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Pakistan missile technology


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This was written by Saeed Ahmad, the student of university of Central Punjab Lahore Pakistan.

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Pakistan missile technology

  2. 2. What is missile? A missile is a kind of bomb An object or weapon that is fired, thrown,dropped, or otherwise projected at a target. There are many kinds of missile used byPakistan Military. Some of them are discussed here.
  3. 3. Ghaznavi (Hatf-III) Type: Short range ballistic missile (SRBM) In service: March 2004 Weight: 5,256 kg Length: 9.64 m Operational range: 320 km
  4. 4. Ghauri-I / Hatf-V Type: Medium-Range Ballistic Missile(MRBM) In service: 12 January 2003 Manufacturer: Khan ResearchLaboratories (KRL) Weight: 15,850 kg Length: 15.90 m Operational range: 1,200 km
  5. 5. Ghauri-II/Hatf-VA Type:Medium-Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM) Manufacturer: Khan Research Laboratories Weight: 17,800 kg Length: 18.00 m Operational range: 1500-1800 km
  6. 6. Shaheen-IA / Hatf-IV Type: Short-range Ballistic Missile In service: 6 March 2003 Manufacturer: National Defence Complex Weight: 10,000 kg Length: 12m Operational range: 1500km
  7. 7. Babur cruise missile Type: Medium-range subsonic cruise missile In service: 11 August 2005 Manufacturer: National Defence Complex Weight: 1,500 kg Length: 6.25 m (7 m with booster) Operational range: 700 km Speed: 880 km/h or 550 mph
  8. 8. Nasr Ballistic Missile Type: Battlefield Range Ballistic Missile Manufacturer: National DevelopmentComplex In service: 19 April 2011 Operational range: 60 km