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GPACAC Millennials Rebooted

  1. 1. Millennials (and their parents) Rebooted Text GPACAC 2011 Kevin Corr - Director of Sales
  2. 2. Manage the Expectations 15 American Generations 4 Cycles = 4 Stage/2 Stroke Generation X Millennials Millennials Rebooted What does it all mean? Discussion and Media Resources
  3. 3. A House Divided MillennialCusper Homelander
  4. 4. “In America, each generation is a new people.” Alexis de Tocqueville, 1830
  5. 5. LifeCourse Associates
  6. 6. Generations, 13th Gen, The Fourth Turning and Millennials Rising LifeCourse Associates
  7. 7. 4Number of Generations Colliding in the Workplace Silent, Boomers, Xers and Millennials LifeCourse Associates
  8. 8. 23.4Average Number of Years of American Generations Howe and Strauss
  9. 9. 15American Generations (19 New World) Howe and Strauss
  10. 10. 4Number of Generational Cycles and Number of Generations Per Cycle Howe and Strauss
  11. 11. Revolutionary Cycle Name + Birth Years Awakening 1701-1723 Liberty 1724-1741 Republican 1742-1766 Compromise 1767-1791
  12. 12. Civil War Cycle Name + Birth YearsTranscendental 1792-1821Gilded 1822-1842Progressive 1843-1859
  13. 13. Great Power Cycle Name + Birth Years Missionary 1860-1882 Lost 1883-1900 G.I. 1901-1924 Silent 1925-1942
  14. 14. Millennial Cycle Name + Birth Years Boomer 1943-1960 X 1961-1981 Millennials 1982-2000/0115th (Homeland or iGeneration) 2000/01-20??
  15. 15. 4/24 Stage/2 Stroke Per Cycle The Fourth Turning Howe and Strauss
  16. 16. Revolutionary Cycle Name (Birth Years) = Description Awakening (1701-1723) = Idealist Liberty (1724-1741) = Reactive Republican (1742-1766) = CivicCompromise (1767-1791) = Adaptive
  17. 17. Civil War Cycle Name (Birth Years) = DescriptionTranscendental (1792-1821) = Idealist Gilded (1822-1842) = Reactive Progressive (1843-1859) = Adaptive
  18. 18. Great Power CycleName (Birth Years) = DescriptionMissionary (1860-1882) = Idealist Lost (1883-1900) = Reactive G.I. (1901-1924) = Civic Silent (1925-1942) = Adaptive
  19. 19. Millennial Cycle Name (Birth Years) = Description Boomer (1943-1960) = Idealist X (1961-1981) = Reactive Millennials (1982-2000/01) = Civic15th (Homeland or iGeneration) (2000/01-20??) = Adaptive
  20. 20. 4 Stage / 2 StrokeIdealist Idealist birth CivicReactive Reactive birth Adaptive Civic Civic birth IdealistAdaptive Adaptive birth Reactive Repeat
  21. 21. Each Generation Rebels against the elder-built world and against the generation before it. (Think X>Boomer and Millennial>X)Redirects society towards its own inclinations.
  22. 22. Each Generation 1. Solves the problems facing the prior youth generation (Millennial>X)2. Corrects for the behavioral excess it perceives incurrent midlife generation (Millennial>Boomer) 3. Fills the social role being vacated by the departing elder generation (Millennials>G.I.)
  23. 23. Each GenerationIs shaped by their surroundings and by the generations with which they interact.While being born becomes history, and as they age they make history.
  24. 24. Types of History Social Moment - a brief period of time when people perceive historical events to radically alter their social environments.1. Secular Crisis - when society focuses on reordering the outer world of institutions and social behavior. 2. Spiritual Awakening - when society focuses on changing the inner world of values and personal behavior.
  25. 25. Repeating in America 1. Idealist (Boomer)- encounters a spiritual awakening in rising adulthood and a secular crisis entering elderhood. 2. Reactive (X) - encounters a spiritual awakening entering youth, and a secular crisis entering midlife. 3. Civic (GI; Millennial)- encounters a secular crisis entering rising adulthood, and a spiritual awakening entering elderhood.4. Adaptive (Silent; Homeland)- encounters a secular crisis entering youth, and a spiritual awakening entering midlife.
