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GPACAC Jeopardy game_document

  1. 1. Admissions JeopardyPresented at GPACAC 2011Kevin Corr, Director of Sales corr@targetx.comBelow you will find the Jeopardy answers and questions that we used during theGPACAC conference. We believe that this knowledge is a must for anyone working inan admissions office today.Jeopardy provided a fun way to learn and review the information.If you want to create your own Jeopardy game similar to the one we did at GPACAC,you can do that for free at: can use some or all of our questions or create your own. Just make sure youphrase your answer in the form of a question.Admissions Jeopardy GPACAC April 2011 Presented by: Kevin Corr, TargetX
  2. 2. Recruitment MarketingA: This period ushered in recruitment marketing. It corresponds withthe shift from the baby boomer generation to Generation X.Q: What is Late 70‘s-early 80’s?A: Pioneers in higher ed printing of the view-book, these twocompanies originally served the financial industry, but saw theopportunity in higher ed.Q: Who are Stein and Stamats?A: In the 80’s this Richmond based direct mail-company became themain search playerQ: Who is Royall & Company?A: Shameless Plug: This company was founded on a napkin in late90’s to help schools send broadcast emails.Q: Who is TargetX?A: With estimated 582 million dollar revenue this non-profit is knownfor Testing, Research and Advocacy.Q: Who is the College Board?The Campus VisitA: 71% of students surveyed say this is the most trusted source ofinformation when researching a college.Q: What is the Campus Visit?E: According to research done by EduVentures of about 8,000 highschool Juniors and Seniors, 84% percent said said they use the webmost heavily when researching a college and this percentage considerthe campus visit the most trusted source of information.Admissions Jeopardy GPACAC April 2011 Presented by: Kevin Corr, TargetX
  3. 3. A: In August of 2009 The New York Times did a story about this topicthat lit up the blogosphereQ: What is Walking Backwards?A: There is no basement in the Alamo but San Antonio will be invadedby this associations annual conference in June.Q: What is CIVSA (Collegiate Information & Visitor ServicesAssociation)?A: Research confirms the majority of us learn from these and yourstudent guides should be telling theirs.Q: What is a Story?E: We haven’t met a student that gets in a car and says “15:1 Studentto Faculty Ratio, sign me up!”. Stories not Stats; Intimate ProductchoiceA: TargetX research shows it’s the most frequently asked first questionof your guests.Q: Where is the Restroom?E: This space is often the first place a visitor to campus needs to visitand often the last pit stop before getting in the car. A clean one canhelp seal the deal, a dirty one, leaves families flushing your school offof their list. TargetX Bowl -- BSC, UDel awarded best bathrooms!Picked up in Chronicle and US News.Recruitment TechnologyA: This kind of system allows Admissions staff to manage theenrollment process from point of contact to point of enrollment.Q: What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?A: This not-for-profit gives students a streamlined method of applyingto any of 415 member schools.Q: What is the Common App?Admissions Jeopardy GPACAC April 2011 Presented by: Kevin Corr, TargetX
  4. 4. A: Though Facebook is king for talking with friends, many students stillsee this method of communication as their preferred way "to talk to oldpeople."Q: What is email?A: Along with the campus visit, this technology is the most trustedsource of information about your school.Q: What is your website?A: This opt-in only technology has become a great way to sendtargeted reminders to students for things like event registration.Q: What is Text messaging?Industry InsightsA: According, US government, number of post-secondary institutions.(+/- 300)Q: What is 7300?E: All post Sec (tech schools, privates, etc. -- not just 4 years!);University of Phoenix -- 532K students enrolledA: The estimated overall average acceptance rate in the UnitedStates. (+/-5%)Q: What is 73%A: US News & World Report rankings divides colleges and universityinto this many primary categories. (not counting geographical or tierrankings within each of these)Q: What is four?E: National Universities, National Liberal Arts Colleges, MastersUniversities, Comprehensive Colleges.Do you know your school and your competitorsA: This publication is considered the New York Times or Wall StreetJournal of the higher education industry.Q: What is the The Chronicle of Higher Education?Admissions Jeopardy GPACAC April 2011 Presented by: Kevin Corr, TargetX
  5. 5. E: Beyond the Jobs section, you need to read it, get the daily emailblasts, great resource, Eric Hoover is the Admissions and Student LifeReporterA: The average higher education endowment in the United States. (+/-$3,000,000)Q: What is $18,000,000?E: 80% of the total of all higher ed endowment(s) is owned by about200 schools and they are also the most highly selective of schools.Recruit or die. Tuition Driven, Heads in beds.PotpourriA: College Movies: This 2001 comedy spoofs Higher Ed Admissionswith potential-law student Elle Woods’ application video to Harvard.Q: What is Legally Blonde?A: Estimated number of schools that charge over $50,000 per year toattend. (+/- 10)Q: What is 100?E: Schools over the 40K mark is the number people aren’t talkingabout. There are ???In 2010, the College Board reported that tuition has increased fasterthan inflation. Compared to 2009 costs, privates increased tuition anaverage of 4.5% and and publics increased 7.9%. Four years ago onlyfour schools charged over $50,000 per year.A: These authors have written extensively about generations includingbooks titled: Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation andMillennials go to College.Q: Who are Neil Howe and William Strauss?E: Spoke at NACACs; Required reading; coined the terms HelicopterParent, Stealth Parent and MillennialsA: Actor Paul Rudd, famous for roles in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”and “Clueless,” attended this GPACAC member school.Admissions Jeopardy GPACAC April 2011 Presented by: Kevin Corr, TargetX
  6. 6. Q: What is The University of Kansas?A: TargetX Campus Visit Consulting methodology is derived fromthese two books by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore.Q: What are The Experience Economy and Authenticity?E: Harvard Bus Sch Press; TEE-100 Best Business Books of All time;Authenticity, Time Magazine 10 Big Ideas Changing the World.ThinkAbout, other consulting; Our campus visit works won an awardFinal Jeopardy-Student IndebtednessA: The estimated Average undergraduate Student loan debt of degreeearning students. (Excludes PLUS loans; +/- $3,000)Q: What is $24,000E: 2007-2008; Predicted this was going to happen. Mortgage Crisis isgoing to hit college campuses; Fear because of mainstream media.Admissions 101 needs to be Admissions and Finanical Aid 101 intoday’s market.Admissions Jeopardy GPACAC April 2011 Presented by: Kevin Corr, TargetX