Transfusion Learning - Corporate Dossier & PEP Suite


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Transfusion Technologies and Learning Solutions (TTLS) is an Enterprise Learning Technology Solutions & eLearning Content Development Services company based out of Bengaluru.

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Transfusion Learning - Corporate Dossier & PEP Suite

  1. 1. Transfusion PEP an enterprise learning technologies suite v1.0 Learning  Management  System  &  Enterprise  Content  Development  Serviceslearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  2. 2. Agenda✓ About Transfusion Ventures✓ Solutions & Services✓ Learning Management System✓ Roadmap - PEP Corporate Edition✓ Our Differentiator - PEP✓ Features List✓ Comparison PEP v Open Source✓ Value Added Services✓ Other Services✓ Transfusion Powered Clients✓ Clients Testimonial✓ Transfusion Knowledge/Technology Partnerslearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  3. 3. About TransfusionTransfusion Technologies and Learning Solutions (TTLS) is an & Enterprise Learning Technology Solutions e-Learning Content Development Services Companylearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  4. 4. About TransfusionTransfusion Technologies and Learning Solutions (TTLS) is foundedby a team of techno-functional professionalsfrom ICT, Banking & Media among other sectors with a focus on Learning Technology and Allied Services for BFSI, Healthcare, Maritime, Media and related sectors.learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  5. 5. Solutions & ServicesOur agship learning technology solution is Transfusion ProductivityEnhancement Platform (Transfusion PEP). The conceptualisation, design and development of the solution began in 2007 for an International Bank’s BPO Learning Technology Solutions ✓ Learning Management System ✓ Virtual Classroom ✓ Assessment Engine ✓ Learning Content Management Systemlearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  6. 6. Learning Management SystemWhat is Learning Management System?✓ Interaction tool for the learner, the facilitator & the content✓ Register, assess, plan, facilitate & ensure results✓ Blended approach to enterprise learning✓ Acts as enterprise learning & training resource managerAdvantags of LMS?✓ Improve workforce skills✓ Increase workforce knowledge✓ Ensure workforce compliance✓ Enables adoption of e-learning✓ Blends classroom training & e-learninglearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  7. 7. RoadmapPEP - Corporate Edition✓ Learning Management System (LMS)✓ Assessment Management System (AMS)✓ Virtual Classroom (VC)✓ Learning Content Management System (LCMS)✓ Training Management System (TMS)✓ Knowledge Management System (KMS)✓ Competency Management System (CMS)✓ Performance Management System (PMS)✓ Social Learning Framework (SLF)learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  8. 8. Our Differentiator - PEP v1.0 PEP is not ‘just’ a Learning Management System but an Enterprise Learning Platform (ELP) v4.0 $%&# v1.0 &$,# (# Completed Under Developmentv3.5 v1.0 LMS VC TMS KMS !%&# )%&# !"!# SLF AMS LCMS PMS CMS (%&# $(%&# v3.0 v1.5 +%&# *%&# “focused on the entire life-cycle of v2.5 v2.0 productivity through availability and deployment of knowledge” ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions learn more at
  9. 9. Features ListLearning Management System (LMS)✓ Helps manage, track and report on interaction betweenlearner, content and the instructor.✓ Allows you to register, measure learners progress,record test scores, indicate course completion and assesslearner’s performance.✓ Facilitate Instructor-led training (ILT) along with dynamicallocation of learning/training resources.Training Management System (TMS)✓ Track training requirements at different job levels andother criteria.✓ Streamline and automate the training managementworkflows, assignment, alerts and more with a few clicks. ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions learn more at
  10. 10. Features ListVirtual Classroom (VC)✓ Virtual ILT environment for your employees to learnfrom the best resources available.✓ Interact with the instructors by using Audio/Videoconferencing or chatting facility.✓ Collaborate and share various file types like worddocuments, power point presentations, PDF, HTML, Videos,Flash, SCORM 1.2 and more.Content Management System (CMS)✓ Store, control and retrieve files in a version controlledmanner.✓ Define permissions and set access rules easily.✓ Reduce duplication of data & efforts, collaborate, shareand generate reports ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions learn more at
  11. 11. Features ListKnowledge Management System (KMS)✓ Document, retain and share organization’s knowledge for thebenefit of your employees.✓ Quick retrieval helps in eliminating time wastage contributing toproductivity loss.✓ Less dependency on training as processed information is at thedisposal of every employee.Competency Management System (LCMS)✓ Based on the designation, role and responsibilities, you cananalyze the skill gap.✓ Propose Competency enhancement paths based on youranalysis.Social Learning Framework (SLF)✓ Integrate with various social media sites like Facebook, Twitterand more.✓ Set policies & promote social sharing amongst team/membersfor better bonding amongst the teams. ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions learn more at
