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Evergreen Unsung Heroes


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Evergreen Unsung Heroes

  1. 1. Evergreenunsung heroes
  2. 2. Kevin BeswickLaurentianuniversitysudbury, ontarioKevin ported Evergreen and OpenSRF to theGNU build system, did unit testing work andmade a simple, elegant course reserves webinterface. He’s currently on leave, getting hisMLIS.
  3. 3. Jennifer PringleSitkaVancouver, BC Jennifer is a Trainer/Help Desk Specialist for the BC Libraries Cooperatives Sitka project.  She was first exposed to Evergreen in 2008 while working at Whistler public library and acting as a de-facto systems librarian.  She has spent a great deal of time testing and finding bugs and testing the Acquisitions module which has resulted in many bug reports. She has contributed to Sitka documentation that will be shared with the Evergreen community.
  4. 4. Alexander worked on Evergreen while he was a staffAlexander O’neill member at the University of Prince Edward Island. HisHighWire Press, Stanford contributions have included adapting the catalog toUniversity better fit the needs of an academic library, helping to make the metadata display more customizable, and aPalo Alto, CA Google Books preview feature.
  5. 5. Robert Soullieremohawk collegehamilton, ontarioRobert has been a Documentation Interest Groupmember since 2009. He has created and maintaineddocs repositories.
  6. 6. Pamela SmithHowe LibraryHanover, NH“Pamela worked with three very small publiclibraries in NH join our Evergreen by helping withtheir migration profile. She’s also training them sothat they can save the training costs. We couldn’thave done all that we have without Pam’sexpertise and dedication.  Our Town Managerunderstands the philosophy of open source I’mpleased that we can pay it forward by helpingthese small libraries.” -Mary White
  7. 7. Amy Terlaga Amy is one of the founding members of the Evergreen Oversight Board. She’s participated on the communications committee, web team, and theBibliomation reports taskforce. She has spearheaded two development partners projects including the Kids Catalog project.  These projects have involvedMiddlebury, CT as many as six development partners.
  8. 8. James FournieSitkaVancouver, bC James is a long standing member of the Sitka team, joining  just after the very first migration in 2007. Over the past 5 years, hes worn many hats, beginning with data migration and support, transitioning to primarily a development role in recent years. He has taken lead on a number of major projects, including software upgrades, database transitions and has developed countless enhancements and improvements to the system
  9. 9. Yamil SuarezBerklee College of MusicBoston, MAYamil’s efforts have moved documentationforward. He has also mentored a few studentworkers at his college who are working onEvergreen. In my opinion this is criticallyimportant for the growth of Evergreen. In additionhe is currently the DIG monthly meetingfacilitator.
  10. 10. Eva Cerninaková, Linda Eva, Linda and Vaclav have contributed by translating Evergreen into the Czech language. WhenJansova & Václav Jansa they encounter a localization-related bug they reportJabok library to help Evergreen become a better ILS. They also promote Evergreen among Czech librarians andPrague, Czech Republic students at LIS schools and help create a Czech
  11. 11. Jason EtheridgeEquinox Software“When I was in the tough battle advocating for theinitiation of the Evergreen project, Jason was mytechnical go-to-guy, but more importantly, mycheerleader and he didnt let me give up, even whenthe odds seemed totally against us. He was crucial informing many of the arguments and points thateventually led to the project being green-lit.During the jurassic period of development, Jason was asteadfast resource that helped drive the project to asuccessful conclusion. He has the ability to really getwhat an end-user is saying, really empathize, and cancommunicate extremely well in small settings. Hesalso a good moral compass to have around to keep theship running straight and true.” - Brad LaJeunesse
  12. 12. Repke de VriesInternational institute forSocial HistoryAmsterdam, The NetherlandsRepke works with the International Institutefor Social History (IISH) library and archivein Amsterdam, Netherlands and the PeacePalace Library (PPL) in The Hague,Netherlands to investigate if Evergreen orKoha could replace these organisation’sproprietary ILS. The FOSS principles andintroducing IISH and PPL to the Evergreencommunity and vice versa, were an importantpart of the investigative process. IISH wentlive with Evergreen mid 2011 aftercontributing to improving authoritymanagement.
  13. 13. Lindsay works for a consortia of 43 small rural publicLindsay Stratton libraries, where she is responsible for ILS related training and documentation. All 43 libraries went live inPioneer Library system October 2010. She contributed her 1.6 circulationCanandaigua, NY documentation then. She hopes to get back to more active contributions to the DIG’s efforts. 
  14. 14. Lisa HillIssaquah, WAKing CountyLibrary SystemKing County Library System was the very firstlarge, public library to migrate to the EvergreenILS. Beginning in 2007, Lisa began leading theprocess of the writing the technical specificationsfor the OPAC. Beyond that, she and her team havespent countless hours on testing, submitting andtracking bugs, as well as collecting patron inputand doing usability testing. From this she’screated custom OPAC skins.
  15. 15. Jason StephensonMassachusetts LibraryNetwork CooperativeNorth Andover, MAJason is the Assistant Director for TechnologyServices at MVLC and the Chief Bug Wrangler forthe Evergreen community. He has also contributedmany bug fixes and enhancements to Evergreen,including the recent addition of Fee Paid Messagesupport to the SIP code.  Jason often tests and signsoff on new code contributed by others, expeditingits entry into the core Evergreen code.
