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People Recruit People: How to Get Your Team to Use the CRM (Not Stress Out)


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Congratulations! You’ve completed implementing your CRM. But why isn’t everyone using it? Simply buying and deploying a CRM is only one part of the solution—if your team doesn’t use it effectively, then your investment of time and money is wasted. This highly-experienced panel will share how they got their team “on the bus” and working in the right direction. They’ll relay stories and lessons learned about gaining buy-in, encouraging end-user adoption, and reimagining business processes. Whether you’re thinking about it, in the middle of it, or already “live,” expect to get some actionable advice on how to make your team happy and get your CRM working for you.

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People Recruit People: How to Get Your Team to Use the CRM (Not Stress Out)

  1. 1. People Recruit People BrianWm.Niles Founder&ChiefEvangelist,TargetX @brianwmniles How to Get Your Team to Use the CRM (Not Stress Out)
  2. 2. Setting Expectations Panelist Introductions Issue & Definition of Success Best Practices for Improving User Adoption Questions for the Panelists
  3. 3. JonathanSee ChiefInformationOfficer PepperdineUniversity KeithBraun DirectorofAdmissions PaulSmith’sCollege DennisMoloney DirectorofShared
 TechnologyServices UniversitySystemof
 NewHampshire GerriDaniels DirectorofAdmissions NorthernMichiganUniversity Our Panelists Today
  4. 4. 70CRM Implementation “Failure Rate”, The Butler Group
  5. 5. “If you implement it,
 they will come.”
  6. 6. First, how do we 
 define success?
  7. 7. What worried you the most when you began?
  8. 8. Best Practices
 for Success
  9. 9. Pre-Implementation Planning Team Structure, Roles & Skills Challenge the Status Quo Focus on the “Customer” Walk Don’t Run
  10. 10. Additional Tips 
 & Questions
  11. 11. Thank you