SEA Conference '12 Live Tweet Case Study


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SEA Conference '12 Live Tweet Case Study

  1. 1. Southern Entrepreneurshipin the Arts Conference Live-TweetHosted by North Carolina Entrepreneurship CenterTara Connolly, Live tweet organizer
  2. 2. Summary | #SEACon2012 Live tweetWith a modest effort initiated two weeks before theSouthern Entrepreneurship in the Arts Conference, Livetweet organizer Tara Connolly, in collaboration with NCECstaff, set up a live tweet, meeting NCEC’s objectives (seeobjectives slide) and resulting in 350+ #SEACon2012 tweetsas well as participation from non-attending Twitter usersacross the U.S. and as far away as Australia. The live tweetalso received a positive response from conferenceattendees who participated.
  3. 3. About | #SEACon2012About #SEACon2012: The Third Annual SouthernEntrepreneurship in the Arts Conference, hosted by NCEntrepreneurship Center (NCEC), was held Saturday, February11 at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. More than350 people from 5 states and students from 18 universitiesattended. Most live tweet and Facebook coverage was postedto live tweet organizer Tara’s personal Twitter account (650+arts and entrepreneurship oriented followers) and Facebookaccount (400+ fans). Most data in this report refers to coverageand statistics gathered from live tweet organizer’s personalaccounts.
  4. 4. Results | #SEACon2012 Live tweetThough we did not have access to advanced metrics, below aresome summary figures from the live tweet as of February 26,2012:→ 350+ #SEACon2012 tweets→ 50+ Retweets→ 25+ Participants (RTs, mentions, responses)
  5. 5. Initial Goals | #SEACon2012 Live tweet• Generate more buzz before conference• Promote brand and encourage more attendance atfuture conferences among non-attendees• Publish a record of conference sessions• Encourage engagement with conference contentand interaction among attendees
  6. 6. Process | Live tweet organizer’s steps1. Pitched idea, captured hosting organization’s objectives in holding a live tweet2. Created hashtag in collaboration with NCEC staff3. Before conference, conducted outreach to interested parties and partner groups (art and entrepreneurship groups, speaker networks) and live tweet organizer’s personal network to encourage participation in the live tweet4. Before conference, compiled a spreadsheet of relevant multi- media links, quotes and information about each speaker, activity and session for use as content during live tweet5. Tweeted key points from conference sessions, multi-media links, pictures and posted media to Facebook throughout conference6. Published conference recap blog posts and sent them to live tweet participants and partner groups after the conference
  7. 7. Pre-conference Engagement Pre-conference partner group engagement Pre-conference promotion Pre-conference RT by @jmknc, Raleigh, NC – 1,111 followers
  8. 8. Non-attendee engagement | State-wide RT by @NickDiCo, Raleigh, NC - 1,118 followers RT by @jmknc, Raleigh, NC - 1,111 followers
  9. 9. Non-attendee engagement | Nation-wide RT by @coolmcjazz, D.C. – 2,458 followers RTs by University of Miami Masters Program in Community and Social Change
  10. 10. Non-attendee engagement | International 5 RTs in Sydney, Australia by @PaperCatTales
  11. 11. Attendee engagement
  12. 12. Post-Conference Engagement 10 RTs to reach 14,900+ followers RT by @AfricanAmArt in NYC
  13. 13. Facebook ActivityFacebook post - #SEACon2012 Iron Pour
  14. 14. Most Popular Tweets @taralconnolly: Heres my recap of Beverly McIvers keynoteat #SEACon2012 this weekend. Enjoy! @ksvintagegarden: No idea is sacred and every idea issacred- J. Gallucci #SEACon2012 @taralconnolly: #SEACon2012 is hosted by @UNCGStartup,Entrepreneurship Center at UNCG, which helps students in non-business areas apply business practices @ksvintagegarden: Glad we are tweeting...cause I missedthis. Funny!“@bryantoney: An entrepreneur feels like a swiss armyknife - Joe Soler #seacon2012” @taralconnolly: Young entrepreneur @mlrollings suggestsother performance artists check out YAP Tracker for resources +audition notifications #SEACon2012
  15. 15. Evaluation | Areas for improvement• Publicize hashtag to attendees in advance at conferenceregistration and preconference email reminders. Publicizehashtag around the facilities during conference. Considerprojecting live Twitter stream in lobby at conference toencourage more participation among attendees• Link organization social media accounts to live tweetorganizer’s social media management account formaximum posting to both personal and organizationalaccounts• Utilize advanced data collection through social mediamanagement tool such as Hootsuite for analysis of livetweet results
  16. 16. Takeaways | Successes• Before the conference, identified partner groups with an interest in the content or an affiliation with one of the speakers and encouraged them to participate in live tweet and share content with their network, resulting in more RTs during conference and sharing of recap material after conference• Utilized live tweet organizer’s existing social media network including many contacts with interests in conference content (most non-attendee participation was on part of members of live tweet organizer’s personal network), resulting in more RTs and participation among non-attendees• Utilized conference recap blog posts as mechanism to reach out tolive tweet participants and partner groups after conference,resulting in more sharing of at #SEACon2012 content during weeksafter the conference
  17. 17. ResourcesA Basic Guide - How to Live Tweet an Event tweet-an-event/Case study - Results from live tweet (tweet up) event in Boston: study - Live tweet increased event sponsor promotion
  18. 18. About the Live tweet organizer | @taralconnolly Tara Connolly I’m a freelancer and communications contractor based in Raleigh, NC. I’ve worked with more than 15 nonprofit organizations to craft compelling communications, strategy and development initiatives. In January 2011, I was featured on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s website as one of “Ten New Nonprofit Voices.” I’m an avid tweeter, reader and life-liver. My love for arts, culture and travel has taken me to 16 countries. Learn more about my work at Contact me at @taralconnolly or