  16. 16. Lori worked with KCLS to develop their software requirementsLori Ayre and has been working to put together a comprehensive feature listing for both Evergreen and Koha. She also serves on theThe Galecia Group Oversight Board and heads up the Communications/Web team.Petaluma, CA She believes that moving to an open source library system puts the power into the hands of library people.
  17. 17. Kathy LussierMassachusetts LibraryNetworkWorchseter, MAAs project coordinator for MassLNC, Kathy hastaken the lead on several developmentprojects sponsored by MassLNC, includingVandelay enhancements and support for SMS.Kathy is a content coordinator for DIG and hascontributed 2.1 and 2.2 end-user documentation.She is also an active participant on the web teamand has taken on the role of Doodle expert forscheduling developer meetings.
  18. 18. Melissa has been Bibliomation’s migration project manager forMelissa Lefebvre the two and a half years that we’ve been migrating libraries to Evergreen. She has presented about her project managementBibliomation experiences at the last two Evergreen conferences and she’s aMiddlebury, CT regular lurker in the Evergreen IRC as well as a contributor to the list serv. She created the icon for the search catalog button.
  19. 19. Jenny TurnerPALSMankato, MnJennifer is the primary Support and TrainingSpecialist for PALS’ Evergreen installation andserved as Project Manager for the East CentralRegional Library system’s migration.  She servesas the Reports Taskforce convener and as theDocumentation Interest Group’s ReportsCoordinator.
  20. 20. Karen CollierKent County Public LibraryChestertown, MDKaren is a longtime supporter of Evergreen,having spearheaded Kent County Public Librarysmigration in the summer of 2008.  Since then, shehas been an active participant in the Evergreencommunity, writing documentation, serving fortwo years as facilitator for the DocumentationInterest Group, and presenting about Evergreen ata variety of conferences and events.  BecauseKaren has recently resigned from her position asPublic Services Librarian at KCPL to pursue fulltime motherhood, she will have a less active rolein the Evergreen community for the time being,but remains an enthusiastic Evergreen fan.
  21. 21. Anoop and Ben are system administrators supportingBen Shum & Anoop Atre Evergreen for their organizations. As co-admins of theBIBLIOMATION (MIDDLEBURY, CT) Evergreen website, theyve worked to bring a new look& Equinox Software (Atlanta, GA) and clean up content. Part of their time spent in the Evergreen community includes answering questions at all hours in the IRC channel and on mailing lists.
  22. 22. Michael PetersIndiana State LibraryIndianapolis, InMike has been supporting Evergreen in Indianasince the first go-live in August 2008.  His graphicdesign skills have improved the GUI.  Havingseen a consortium from it’s very beginning,growing to 100 member libraries in less than fouryears, Mike has learned the ins and outs ofEvergreen consortia building and willingly assiststhe rest of the community.  Mike has been calledupon to help several library consortia who haveconsidered creating an Evergreen consortium.
  23. 23. Elizabeth McKinneyGeorgia Public LibraryService/PINESAtlanta, GA Elizabeth was one of the original PINES team staff members that participated in the information gathering and development of Evergreen. While not a developer, she led some of the focus groups to collect requirements for the software and participated in the testing and implementation for the original Evergreen libraries. Two years ago she approached the community with the idea of a formal community entity and last year the Evergreen Oversight Board signed on with the Software Freedom Conservancy, a move that will certainly ensure Evergreens community focus. She remains committed to fostering the community and a collaborative environment.
  24. 24. Shirley LewVancouver CommunityCollegeVancouver, BCShirley wanted students to use Evergreen andKoha in her library course to demystify OSS asbeing nothing more than highly functional,regular looking software and to shift the attentionto where OSS really shines: community, sharing,building capacity in libraries.
  25. 25. Chris has been administering Evergreen, includingChris Sharp documentation writing, training, and system administration, for the PINES libraries in some form or fashion ever since 2008. HeGA PINES also administers the community mailing lists, as well as the servers that host the website and the Git repository.  He’s beenAtlanta, GA on the planning committees of two Evergreen International Conferences.
  26. 26. Mark LeggottUniversity of Prince EdwardIslandCharlottetown, PEIMark has been a champion for open source librarysoftware for decades. When he became theUniversity Librarian at the University of PrinceEdward Island he led the first migration of auniversity library in 2008.
  27. 27. Bill EricksonEquinox SoftwareRaleigh, NC“We affectionately call Bill "The Cylon". He doesntspeak up a lot on irc or the developers mailing listunless he’s answering a question.  He doesnt comeup with outrageous new ideas for Evergreen. Hedoesn’t seek the boundless glory that comes withopen source development for libraries… What Billdoes is write code. He tries to understand the issuethe library is trying to solve from the humanperspective and he writes code to solve it.  He likesmaking Evergreen better, even in small ways,which, on the front lines, can make all thedifference.” -Grace Dunbar
  28. 28. Tom is a Systems/Network Administrator at MVLC and is a coreTom Berezansky committer to the Evergreen project. He has contributed many bug fixes and enhancements, including automatic staff client updates,Merrimack Valley per-library grace periods, and the addition of a cataloging toolbar.Library Consortium He has also been responsible for creating the upgrade scripts for the 2.2 release cycle and is writing documentation to make itHaverhill, MA easier for new developers to join the Evergreen community.
  29. 29. Ben HymanBC Libraries CooperativeVictoria, BCBen has been involved with the Evergreencommunity since the summer of 2007. Based inBritish Columbia, Canada, he and his awesometeam were the first Canadians to launch Evergreenin a production consortial environment.