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Happy Christmas to Your Business


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This presentation shows you how you and your business can have a Happy Christmas!

Published in: Business, Spiritual, Education
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Happy Christmas to Your Business

  1. 1. Happy Christmas to My Business
  2. 2. Contact your people It might be too late to send cards so start calling people who have meant something to you this year. You only need to talk for a minute but this can be more meaningful than a Christmas card. If there is no time for a call simply send a text.
  3. 3. De-clutter your office Empty at least two filing cabinet drawers and if possible empty a complete cabinet and take it down to the local charity as a donation. Scan the paper and throw it!
  4. 4. Congratulate your staff At your final meeting of the year, get together and congratulate people on their achievements. If possible give awards to your staff and don't forget to give some silly awards e.g. “Craziest Shirt of the Year” or the "Comic Character”.
  5. 5. “Green” Initiative Nominate at least one "green" initiative you are going to adopt for next year. Is it to throw out the fridge, replace the inefficient lighting or start a recycling program. There are plenty of non-for profits that will assist here.
  6. 6. Christmas present for your business Buy your business a Christmas present. Is it the new printer, a piece of software or a new lounge for the waiting room? This will give you a lift for the New Year.
  7. 7. Pay your bills Make sure all bills are paid before the end of the year. This will put your mind at ease and will also give your suppliers and clients a happier Christmas. If you have a cash flow problem, write down the bills that you intend to pay January and promise yourself to pay them when the cash comes in.
  8. 8. Charity Do at least one thing for someone less fortunate than yourself. This could be a company donation to a charity or a round of volunteering at a local church or community service organisation.
  9. 9. Invite your children to work Ask one or more of your school-aged children to come into your work. They can help you clean up, do important tasks or just get to know what you do at work.
  10. 10. Meet some local people Invite people working near you to come in for a cup of tea and cake. Get to know more about the people working around you.
  11. 11. Delegate your work Work out one thing you did this year that you can delegate. Is it your email inbox? Is it bookkeeping, an administrative task, or managing your events? How you will delegate this task next year? Will you outsource, employ extra resource or give the job to somebody already employed by you?
  12. 12. Keep up or take up regular exercise At Christmas we eat, drink and party more and hence need to make sure we look after ourselves. Go for long walks either in the morning or in the evening.
  13. 13. Think about hiring a Business Coach What's the one area where your business or your personal effectiveness can be improved next year? Write it down now. Don't wait until after the break when things have gone a bit stale.
  14. 14. Happy Christmas to Your Business from BCI Business Brokers