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  2. 2. THE WHITE ROOF PROJECT: PAINT THE TOWN WHITE2 MAJOR COMPONENTS: Streets & MobileVarious objects around the city, The Paint the Town White Each successive scan withinincluding modes of transportation mobile application adds a layer the app earns you buckets ofand communication will be painted of gamification to the campaign, paint to figuritively paint yourentirely white. increasing engagement and city. As users paint their cities, exposure time. If a user does not they can collect tokens alongDrastically contrasting with their already have the app, scanning the way, amping up their city’ssurroundings, these objects will the QR code will link them to the profile, earning them a higherinevitably draw attention. campaign site, where they can level of efficiency, as they work find out more information about to reach 100%.A QR code will exist as the only the game and project. The gamenon-white element, instinctively revolves around these white spots,begging users to scan. as each QR code represents a unique location.
  3. 3. CONFLICT FREE DIAMONDS:Diamond tracker.Rubber rings as a place holder.
  4. 4. ROSETTA STONE:Twitter translator.
  5. 5. TREK:Cycling utility (Facebook app, mobile app).
  6. 6. AND1: BALLS TO THE WALLDump trucks will drive around New York Cityreleasing large quanitities of basketballs ontomajor avenues during the morning rush hour.The balls will stop traffic and cause majortransportation problems.
  7. 7. THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME: ROCK THE BOOTHPartnership with Rockband to create pop up After recording a song, users enter in some basicrecording stations in urban areas around America. information such as a title and username if they have one.Each recording station will be equipped withspecial edition Rockband instruments along with When they click submit, the song and video isa specialized form of the game software submitted to the collection website of all of theallowing users to record their own song content generated by users.(up to a minute long). If they have a Twitter/Facebook account, they canRecording stations will be entirely glass on the provide their credentials in order to share a link tofront so people on the street can look in to see the their media (users can also add an email addressperson recording. in order to share their media).Equipment inside will have a vintage look andfeel but harness the simplicity of the Rockbandinstruments that people are familiar with.Users can have their performancerecorded in a video and choose from a varietyof fun backgrounds.
  8. 8. PETCO: OWNEDCreature a cultural meme based on the notionthat the animal is really the owner of the human.Start by finding photos of celebrities with theirspoiled pets, along with stylized captions.
  9. 9. LOCAL HARVEST: PICK THE BIG APPLEApple-picking in New York City parks.Picking apples is historically regarded asgood, clean, family fun. Taking your familyon a day trip out of the city can be costlyand time-consuming. We all like apples,especially honeycrisps in the fall.#HAYRIDENYCThe hayride truck will provide freetransportation between the New York Cityparks where you can pick apples. The truckwill Tweet its location. The act of pickingapples will bring participants closer to theorigin of the food they are eating.
  10. 10. COMEDY CENTRAL: WIPEOUTSetup a version of the game wipeout in Madison Square Park.All contestants will be traditional standup comedians.This will force them to be funny in other ways.Contestants will wear shirts with a Twitter hashtag on it,audience members both at home and live will Tweet fortheir favorite person.The winner will get to host a new show on Comedy Central.
  11. 11. THE NEW MUSEUM: THE NEWEST MUSEUMWe will remove art from the usual spaces it exists in within amuseum, and create galleries in unusual places that allow thepublic to engage with exhibitions in a non-traditional space.Take over a subway car, transforming it into a gallery on rails.Exhibitions will be installed just as they would in a traditionalspace, although admission would of course be free of charge.Subway cars will only be able to host a portion of the exhibition,so riders must go to the museum to see the rest of it.ART CABANASSmall gallery spaces will be installed throughoutManhattan and Brooklyn.These spaces will host portions of an exhibition.If people visit each cabana, they will eventually seean entire exhibition.We are still trying to figure out some sort of rewardsystem that revolves around their visits.