Xpert Summit 2011 What Is the ETC?


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Xpert Summit 2011 What Is the ETC?

  1. 1. What is the ETC? Jeff Kallay VP, Consulting Adrienne Bartlett VP, MarketingJill Duppler Client Services Advocate & Lead Trainer
  2. 2. Managing ExpectationsWhat is the ETC?On Campus or On Site?Case StudiesTechnology TrainingEducation SamplingYour Feedback and Suggestions
  3. 3. What is the ETC?
  4. 4. It’s where higher educationgoes for higher education
  5. 5. On Site at TargetX
  6. 6. Conshy and Philly
  7. 7. EducationEDU 100 Sales Training for AdmissionsEDU 101 Marketing 101 for RecruitmentEDU 102 Press “0″ for Customer Service?EDU 103 Talking ‘Bout My Generation (and yours)EDU 104 Email Marketing in a Facebook WorldEDU 105 “Road-Runner Ramp-Up”course descriptions online
  8. 8. CustomETC 200 Rent Our SpaceETC 300 The X Factorcourse descriptions online
  9. 9. Technology TrainingEXP 101 eXpressSuite: Basics and Best PracticesSRM 101 SRM EssentialsSRM 102 SRM Communication Planning andWorkflowsSRM 103 SRM Administrator TrainingSRM 201 SRM Advanced Reporting and DashboardsSRM 202 SRM Advanced Data Managementcourse descriptions online
  10. 10. On Campus
  11. 11. On Site Case StudyCatholic school in DetroitSRM ClientMAT (Master in Art of Teaching)9 Students - Management/CSR’sTwo Days:Education Customer Service, Sales and GenerationsTraining SRMChallenges: Michigan economy, proprietary schools, telephone “sales”and new technologies
  12. 12. On Site Case Study
  13. 13. On Site Case Study Generations: Boomers 1943-1961 Idealist (optimistic, ego-driven) Xers 1961-1981 Reactive (cut through the hype) Millennials 1981-2000 Civic (task oriented, have co-purchasing helicopter or stealth parents) Marygrove College MAT “Quick Reference” Active Listening Skills! Customer Service Basics & FISH! Wipe the Slate Clean Top Ten Sales TipsAttending Be personal - Be human Don’t let bad experiences carry over 1. Ask and listenA: Eye contact Access customer information 2. Research prospectsB: Posture 3. Remember you’re always onC: Gesture Utilize your experience Provide immediate attention 4. Talk price, but communicate value It’s a two-way exchange 5. Provide appropriate marketingS.O.L.E.R. Assure the customer messaging Listen 6. Become a trusted advisorFive steps to attentive listening Be honest 7. Get them to “No” Ask open-ended questions 8. Appearance matters (in person andSquarely face the person online)Open your posture Time is valuable 9. Close the deal: Control the situationsLean towards the sender - Remove road blocks Explain if you need more timeEye contact maintained - “What about this doesn’t work for you?” Ensure customer satisfactionRelax while attending - Recognize buyer shift Always thank them for their time 10. Ask for feedbackParaphrasing FISH! Philosophy Play Engagement ScaleWhat is it? Be there (be present) 1-10 (10 is the highest)Restating a message, but usually with fewer words. Where possible try and get more to the point. Make their day (be a day-maker) 10 - shared experience Chose your attitude 8 - they tell their storyPurpose: 6 - you tell your story (or Marygroveʼs) 1.To test your understanding of what you heard. Remember: 4 - story of someone they dont know or 2.To communicate that you are trying to understand what is being said. If you’re successful, cant relate to Talk with - not at paraphrasing indicates that you are following the speaker’s verbal explorations and that you’re Keep it simple beginning to understand the basic message. Active/Attentive Listening Sender > Message > ReceiverWhen listening consider asking yourself: 70% of communication is non-verbal Paraphrase (You cannot not communicate) Clarify • What is the speaker’s basic thinking message Perception Checking Smile, enhance tone, consider standing up • What is the person’s basic feeling message Summarize Keep it (email messages) above the foldE.g. Don’t add to the clutter crisis, cut through it EmpathyS: I just don’t understand, one minute she tells me to do this, and the next minute to do that. Have calls to action, to the next step Squarely face the personX: She really confuses you. Motivators: Greed, Recognition, Social Open your postureS: I really think he is a very nice guy. He’s so thoughtful, sensitive, and kind. He calls me a lot. He’s fun Interaction, or Quality of Life (we tend to Lean towards the senderto go out with. have primarily two) Eye contact maintainedX: You like him very much, then. Relax while attending Questions? Contact Jeff Kallay, VP, Consulting at kallay@targetx.com
  14. 14. On Site Case Study
  15. 15. On Site Case Study“Engaging, informative, useful information”“The presenter was not only informative but made the presentationinteresting. I came away with the reassurance that Marygrove is onthe right track and with some tweaking we could really be theforerunner for distance learning.”“Jeff and the rest of the TargetX staff was very energetic andaccommodating. Very helpful and informative.”“The presentation was excellent.”
  16. 16. On Site Case Study“Clear concise information given.”“The information given validated the concerns Ihad. Will make my job easier.”“Jill was very knowledgeable and was able to helpus understand how to use the SRM to our fullbenefit.”“The presentation was very informative, thepresenter took the time to really explain questionsthat were asked and also demonstrated theprocess which made it more clear.”
