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HEFS Shiree Overview


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HEFS Shiree Overview

  1. 1. Welcome to presentation onHousehold Economic and Food Security ofExtreme Poor/SHIREE Project in Khulna andBagerhat DistrictsAdvocacy Workshop, May 11, 2013
  2. 2. Summary of HEFS/SHIREE Project Con’tTitle: Household Economic and Food Security of Extreme Poor/SHIREEProjectGoal: Government of Bangladesh MDG-1 targets 1 and 2 on income povertyreduction and hunger achieved by 2015.Purpose: 37,000 extreme poor households in the coastal areas havegraduated out of extreme poverty within three years.Duration: April 2009 to March 2015Partners: CODEC in Bagerhat and Prodipan in Khulna
  3. 3. Summary of HEFS/SHIREE ProjectOutputs:1.Enhanced capabilities of extreme poor to access safety nets;2.Productive asset base and livelihood options of extreme poor HHenhanced;3.Capabilities of extreme poor households enhanced to practice existingor new livelihoods including climate resilient livelihoods;4.Improved ability of extreme poor households to demand socialentitlements related to nutrition, health, education, water and sanitation;5.Enhanced capacities of extreme poor households (HHs) to adapt to risksand shocks, including climatic variability, extreme events and long-termchanges.
  4. 4. Household Economic Security (HES) ModelExtreme Poor,Food and Nutritioninsecurity, extremedeprivation,fatalistic attitudeCurrentSituationThresholdfor povertyMS-1Ability to Meetdietaryrequirementsand basicsurvival needs12thMonthImmediate Cash Transfer,HH level Micro Plan, Linkwith Safety netMS-218thMonthProductive assetsand skills transferMS-3ImprovedHealth andNutritionstatus, FoodUtilisation24thMonthAwareness on health andnutrition, Linkages for basicservices, entitlementsMS-5Movementstowards selfsustain48thMonthCommunity level mechanisms, Linkages,Continued supportMS-6Reduction ofPoverty, Food &NutritionSecurity Tk>40/person/ day@ 2010 pr.60thMonthMS-4Diversification of livelihoods, Coaching andmentoring, Disaster preparedness Training andlinkagesMS-4Movement out ofExtreme Poverty(Income Tk 40per capita per day@ 2010 prices)36thMonth
  5. 5. BagerhatDistrict4 Upazilas37 Unions529 Villages20,000 BHHsBagerhatDistrict4 Upazilas37 Unions529 Villages20,000 BHHsKhulna District5 Upazilas35 Unions577 Villages17,000 BHHsKhulna District5 Upazilas35 Unions577 Villages17,000 BHHsGeographical Coverage of HEFS/Shiree Project
  6. 6. Name ofDistrictName ofUpazilaUnionsCoveredVillagesreachedBHHsSelection P-1BHHsSelection P-2Total BeneficiaryKhulnaDacope 09 97 2,804 25855,389Koyra 06 128 2,025 25024,527Paikgachha 10 212 2,171 31305,301Terokhada 06 99 - 10291,029Dighalia 04 43 - 754754BagerhatMorrelganj 15 171 4,337 54059,742Rampal 10 134 1,848 23764,224Mongla 05 76 1,815 21043,919Chitalmari 07 124 - 21152,115Total 09 Upazilas 72 1106 15000 22000 37,000Project Area and Coverage Phase II
  7. 7. Core Criteria for Extreme Poor Beneficiary Selection1. Less than 3 meals a day for at least 4 months in a year;2. Non recipient of long term (1 year or more) livelihood recovery andnon recipient of asset transfer programme except relief;3. Not owner of more than 10 decimals of cultivable land; and4. Not owner of more than 10 decimals of homestead land; and5. Owner of productive assets not more than Tk. 5,000 at current price(for example, goat, pig, poultry, rickshaw, bicycle, van, sewing machine,boat, fishing net, small shop) and6. No outstanding formal credit from any MFI (except loans used forfood consumption and or medical reasons/emergencies).
  8. 8. Major achievements of HEFS/Shiree Phase 1(From April-2009 to March-2012)Activities Khulna Bagerhat TotalBeneficiaries Selection7000 8000 15000Training provided 6988 8938 15926Input delivered 6781 7754 14535
  9. 9. Major achievements of HEFS/Shiree Phase 2(From April-2012 to April-2013)Activities Khulna Bagerhat TotalBeneficiaries Selection 10000 12000 22,000Baseline Data Collection 10000 11831 21,831Household level Micro plan 9059 11278 20337Training provided 5245 6323 11568Input delivered 4707 6818 11525
  10. 10. Input Delivery as of April, 2013Inputs Categories Khulna Bagerhat TotalCow and Heifer 28 28Pig 76 76Van 188 83 271Boat 271 592 863Sewing Machine 332 50 382Fish culture /fish fry 66 315 381Crab fattening 51 215 266Farming and agricultural Inputs 193 663 856Toolsfor handicrafts production 13 15 28Small business 3443 4884 8327Fishing Net/ materials 46 1 47Total 4707 6818 11525
  11. 11. Major Livelihood support packages
  12. 12. Photos of activities in Project AreasPrincess Anne’s visit in project areaAndrew Mitchell, UKs secretary of state forinternational development visit the project areaBritish celebrity Myleene Klass, an ambassadorfor Save the Children visit the Project areaMayor KCC inaugurating the MarketLinkage FairAll Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)has visited the HEFS Project areasJoint Secretary RDCD [PD EEP] visit theProject area
  13. 13. Cold wave response January 2013•Families with 2years childrenand•Family with 5 to10 years childrenPackage•Blanket 1 piece•Gents shawl 1piece•Ladies shawl 1piece•Sweater 30/32size 1 piece•Sweater 34 size1 piece
  14. 14. Emergency response: Cold Wave 2013PNGOsFamily with 2years childrenFamily with 5 to 10years childrenTotalProdipan (Khulna) 870 400 1,270CODEC (Bagerhat) 993 32 1,025MSSUS (KCC) 24 206 230Total 1,887 638 2,525
  15. 15. Thank