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Saemaul undong


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presentation about Saemul Undong Movement in South Korea, ´70.

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Saemaul undong

  1. 1. Saemaul Projects<br /> 1. Village access roads <br /> 2. Old bridges <br /> 3. Village roads<br /> 4. Sewage system<br /> 5. Thatched roofs<br /> 6. Old fence of farm house<br /> 7. Traditional Wells <br /> 8. Village halls <br /> 9. Banks of brook<br />10. Feeder roads<br />11. Rural electrification <br />12. Village owned telephone<br /> 13. Village owned hot bath <br /> 14. Children’s playground<br /> 15. Cloth washing place<br /> 16. Planting of trees<br />
  2. 2. The main actors of Saemaul project<br />In the initial stage, vertical integration was stressed to evoke rural villagers’ desire to raise their quality of life.<br />The vertical integration includes various incentives from the government side.<br />Bottom Up Approach<br />Top Down Approach<br />
  3. 3. Government System<br />Central Government<br />Material, Capital and Technical Support<br />Administrative Governance<br />Educational Support<br />Raise morale of Saemaul Leaders<br />Local Government<br />Control the resources<br />Meet with community leaders and participate in community meetings<br />Convey the voices of the villagers to the top<br />Transfer the action plans under jurisdiction<br />Community<br />General Assembly of villages<br />- Select the projects<br />- Implement them<br />Village Development Committee<br />- Implement administrative policies <br /><ul><li>Store and manage the resources
  4. 4. Maintain the completed projects</li></li></ul><li>Logic of SaemaulUndong<br /> (The Community’s Participation)<br />People’s voluntarism for better life<br />General Assembly of Villagers<br />General Assembly of Villagers<br />Election of SaemaulUndong Council<br />Data collection and Analysis<br />General Assembly of Villagers<br />Decision of the priority order<br />Implementing SM projects<br />Evaluation and Feedback<br />(General Assembly of Villagers)<br />
  5. 5. The Community’s Participation<br /><Villagers’ participation in SU><br />
  6. 6. Implementation Principles<br />Pragmatism<br />Pragmatism<br /><ul><li>Environmental improvement projects first
  7. 7. Income generation</li></li></ul><li>Before and After SaemaulUndong<br />
  8. 8.
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  10. 10. Key Factors of Success<br />
  11. 11. Key Factors of Success<br />