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SAMUELS - Marc Alexander


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Flash presentation at a workshop for 'Scotland's National Collections and the Digital Humanities,' a knowledge-exchange project hosted at the University of Edinburgh. 14 Feb. 2014.

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SAMUELS - Marc Alexander

  1. 1. SAMUELS (Semantic Annotation and Markup for Enhancing Lexical Searches) Marc Alexander @marcgalexander University of Glasgow, UK
  2. 2. Dr Marc Alexander University of Glasgow Jean Anderson University of Glasgow Professor Dawn Archer University of Central Lancashire Dr Alistair Baron Lancaster University Professor Jonathan Hope University of Strathclyde Professor Lesley Jeffries University of Huddersfield Professor Christian Kay University of Glasgow Dr Paul Rayson Lancaster University Dr Brian Walker University of Huddersfield Brian Aitken University of Glasgow Dr Fraser Dallachy University of Glasgow Dr Scott Piao Lancaster University Professor Mark Davies Brigham Young University Professor Anthony Johnson Åbo Akademi University Professor Tapio Seppänen University of Oulu
  3. 3. Words, words. They’re all we have to go on. Tom Stoppard (1967), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
  4. 4. S y community 5 great- 1340– 1377– 02.01 collectively oe 03 half-brother c1330– 03.01 by same father o 1880 03.02 by same m
  5. 5. strike 276 meanings including phrases, 181 meanings on own
  6. 6.|03.05 n Health and disease :: Disorders of cattle/horse/sheep :: disorders of cattle/sheep :: other disorders strike (1933–)|02 vt Make healthy :: Practise physiotherapy :: rub/stroke with hands strike (1400 + 1611 + 1886 dial.)|07 vt Come by death :: Kill by specific method :: by poisoning strike (1592–1621)|01 vi Plant :: Be a root :: grow (as root) strike (1682–)|04 n Animals :: Suborder Ophidia (snakes) :: act of darting at prey strike (1879–)|12.06 vt Burn/consume by fire :: kindle/set alight :: produce (fire/spark) by striking strike (c1450– also fig.)|01 vi Dye :: sink in strike (c1790–)|04 vt Time :: Clock :: strike strike (1417–)|05 vi Carry on an occupation/work :: Participate in labour relations :: strike strike (1768–)
  7. 7. We went on strike last week.
  8. 8. We we went go on on strike strike last last week. week
  9. 9. We we PPIS2 went go VVD on on II strike strike NN1 last last MD week. week NNT1
  10. 10. We we PPIS2|06.01.08 n went go VVD vi on on II|05 vi strike strike NN1|05 vi last last MD|02 aj week. week NNT1 n
  11. 11. EEBO-TCP Corpus (40,000 Early Modern English texts; almost all the books and pamphlets published in English before 1700) Hansard Corpus (2.3 billion words; approximately every word uttered in Parliament over the past two hundred years)
  12. 12. [...] distance is, however, not an obstacle, but a specific form of knowledge: fewer elements, hence a sharper sense of their overall interconnection. Shapes, relations, structures. Forms. Models. Franco Moretti (2008), Graphs, Maps and Trees.
  13. 13. @marcgalexander