  26. 26. “Applications and yield numbers are down” NACAC Study, October 2010 “Loan crisis goes to college.” CNN, May 2010“College loans are the new subprime crisis” New York Times, June 2010
  27. 27. “A generation that can sneakily trump boomer X narcissism and millennial entitlement.” Jeff Gordiner, “X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking”
  28. 28. About Generation XBorn and raised as independent latch-key kids. Sexual Revolution, Watergate, Vietnam, Gay Rights, High Divorce Rate, Recession and Woman’s Movement peppered their youth.Demonized by Hollywood: Rosemary’s Baby, TheExorcist, Taxi Driver, Pretty Baby and The Omen.
  29. 29. About Generation XBetrayed by social institutions in their youth. Boomer envy. Pragmatic. To the point. Playing to win by half expecting to lose.Proud of their ability to cut through the hype.
  30. 30. About Generation XBecoming cautious in family life and gradually mellowing in personality. Dedicated to starting and maintaining stable families, something their Silent generation parents did not.
  31. 31. MillennialLargest, most wanted, most watched over andmost diverse generation in American history. Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  32. 32. The Three “Kaitlins”Kaitlin Caitlin Kate Lynn
  33. 33. Pop Culture
  34. 34. 3.6Average birthrate of Millennials (in millions) Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  35. 35. 76 Million Millennials(vs. 72 million Boomers and 42 million Xers) Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  36. 36. $50kParents willing to pay for an ovum from anattractive, high IQ, female at a top university Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  37. 37. 50% Increase in amount of stuff in weight inaverage American homes vs. 20 years ago US News and World Report, 2008
  38. 38. 87%College freshmen who have never shared a room with a sibling Chronicle of Higher Education, November 2009
  39. 39. About Millennials 35% are non-white (and Latino). 1 in 5 have an immigrant parent, 1 in 10 have a non-citizen parent.Largest separation in wealth in American history.
  40. 40. About Millennials Celebrated, cherished and protected.Celebrated by Hollywood: Three Men and Baby, Baby Boom, Mr. Mom and Disney princesses. Empowered females.Bike helmets, car seats, nanny cams and more.
  41. 41. About Millennials Raised by attached parents.Freakishly close to their “Helicopter Parents” or “Blackhawks” transitioning to “Stealth.”Parents are “Best Friends” and co-purchasing. Conservative. Or Conventional?
  42. 42. About Millennials Team Oriented. Task Oriented. Civic Oriented. (not in march on D.C. way)Want to achieve high standards set for them.Feel that they have already “paid their dues.”
  43. 43. Reaching Millennials Eliminate Ambiguity.Think of Time as 24/7 Resource. Combine Work with Play. Make it Worthwhile. Handle with Care. Play to Their Strengths. Group Think.
  44. 44. 5000Marketing messages your members are assaulted by each day Adweek November 2006
  45. 45. 90%Consumers who trust word of mouth, vs. traditional advertising Adweek November 2006
  46. 46. Watch Welcome to the Social Media Revolution
  47. 47. Millennials Rebooted Reconize 2nd Cohort. Post Great Recession. Shift from Boomer Helicopter to Xer Stealth. Parents want ROI. Financial Aid knowledge is key! Cut through the hype.Online and In-Person support work in tandem.
  48. 48. Who is Next?15thHomeland or iGeneration 2000/2001-?
  49. 49. Your Bookshelf
  50. 50. Media and Resources The Medium: Sweeping the Clouds Away Web 2.0 Video Pew Internet Research
  51. 51. Mommy, Tell My Professor He’s Not Nice Generation Serves Notice; Its a Moving Target res=9D0CE7D9123FF931A15752C0A9609C8B63 Facebook grows up
  52. 52. YouthQuake (Millennial Values in Work) chan=magazine+channel_top+stories Scenes From A Culture Clash Get The Best Out Of Millennials
  53. 53. The Millennials are Coming Employee Evolution - Millennials at Work TargetX iThink Blog
  54. 54. Download Session PDF 1. Wait for our email with link 2. Go 3. Follow these steps: a. Go to: b. search GPACAC
  55. 55. Free On Friday Webcasts
  56. 56. iThink
  57. 57.
  58. 58. Millennials (and their parents) Rebooted Text GPACAC 2011 Kevin Corr, Director of Sales