It Takes a Campus Indiana Tech 10-10


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It Takes a Campus Indiana Tech 10-10

  1. 1. It Takes a Campus. To Stage a Campus Visit. Indiana Tech Fall 2010 Jeff Kallay, VP Consulting, a.k.a. “Apostle of Authenticity”
  2. 2. Managing Expectations Remember the context You won’t agree with me You’re educated and smart; take what is relevant to you Not a tour, but a visit! What does it means to you and Indiana Tech? Questions and Answers Download PDF at in
  3. 3. 4 1. Brighter students 2. Full pay students 3. Diversity 4. More of all the above
  4. 4. “Applications and yield numbers are down” NACAC Study, October 2010 “Loan crisis goes to college.” CNN, May 2010 “College loans are the new subprime crisis” New York Times, June 2010
  5. 5. There is no magic bullet!
  6. 6. It’s all about the experience!
  7. 7. Recruitment and retention is everybody’s job!
  8. 8. And it takes a campus to stage the campus visit.
  9. 9. “The experience is the marketing.” Arts & Science Group Student Poll 2004
  10. 10. The experience is higher education marketing - 84% use the web most heavily in researching colleges - 71% say the campus visit is the most trusted source of information Eduventures 2007 Survey of 7,867 High school junior and seniors. Reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education “Prospective Students Rely on Campus Visits and Web Sites to Learn About Colleges, Report Says”
  11. 11. “Effectiveness” Noel-Levitz 2009
  12. 12. Read the Chronicle Article
  13. 13. Read In Step with tradition: Campus Tours thriving
  14. 14. Read On vacation -- at a college campus
  15. 15. But most college tour scripts are numbingly similar, and information is not really the point. Students and their families are looking for the ineffable moment when, through some alchemy of atmosphere, setting or vibe, they suddenly know this is the place for them.
  16. 16. Read the New York Times Articles
  17. 17. Read UB October 2009 Online
  18. 18. Read the US News and World Report Article
  19. 19. Read the St. Louis Post Dispatch Article
  20. 20. Read the Washington Monthly Magazine
  21. 21. The Three “Kaitlins” Kaitlin Caitlin Kate Lynn
  22. 22. Welcome to The Experience Economy Pine & Gilmore
  23. 23. The Experience Economy is about: 1. Repelling commodization 2. Charging a premium price 3. Persuading consumers to pay when they never did before 4. Selling “Memories”
  24. 24. The Experience Economy 101 on ssi gre Experiences ro cP i om on Service/Information Ec of ry eo Th Industrial Agrarian
  25. 25. 10 Ten Tenets of TEE and a great campus visit
  26. 26. 1. Integrate the four E’s Higher Education is the experience economy: 4 E’s Absorption Entertainment Education Passive Participation Active Participation Esthetic Escape Strategic Horizons, LLP Immersion
  27. 27. 2. Aesthetics, Esthetics & Cues Fast Company, October 2010 Photograph Courtesy of McDonald's NDG Australia "If you have a restaurant that is appealing, contemporary, and relevant both from the street and interior, the food tastes better." Don Thompson, COO
  28. 28. 2. Aesthetics, Esthetics & Cues Elon University
  29. 29. 3. Authenticity “Stop saying what your offerings are through advertising and start creating places--permanent or temporary, physical or virtual, fee-based or free--where people can experience what those offerings, as well as your enterprise, actually are.”
  30. 30. 3. Authenticity or “Keep it real” SACAC 2008 Survey of 200+ high school seniors “I believe that imperfections show character. That's what I was looking for in a college. A school that seemingly has no flaws during a one hour information session (and tour) not only stands out negatively, but it comes off as bland and ordinary.” Read the complete survey results Password: sacac
  31. 31. 4. Customization “What’s your drink?
  32. 32. 4. Customization Hendrix College
  33. 33. 4. Customization
  34. 34. 5. Sensory Engagement
  35. 35. 5. Sensory Engagement Miami University (OH)
  36. 36. 6. Emotional Engagement
  37. 37. 6. Emotional Engagement Lehigh University
  38. 38. 7. Storytelling
  39. 39. 7. Storytelling St. Edward’s University
  40. 40. 8. Signature Moment(s)
  41. 41. 8. Signature Moment(s) Westmont College
  42. 42. 9. Theme
  43. 43. 9. Theme Alfred University
  44. 44. 10. Memorabilia The Ohio State University
  45. 45. 10. Memorabilia West Virginia University
  46. 46. Aesthetics are Ground Zero View campus, the tour route and your area with “fresh eyes” Help keep campus and your area presentable If you see trash, pick it up and if you see something that needs attention, report it
  47. 47. Support Admissions Use the experience economy tenets when working on open house, yield and accepted events Support Admissions when they come a calling and ask for your help with visit experiences Cut Tour Guides some slack - they’re volunteers
  48. 48. Opportunity or Disruption? Accept Demanding and Savvy Consumers “They Want What They Want When They Want It” Stop and Say “Hello” and “Welcome” Remember requests to meet with faculty and staff or sit in class are norm not the exception
  49. 49. Who stages Campus Visit Experiences? -The entire campus; admissions, interns, ambassadors, students, administration and staff “Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group. A tribute to our combined effort” - Walt Disney
  50. 50. It Takes a Campus! Indiana Tech Fall 2010 Jeff Kallay, VP Consulting, a.k.a. “Apostle of Authenticity”