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Getting started in social media


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Presentation to the Central New York Chapter of the American Fundraising Professionals on getting started in social medua

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Getting started in social media

  1. 1. Michelle TarbyDirector of Web Services Le Moyne College
  2. 2. Quick Survey 
  3. 3. What’s All the Fuss? 
  4. 4. C is For…  Create Collaborate Communicate Community Connecting Converge
  5. 5. And One C to Avoid 
  6. 6. Is Social Media For Me?  Facebook leads the pack Social Networks still growing Fundraising on Facebook increasing Valued by Nonprofits Social Fundraisers come in all sizes Program & Service Delivery #1
  7. 7. Tools of the Trade  Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Flickr Google + FourSquare
  8. 8. First a Word from Our Sponsor  Before we return to our regularly scheduled programming, have you thought about your goals and created a plan to meet them?
  9. 9. Facebook !/LeMoyne
  10. 10. Twitter 
  11. 11. LinkedIn 
  12. 12. YouTube 
  13. 13. Ask Yourself This  Are you ready to make the commitment? Are you ready for more interaction and transparency? Are you ready to follow through?Yes!!
  14. 14. Lets Get Started!  Be Consistent Be Authentic Be Defined Be Interesting Be Ready to Give and Take
  15. 15. Things to Try Now  Set Up Monitoring Create a LinkedIn Profile Build Your Network Join Twitter Follow 10 Industry People on Twitter Use Twitter to Promote Your Next Event Consider a Facebook Event Page Consider a Blog Just Try It!
  16. 16. Always Remember  We’re ALL Newbies Some More Than Others
  17. 17. Questions?  Resources HubSpot: Common Knowledge: American Marketing Association: Contact Michelle Tarby @tarbyM