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GE IT Solutions


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Deals in CCTV Cameras, IP Surveillance Solutions, Networking, RF Links, Wi-fi Connectivity, Access Controls, Alarm Systems, Desktops, Laptops & Othet Computer Peripherals etc.

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GE IT Solutions

  1. 1. RF & Wi-Fi LINK IP & CCTV SURVEILLANCEAUDIO-VIDEO CONFERENCING WEBSITE & SOFTWARELeading Provider Of Latest ITTechnology & Offering SuperiorInfrastructure & Integration Solutions.
  2. 2. About GEITS Established in 2006. G.E IT Solutions is one of the well known company dealing in RF Links. Experts in Designing & Implementing IP & CCTV Surveillance Solutions. Market leader in providing end- to-end networking and security solutions. Leaders in providing the best Audio/Video Conferencing Solutions nationwide. Provides complete integrated Website builders to represent solutions to customers in the field your business more effectively. of IT Infrastructure, Network Security, Video & Audio IP Solutions, FMS etc.
  3. 3. GEITS Advantages  GEITS has more than 5 years of experience in RF & Wi-Fi Links.  We understand the IP Technology better than our competitors dealing in CCTV systems.  We have experience in deploying complex cabling architectures & routing/switching solutions required for todays hybrid solutions.  We have Wireless & VPN solutions to connect multiple locations. No need to coordinate with different vendors who don’t understand each others requirements.  We provide complete Solutions, Support & Services to ensure that your investment is up & running 24x7.  We provide you with complete IT Solutions & Products under one roof.
  4. 4. Radio Links & Wi-Fi LinksGEITS designs simplified large-scale Wi-Fi deployments, making it possible fororganizations to economically deploy and managesecure, dependable, campus-wide wireless access.Technology Benefits • Increased capacity • Extended range • Uniform coverage • Superior indoor penetration • Increased interference resilience • Open platform • Reduced latency and jitter
  5. 5. Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Links Large geographies are easily covered, maintaining interference free access while delivering the desired capacity-even for converged services. Security policy has been unified with existing central services enabling a common user experience while insuring effective information security and integrity.
  6. 6. CCTV & IP Surveillance SolutionsGEITS offers an extensive selection of Network and Analog camera solutions idealfor any application.We provide the best solutions insurveillance to protect yourbusiness and home withtraditional Analog systems tomore advanced Network IPsystems. We are continuouslyseeking the latest options insurveillance technology todesign the right system for yourrequirements.
  7. 7. IP Surveillance MonitoringProtect against theft & vandalismMonitor your assets & make sure yourorganization & home is safe enough…
  8. 8. Video Conferencing SolutionsWe provide Superior HD Video Conferencing Solutions at the Lowest Cost ofOwnership.Our solutions not only bring the immersive telepresence experience to the board room, butalso to conference rooms, executive offices and remote workers, increasing productivity Enjoy high quality video, audio andand collaboration. data on any computer Extend the reach of your existing network Collaborate effectively with business partners High Definition (HD) at your door-steps Recording and playback Common experience for all participants Say goodbye to expensive deployment costs
  9. 9. Audio Conferencing SolutionsWe deliver secure Audio Conferencing systems that help organizationsimprove business processes and communications while significantlyreducing conferencing costs. Audio Conferencing Advantages :  Full-duplex, echo cancellation, noise reduction and other core conferencing technologies  High Definition Voice technology  Can achieve upto 20 ft mic pickup  Products to meet the needs of any size room  Integration with Video Conferencing  Advanced VoIP capabilities and strong SIP interoperability
  10. 10. Board Room IntegrationsWe provide CUSTOMIZED solutions and complete equipmentintegration for : Small Conference Rooms Large Conference Rooms Meeting Rooms Executive Boardrooms Courtrooms Classrooms Auditoriums Lecture Halls
  11. 11. A well-designed Boardroom features the seamlessintegration of : Audio Equipment Video Equipment Cameras Projectors Display Devices Digital Whiteboards Recording Systems Microphones Speakers Control Systems
  12. 12. Physical security solutionsThe wide spectrum of safety incidents, from natural disasters to human-caused events, has increased the need to protect people and monitorassets. Our IP based Physical Security solution portfolio includes:  Video surveillance  Access control  Incident response
  13. 13. IP Access ControlsGEITS provides advanced IP based Access Control SystemsSpecial Feature of the Solution:  Flexible System Operation and Management  More Powerful Security  Efficient System Management  Affordable Installation Cost
  14. 14. Structured Cabling Poorly structured or unstructured cabling leads to frequent network problems & poor performance.Some advantages ofstructured networks designedby GEITS :  Simplified network layout & easily deployable  Increased ability & higher productivity  Reduced capital and operating expenditure. Higher ROI & reduced TCO
  15. 15. Servers & StorageGEITS is specialized in Servers & Storage solutions from renownedvendors.
  16. 16. UTM & FirewallsGEITS provides Firewalls & Unified threat management systems (UTMs)for less expenditure and easier centralized administration to centrallysecure branch and remote offices
  17. 17. Virtualization & Thin ClientsSolutions For Reducing Capex & Opex : Provide customized desktop environment to users win XP, Vista, 7, Mac or Linux – Desktop Virtualization More workstations at a lower cost. Less Security issues Low down time Less Support Required Reduced power consumption upto 70%
  18. 18. Messaging and collaboration are Google Apps better in the cloud Work Smarter : Communicate, organize and collaborate from anywhere. Communicate With Ease : Email, messaging, phone or video call from a single interface. Organize Efficiently : Plan meetings and projects easily Collaborate More : Share ideas, work faster and innovate at speed. Be Productive Anywhere : Communicate, organize and collaborate while mobile.
  19. 19. Web DevelopmentWE NOT ONLY DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE BUT BUILD YOUR ONLINEIDENTITY !  Business Website Design  Corporate website Design  Website Re - designWeb Services Offered By Us: Web Development Custom Software Development (Desktop & Web Application) Mobile Application Development Business Process Automation Webhosting Windows & Linux
  20. 20. Website development Life-Cycle Includes FollowingProcesses :  Planning  Analysis  Prototyping  Review  Development  Testing  Release  SEO  Maintenance
  21. 21. Software DevelopmentWe build Windows based Software projects easily and quickly because wehave total integration, ease-of-use and cutting-edge technology - .Net, Javacode and more !
  22. 22. Thank You ! !Corporate Office : Branch Office :RZ - B 46, 1/112 , Sec – IStreet No. – 6, Jankipuram, Aligang,Tughlakabad Extension, Lucknow (U P) – 226024New Delhi – 11 00 19 Mobile : +91 – 9450646461Mobile : +91 - 9873125766 E-Mail : info@geits.inE-Mail : Visit Us : www.geits.inVisit Us :