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Save Money by Going Green


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Save the planet while reducing your electricity bills. Find out what you need to know here

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Save Money by Going Green

  1. 1. ==== ====Green Energy ====Going Green - Saving Money sounds like a big come-on, doesnt it? Well, it is not. And the goodnews, is I can prove it. I can put my money where my mouth fact, I already did. And it turnsout I am saving money on my electric bill! That is not an easy thing to do in this economy, butevery month I am saving as much as 30 percent on my electric bill and now my electric powercomes from renewable green energy sources and I did not spend a dime to change over to solaror wind power.How Can I Use A Green Power SourceHow can I save money and go green? Let me show you. This only took me two minutes of mytime. A few minutes to learn how to save up to 20 or 25 percent a month on your electric bill?Have you wanted to live a green life style but just did not know how to take advantage ofrenewable energy sources? I understand because that was what I wanted too. I did not know howto live a greener life style so I just kept on recycling my cans, glass and papers. I felt like, big deal,I want to make an impact and though I know recycling is a good thing, it did not feel like I wasdoing enough. After all the environment is calling out for help. Our Planet and its resources are indanger and our future generations need our help.You do not have to set up solar panels or put a wind farm in your backyard to use power fromrenewable energy sources. In fact with electric deregulation we can now decide where we wantour energy to come from. You get to choose, fossil fuels or clean green renewable energysources...which would you pick?Of course you would choose green, most people would. Only those die-hard types who refuse toadmit we have a crisis situation with regard to the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming wouldnot choose to go green. Even if all the evidence we have that points to Global Warming wasincorrect, why wouldnt someone want to use renewable energy as compared to fossil fuel sourceswhich will run out and are pollutants? That just does not make sense. And that is exactly how tosave money and to go green, by choosing a third party energy supplier who delivers energy fromgreen sources.So let us all begin to make sense today. Please, do not take my word for it...after all, you do notknow me. I am just someone who put words on a web site. You will, after you check out what I amsaying, trust me and you will also thank me...just like I thank the person who pointed me in thisnew, exciting directions with this Green Energy Source.I actually looked into getting Solar Panels on my house a year or so ago. The government wasoffering a huge rebate and I thought that would be a great way to start going green saving money
  2. 2. also came into play. But it was so expensive initially to purchase and install the panels that I gaveup on that renewable energy idea very quickly. I am just an average Jill and do not have tens ofthousands of dollars to set up an energy source...even if I am all for the idea and want to do it. If Ihad the funding I would have...but I do not. I was disappointed too. But you know they say, "Whenone door closes, another opens" and I believe that the Solar panel door shut because this newFREE Go Green solution was coming my way. And I am thankful is every Green way that it did.So do not take my word for it, see for yourself, get the facts, investigate and when you are done, Iwill see you on the other side...The GREEN Side. And not only will you trust me, you will thank meand I in turn will Thank You for being smart enough to look into this wonderful Go Green Idea.Today we can choose our energy service provider and that means we can also choose the type ofenergy our providers deliver to us. That is how you can go green right now and when you do themath you will see it will be cheaper for you too.If you live in New Jersey, New York, Connectitcut, Maryland or Illinois, you can switch over togreen energy today. If you live in the other states you will be able to switch over soon. Find outmore about this money saving energy plan so you can save money and go green too.Going Green-Saving Money with Green Energy Sources. is the way foryou to use green energy, save money and it is also only takes two minutes. Find a way togo green without installing expensive alternate renewable power sources. Free is the key word,Green is another...havent you wanted to become less dependent on fossil fuel sources? Well nowyou can and it is easy, free and HONEST.Please, do yourself a favor...just take the extra step to find out if what I am saying is the truth. Check it out today. No money, no cost, No contracts, NOLIES...Please feel free to comment at my article source if you are not satisfied about what I amtelling you.If I sound corny in this article it is because I am so from my head to my toes excited to finally beable to go green and save money without having to spend a fortune to do so. I love this idea and Iam sure you will too. Heres to you, my new Green friend!Article Source: ====
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