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GMAC Annual Conference 2008


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Presentation by Brian Niles and Marisa Cox at the annual GMAC conference on Implementing a CRM system.

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GMAC Annual Conference 2008

  1. 1. Selecting Implementing a CRM System Marisa Cox, University of Arizona Brian Niles, TargetX Moderator: James Rainey, Michigan State University
  2. 2. The Problems Data Dispersed - Different Systems/Vendors Incomplete or Unavailable Information Missed Opportunities for Recruiting Everyone Not on the Same Page Duplication of Communication
  3. 3. Who got what? Direct mail or email campaigns Who received or was sent it? Who “interacted” with it? Who “bounced or returned” it? What are they receiving next?
  4. 4. What do we know? Determining Followup Activities How when did they hear about us? What have they given us about them? What is their “opportunity score?” Who spoke with them last?