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eduWeb 2009

  1. Practical Uses of Social Media for Recruitment (aka “How the cool kids get it done;) Nikki Chun, eManager, University of Miami Adrienne Bartlett, Client Concierge, TargetX
  2. Today’s Presentation
  3. Social Media: “Guru” “Expert”
  4. How Does UM Get it Done? Overview of the Social “U” Future of the Social “U” Challenges we face Lessons we’ve learned
  5. “In this next phase, which changes the way we work, live, play, and learn, we’re starting to realize the value of those connections as well as the new communications and experiences those interactions lead to the human network.” -John T. Chambers, Chairman & CEO, Cisco
  6. Spoiler Alert: Social Media is not about technology.
  7. It’s about people’s desire to connect with each other.
  8. Social Media (as defined by Wikipedia): “Social media is information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies.”
  9. 61% Offices Using Social Networking Sites (up from 29%) Data from the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Fall 2008
  10. 41% Maintaining Blogs (up from 33%) Data from the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Fall 2008
  11. 76% of US college marketers say they plan to use SM strategies like social networks, viral campaigns and video contests Source: Academica Group, 2008
  12. Your “Toolbox”
  13. It’s not the “tool,” it’s the content.
  14. Your Strategy (in 6 words)
  15. Listen.
  16. Are you listening? Prospects, applicants, current students and alumni are already talking about you online. Pay attention -- there’s no excuse! Free feedback -- close the loop
  17. Google Alerts
  18. YouTube search
  19. Participate.
  20. “With and for, NOT at or to.” Seth Godin
  21. “Bring wine to the picnic” Source: Chris Brogan
  22. The Social “U”
  23. The Social “U”
  24. The Social “U”
  25. The Social “U”: Social Networks Facebook presence: General UM page Office of Admission page Class of 2013 group Admitted Student Social Network
  26. The Social “U”: Blogs Cristi Busto, Interactive Communication Coordinator Ashley McKevitt, Sophomore, Major: Graphic Design Zackary Nolan, Sophmore Major: Industrial Engineering
  27. The Social “U”: YouTube & Videos
  28. The Social “U”: Flickr/Photosharing
  29. The Social “U”: Twitter
  30. Think more like a publisher (not a marketer)
  31. Content Ideas: Release Commencement address as podcast/video? “Thoughts at the close of my freshmen year” “Interview with a recent grad” Residence Hall Layouts/ “Meet My Roommate” Profile of an alum
  32. Can’t access faculty “on-demand?”
  33. Your Strategy (in 6 words)
  34. Listen Participate Update Adapt Analyze (Repeat)
  35. Putting it all together
  37. flickr
  38. vimeo
  39. Facebook
  40. YouTube
  41. What’s Next for the Social “U?”
  42. The Future of the Social “U”: Print Communication postcard
  43. The Future of the Social “U”: Web
  44. The Future of Social “U”: Virtual Tour
  45. Challenges We Face: Small (but powerful) staff Politics… Varying levels of understanding and commitment External forces: University Redesign Changing CMS
  46. Lessons we’ve learned: Content. Commit. Connect. One media outlet shouldn’t stand alone.
  47. A few tips:
  48. Take it personally. (use in your personal life)
  49. It’s all about the conversation.
  50. “We are not seats or eyeballs or end users or consumers. We are human beings -- and our reach exceeds your grasp.”
  51. Touch points don’t matter if you’re not building relationships
  52. It’s not about pushing out -- it’s about pulling in.
  53. 1:1
  54. “It’s all about customer service”
  55. Use Twitter and other social tools to build conversations and relationships rather than just “generating buzz.”
  56. How can we create new opportunities for prospects to connect with our school, current students and each other?
  57. Is this an opportunity for me to step out of the way?
  58. “Millennials see social media as a dimension of their lives, not a ‘destination.’ Market to that.” socialmedia2day
  59. Why go social? More connections More engaged More satisfaction [More likely to show up in the fall]
  60. FADDISM? You decide. Tools will come and go. It’s all about the relationship.
  61. Thanks! Adrienne Bartlett Nikki Chun @AdrienneBartlet @Nikklani 877.715.7474 ext.108 305.284.2559