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Great Networking


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This is a presentation to show you how to become an effective networker. Overcome the fear of networking. Learn how to make the most of the function. Learn how to run your own functions.

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Great Networking

  1. 1. GREAT networking
  2. 2. Plan your networking • diarise (do 2 functions monthly) • what are my aims? • who are my ideal connections? • choose the type and group • prepare an elevator speech Know what you want - manage it
  3. 3. Seek Relevant Groups and Connections Identify and target groups and connections which are relevant to your aims and capabilities • what can I do for them? • what can they do for me?
  4. 4. Which group for you? SizeSector Social grouping Trade or society grouping Political or religious grouping Location choose by
  5. 5. Networking functions “small talk” • small talk : ice-breaking conversation Connections that may lead to businesses referrals First opportunities to identify and begin to grow connections with other people
  6. 6. Are you afraid? • common problem is fear - those who shy away from networking • they dread thought of having to carry on conversations with people they don't know • they are intimidated by the task of finding something to talk about
  7. 7. Don’t be afraid • it is important to stay on the top of the pop culture and current events, latest issues and stories in the news • these are great ways to break the ice • it will help you find common ground with a person you have never met before where you don’t have too much in common
  8. 8. Some ice-breakers • tell me about your business • who is you ideal client? • what is your goal for next year? • what is the most unique aspect of what you do?
  9. 9. More ice-breakers • what type of client is your least profitable and why? • what is you biggest accomplishment so far? • how can I help you in your business?
  10. 10. Reasons to attend networking events • increase you visibility • stay current on trends in your industry • to learn from and to be motivated by powerful speakers • to socialize
  11. 11. ...more reasons • to become connected to key influencers in you industry • to start relationships that will lead to • strategic alliances • joint ventures • referrals
  12. 12. Maximize the opportunity • decide why you want to attend • decide on the logistics • take plenty of business cards • have fewer, higher quality conversations
  13. 13. ...don’t forget • take along a few ice-breakers • always make eye contact • act like a host • have fun
  14. 14. ...and after the event • follow up with a gift or call • enter contact into your database • make a note of what was interesting about them • set up a meeting if there is something to discuss
  15. 15. Run your own networking functions • target a gap in the networking market • Leverage word of mouth and social media (create a LinkedIn group as a home base) • charge for tickets (enough to cover costs)
  16. 16. ...and more successful • serve drink and food • make it easy for people to start conversations • provide value through a keynote speaker on a topic of interest to everyone • give everyone a chance to introduce themselves • make food and drinks available after the talk
  17. 17. Networking in Crows Nest BCI Business Brokers Tony Arena (Managing Director) 3/1 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065 Phone: +61 2 9439 3399 Mobile: +61 411888148 Email: We meet every month