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Communication Plan Workshop


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Communication Plan Workshop

  1. 1. “Communication Plan Workshop” Adrienne Bartlett, Client Concierge
  2. 2. Today’s Webcast
  3. 3. More options More choices More money More info More clutter More speed More STRESS
  4. 4. Prospects are seeking meaningful communications
  5. 5. They want you to help them make sense of it all.
  6. 6. “Communication 101”
  7. 7. Communication Plans should be: circular vs. linear dialogue vs. monologue flexible vs. static shared vs. hoarded about them vs. about you different every year?
  8. 8. Brian Says: “Throw it out and start from scratch.” Brian Niles, CEO, TargetX
  9. 9. Which comes first: The budget or the plan?
  10. 10. Adrienne’s “4 M’s” Message Members Medium Measurable Goals
  11. 11. No magic day, time or tool
  12. 12. Concepts For Your Plan: Increase # of campaigns, but decrease their size Focus on feedback and measurement Build in flexibility Take advantage of naturally emerging technologies (when appropriate)
  13. 13. Differentiate (tell your story) Create value (WIIFM?) Cross channels (create content once) Give “insider” information
  14. 14. Enrollment goals help! (give you parameters)
  15. 15. Communication Plans: Fall Spring Winter? Summer?
  16. 16. Parallel Comm Plans to Consider: Parents Guidance Counselors “Local” Alums (for Grad Schools) YIELD?
  17. 17. The “traditional plan” can’t be all things...
  18. 18. “STEALTH APPS”
  19. 19. “Stealth applicants” were not initially part of your communication plan. How do you reach them?
  20. 20. 2 most important (yet often overlooked) elements: 1. Your web presence 2. Your campus visit
  21. 21. How to make the most of your campaigns:
  22. 22. Tell stories.
  23. 23. “Once upon a time, the most powerful communications tool was the art of storytelling. This book shows that it still is.”
  24. 24. Address Cost Clearly. 80% would have used a financial aid estimator 76% would have used a tuition calculator Don’t apologize for price -- communicate value! Noel-Levitz 2007 Student Expectations Survey
  25. 25. Get social.
  26. 26. 61% Offices Using Social Networking Sites (up from 29%) Source: Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
  27. 27. 41% Maintaining Blogs (up from 33%) Source: Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
  28. 28. Should we be on Facebook and Twitter?
  29. 29. Well... It’s not about you. Where is your audience?
  30. 30. Reach people where they are, when they want
  31. 31. “Time-shifting”
  32. 32. Your “Toolbox”
  33. 33. It’s not the “tool,” it’s the content.
  34. 34. Overwhelmed? Start with the basics Create content once Distribute across channels
  35. 35. “With and for, NOT at or to.” (Millennials don’t trust traditional marketing) Seth Godin
  36. 36. “Touch points” don’t matter if you’re not focusing on the relationship
  37. 37. Questions so far?
  38. 38. So you have a plan. Now what?
  39. 39. Write it down Share Execute Meet (regularly)
  40. 40. Format? CRM Google Docs Outlook Calendar Excel or Word Doc [the less static, the better]
  41. 41. Number
  42. 42. The followup should be part of the plan.
  43. 43. Email Schedule (for this webcast): Date Message Audience 5/21 1st Email   All 5/27   Plain-text followup Did not view/interact 6/9   2nd Email All 6/16 Plain-text followup Did not view/interact 6/16   Link and Instructions Registrants 6/19   “Day-of reminder”  Registrants 6/22 Link to video and slides Registrants
  44. 44. More tips:
  45. 45. “Bring wine to the picnic” Source: Chris Brogan
  46. 46. It’s all about the conversation.
  47. 47. It’s not about pushing out -- it’s about pulling in.
  48. 48. How can we create new opportunities for prospects to connect with our school, current students and each other?
  49. 49. 1:1
  50. 50. One size does NOT fit all
  51. 51. “Worth the reminder: Free tools do not equal infinite ROI. Time is not free.” [Have a plan.]
  52. 52. “Change” danger + hidden opportunity
  53. 53. If you're not happy with what you've got, what radical changes are you willing to make to change what you're getting? From a Seth Godin Blog Post, February 19, 2009
  54. 54. Being authentic? Solving problems? Communicating Value? Being up-front about cost? Fostering connections?
  55. 55. The TargetX Bowl! Winners: The University of Delaware (large) Birmingham-Southern College (small) Honorable Mention: Hendrix College Oklahoma Christian University Warner-Pacific College
  56. 56. Next Webcast: “Your Campus Visit: 5 Fixes for this Fall” Friday, August 7th
  57. 57. Thanks! Adrienne Bartlett @AdrienneBartlet 877.715.7474 ext.108