  12. 12. Comparison PEP v Open Source FACTORS PEP OPEN SOURCE Clearly defined ownership & ability to No one organization/body owns the Ownership make an organization accountable for the system, and hence it’s very difficult to fix software system. responsibility. Either a third-party organization or internal Organization owning the system provides Support all the support and maintenance services. team has to be engaged to provide support & maintenance services. Open source LMS are oriented towards LMS systems are designed to address Features requirements of corporate learning. education domain, and are not designed for corporate segment. Based on older version of LAMP, they are Scalability Scalable for a large user base. not scalable for large user bases. Various pricing models are offered by Most are free, feature customizations are Price different vendors. required & expensive. Robustness More Robust Systems. Robustness of the system is an issue. ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutionslearn more at
  13. 13. Value Added ServicesValue Added Services – eLearning & Learning Technologies e-Learning Solutions ✓ Custom Content Development ✓ Simulation/Scenario ✓ Rapid E-Learning ✓ Localization ✓ Virtual Classroom ✓ M-Learning ✓ Process Flowlearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  14. 14. Custom Content DevelopmentValue Added Services – eLearning & Learning Technologies “With the best of Industry experience Transfusion has developed effective custom development process.”learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  15. 15. Simulation/ScenarioValue Added Services – eLearning & Learning Technologies “We simulate real life experience & build adaptive scenarios, explorative branching simulations , immersion learning situations andwhiteboard simulations.” Learner  “explores”  evidence  to  discover   observations  that  apply  to  the  scenario.learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  16. 16. Rapid e-LearningValue Added Services – eLearning & Learning Technologies“We create learning interactions for your e-learning quick and easy.”learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  17. 17. LocalizationValue Added Services – eLearning & Learning Technologies “Transfusion delivers high quality, cost-effective linguistic solutions to clients by requiring a standard of excellence from linguists and tools.”learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  18. 18. M-LearningValue Added Services – eLearning & Learning Technologies “With everyone and everything going mobile, why not learning too? It is the natural progression of technology, need and logic.” “M-learning makes life easy forthose who work in remote places.”learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  19. 19. Process FlowValue Added Services – eLearning & Learning Technologieslearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  20. 20. Other Services Client Services Implementation Services ‣ Project Management ‣ Installation Services ‣ Project Consulting ‣ Training Services ‣ IT Technical Support ‣ Data Population Services ‣ On-going Support Desk ‣ Integration Serviceslearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  21. 21. Transfusion Powered ClientsOur Clientslearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  22. 22. Client Testimonial MEDALL  Healthcare “Implemen(ng  Transfusion  PEP  is  a  major  strategic  investment  for  our  long-­‐term   perspec(ve  to  enable  our  vision  of  standardisa5on  and  quality  control  even  at  70  centers.   We  were  able  to  manage  our  flagship  Diagnos(c  Medical  Sonographer  course  efficiently.   We  are  now  working  towards  an  enterprise-­‐wide    roll-­‐out  of  the  solu(on  and  hope  to  bridge   the  skills  gaps  that  may  arise  due  to  the  pace  of  our  scalability.”   Raju  Venkatraman Founder  Director  –  MEDALL  Healthcare Former  President  -­‐  FirstSource  (formerly  ICICI  OneSource) Star  Health  Insurance “We  have  engaged  the  services  of  Transfusion  Technologies  for  providing  us  with  a  soCware   solu(on.  The  solu(on  was  provided  in  a  seamless  manner  by  a  dedicated  team  which  had   understood  our  requirements  well  and  has  worked  closely  with  the  users  to  ensure  that  the  solu(on  works  to  their  sa(sfac(on.  Their  team  pays  great  a@en5on  to  detail,  listens  to  us  and   works  on  our  needs.  Their  customer  support  has  been  transparent,  friendly  and  trustable.” S  Kannan AVP  –  Informa>on  Technology Star  Health  and  Allied  Insurance  Co.  Ltd.learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  23. 23. Knowledge/Technology PartnersTransfusion Technologies Knowledge & Technology Partnerslearn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions
  24. 24. Thank You!learn more at ©  2011  Transfusion  Technologies  &  Learning  Solutions