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12.m3 cms content-updating-pt2

  1. 1. IT2032PAContent Management System (CMS) Nitec in Social Media & Web Technology
  2. 2. CMS Content UpdatingIn this chapter, you will learn: o Define what is “digital video” o Identify the various video format and their characteristics o Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the various formats across platforms. o Define what is “digital audio” o Identify the various sound formats and its characteristics
  3. 3. VideoVideo is stream of data composed ofdiscrete frames, usually including bothaudio and pictures o US TV Signal = 30 fps o European stations = 15 fps o Movies = 24 fps
  4. 4. VideoAnalog Video o It is the representation of information by variable physical quantities such as the size of electrical voltages.
  5. 5. Video• Digital Video o is a sheet of dots, called pixels, each holding colour value.
  6. 6. VideoVideo File FormatFile Platform PurposeExtension.MOV Mac, Win Mac’s * Once the movie is QuickTime compressed, the Video viewer must have the.AVI Mac, Win Microsoft’s same compressor to Audio Video play it back. Interleaved
  7. 7. VideoVideo File FormatFile Platform PurposeExtension.MPEG Mac, Win, MPEG Video * Once the movie is Unix Mac may compressed, the have problem viewer must have the with the audio same compressor to track play it back.
  8. 8. VideoVideo File FormatFile Platform PurposeExtension.ASF Mac, Win Microsoft Both .RM and .ASF streaming compression is format intended to produce a low data rate : may discard data as well as compress it, which is important for streaming used for distribution only
  9. 9. VideoVideo File FormatFile Platform PurposeExtension.RM Mac, Win, Used by Both .RM and .ASF Unix RealNetworks compression is streaming intended to produce a low data rate : may discard data as well as compress it, which is important for streaming used for distribution only
  10. 10. VideoCross Platform Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) o allows data to be transmitted between client and a server o Hot link and/or cold link
  11. 11. VideoCross Platform Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) o Lets you embed or link data objects created in different OS app o An embedded object becomes a part of the file into which it is pasted o A linked object is changed automatically in when the original file is updated
  12. 12. Video CompressionLossless compression o The simplest form of digital video compression takes advantage of spatial redundancy – i.e areas of single picture that are the same.Lossy Compression o information is removed permanently.
  13. 13. Video CompressionAdvantages of compression o smaller amount of storage is needed o compression allows highly miniaturized equipment for consumer and professionals o compression reduces the bandwidth needed o allows faster-than-real-time transfer between media.