the sky which could be described as “Fallen Angels”• It uses music by The Fallen Angels called Sexy boy which is a cover to a 1990 version to the song• It is set in Rome which is said to be a holy place
  9. 9. • qM
  10. 10. The Premier inn advert• This advert is postmodern as it uses Lenny Henry to copy a popular scene from the movie ‘The Shinning’
  11. 11. Austin Powers• Austin Powers is postmodern because it is a mock Bond film that pays homage to the popular culture of the swinging 60’s, British invasion, and ridiculous spy flicks
  12. 12. Scream• Scream is a postmodern slasher movie, where the killer and his victims knowingly play out the clichéd plots of classic horror films
  14. 14. True Blood• True blood is postmodern tv programme because it about vampires who co-exist with humans and who are now fighting for there own rights to be able to vote and not to be hated or slandered because of there “race”.
  15. 15. The Office• It’s postmodern because it is mockumentary on workplace psychology follows an useless boss and awkward reality TV moments