  17. 17. On Site Case Study“I wanted to let you know how much Iappreciated all of the hard work that went intothose two days of training.  I am sorry that it didnot get to start on time due to the issue with ourflight.Thank you and team so much for not only thegreat information about the company and thesystem but also for the hospitality throughoutour visit.”
  18. 18. On Campus Case StudyColumbia UniversityeXpress Client since 2009Oldest and largest graduate school ofeducation, 5100 students20 Students - Admissions and Financial Aid1/2 Day - Part of their two day staff retreatEducation Generations, Customer Service, and SalesChallenges: rise of other programs and schools and$1178 per credit tuition
  19. 19. On Campus Case StudyETC Sampling:Generations (Xers vs. Millennials)Press “0” for Customer Service? (1-2-3’s of Customer Service Basics)Sales Training for Admissions (Points 1 and 2 from “Top Ten Sales Tips”
  20. 20. Talking ‘boutmy generation
  21. 21. vs.XMillennial
  22. 22. “A generation that can sneakily trump boomer X narcissism and millennial entitlement.” Jeff Gordiner, “X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking”
  23. 23. About Generation X Born and raised as independent latch-key kids. Sexual Revolution, Watergate, Vietnam, Gay Rights, High Divorce Rate, Recession and Woman’s Movement peppered their youth.Demonized by Hollywood: Rosemary’s Baby, TheExorcist, Taxi Driver, Pretty Baby and The Omen.
  24. 24. About Generation X Playing to win by half expecting to lose.Accepting wide gaps between personal outcomes and sex roles. Proud of their ability to cut through the hype.
  25. 25. About Generation XBecoming cautious in family life and gradually mellowing in personality. Dedicated to starting and maintaining stable families, something their Silent generation parents did not.
  26. 26. The Three “Kaitlins”Kaitlin Caitlin Kate Lynn
  27. 27. MillennialLargest, most wanted, most watched over andmost diverse generation in American history. Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  28. 28. 3.6Average birthrate of Millennials (in millions) Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  29. 29. 76 Million Millennials(vs. 72 million Boomers and 42 million Xers) Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  30. 30. $50k Parents willing to pay for an ovum from anattractive, high IQ, female at a top university Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  31. 31. 50% Increase in amount of stuff in weight inaverage American homes vs. 20 years ago US News and World Report, 2008
  32. 32. 87%College freshmen who have never shared a room with a sibling Chronicle of Higher Education, November 2009
  33. 33. About Millennials 35% are non-white (and Latino). 1 in 5 have an immigrant parent, 1 in 10 have a non-citizen parent.Largest separation in wealth in American history.
  34. 34. About Millennials Celebrated, cherished and protected.Celebrated by Hollywood: Three Men and Baby, Baby Boom, Mr. Mom and Disney princesses. Empowered females.Bike helmets, car seats, nanny cams and more.
  35. 35. About Millennials Raised by attached parents.Freakishly close to their “Helicopter Parents” or “Blackhawks” transitioning to “Stealth.”Parents are “Best Friends” and co-purchasing. Conservative. Or Conventional?
  36. 36. About Millennials Team Oriented. Task Oriented. Civic Oriented. (not in march on D.C. way)Want to achieve high standards set for them.Feel that they have already “paid their dues.”
  37. 37. Reaching Millennials Eliminate Ambiguity. Think of Time as 24/7 Resource. Combine Work with Play. Make it Worthwhile. Handle with Care. Play to Their Strengths. Group Think.
  38. 38. Millennials Rebooted Regonize 2nd Cohort. Post Great Recession. Shift from Boomer Helicopter to Xer Stealth. Parents want ROI. Financial Aid knowledge is key! Cut through the hype.Online and In-Person support work in tandem.
  39. 39. 1-2-3’s ofCustomer Service
  40. 40. #1 Wipe the slate clean Be personal - Be human Don’t let bad experiences carry over Access customer information Know your customer expectations Utilize your expertise Provide immediate attention
  41. 41. #2 It’s a two-way exchange Assure the customer Listen Be honest Ask open-ended questions
  42. 42. #3 Time is valuable Control the situation Explain if you need more time Ensure customer satisfactionAlways thank your customer (for their time)
  43. 43. “10 Sales Tips”
  44. 44. “Always on”
  45. 45. “Due to fall travel season, I will be out of the office throughout September and October.I will have limited access to my email during this time, but I will respond to your email at my earliest convenience.”
  46. 46. “Out of Office” Reply
  47. 47. Too busy“recruiting” to recruit ?
  48. 48. Talk Price.Communicate Value.
  49. 49. “Salespeople” mustbe able to discuss the real price.
  50. 50. Calculate Actual Cost on Your Website 93% Wanted To 37% Able To
  51. 51. $47k$20k
  52. 52. Is an undergraduate degree from Northeastern worth $108k more than anundergraduate degree from UConn?
  53. 53. Questions | CommentsCosts?On Site vs. On Campus?Suggestions for curriculum?Best times of the year?
  54. 54. And that’s the ETC! Jeff Kallay | VP, ConsultingAdrienne Bartlett | VP, Marketing Jill Duppler | Client Services