Social Media for Campus Progress Reporters


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Social Media for Campus Progress Reporters

  1. 1. HELLO.I’m @tarakutz Today we will be discussing: • Survey Results • Platforms (overview) • Best Practices • Pro Tips (sharing time) • Resources • Personal Branding
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Twitter* Tumblr Facebook Reddit Pinterest Storify
  4. 4. TWITTERTwitter is a MUST for journalists in 2013.If you have any questions regarding the validity of this statement, we cantalk later.“Twitter, when used properly, is like being in a room withhundreds of the smartest and most influential people youcare to be around, and not only do you get to listen in on allthe clever conversations at once, without small talk, you canbutt in without being considered rude AND THEY MIGHTACTUALLY TALK TO YOU!” - Emily Crockett 2/1/2013
  5. 5. TUMBLR• Personal, behind-the-scenes feel• Curate your clips (personal branding!)• Works seamlessly with other platforms• Follow publications, persons and more• Multimedia features (GIFs!)• GOOD EXAMPLES: • Cord Jefferson • Campus Progress
  6. 6. FACEBOOK• Promote your content to your personal networks• Decide what’s right for you• Consider creating a “Page”• Facebook + Journalists• GOOD EXAMPLE: • Amanda Terkel (journalist) • Zach Wahls (not a journalist)
  7. 7. REDDIT• “The front page of the Internet”• Popular content gets voted up, goes viralFrom DVWLR:Why Visit Reddit?Answer: interaction or entertainment, or both. It‟s like YouTube or Twitter inthat sense: you don‟t have to create content to enjoy the content.Entertainment: read the stuff other people have created, posted, and votedon.Interaction: create content, vote on content, and talk to other people.
  8. 8. PINTEREST• Great for curating and bookmarking visual content• Infographics, typography, design concepts• Think personal branding: build boards for the live reporting you do• Perfect for photojournalists looking to share their work• Use tags• Get social: re-pin and like other pins, follow other photojournalists/publications• GOOD EXAMPLES: • Think Progress • READ: 5 Ways Journalists Can Use Pinterest
  9. 9. STORIFY• Curate social media content to tell a social story• Pull content from YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more• Great for live-coverage of events• Good tool for engagement because you can notify people whose content you include in your story• GOOD EXAMPLES: • Melissa Adan:Hip-Hop Video Model „Kat Stacks‟ Sheds Persona, Supports the DREAM Act • Election News, Millennials Choose– A Web Roundup
  10. 10. BEST PRACTICES• Post content on a daily basis.• Use link-shortening service like• Create an account for easy tracking and custom URLs• Include relevant hashtags and target @ people for the majority of what you post (twitter) and try to tag people or organizations when possible for Facebook posts• Don’t post solely content that you create; start engaging with other journalists by retweeting/reblogging their stories• Use your voice when appropriate; insert your opinion• Engage with your sources and subjects • GOOD EXAMPLE: • Chris Lewis & @NickKristof • Marc Peters & everybody
  11. 11. BEST PRACTICES (CONTINUED)• Do your homework. Spend some time researching hashtags relevant to your work• USE LISTS!• Engage influencers and audience using the info you gathered from doing your homework• Engage with comments* and conversations on social media and blogs• *Remember to be respectful and professional in comments and include links where possible• Live-tweet issue related events• Prepare a cheat sheet (aka “tweet sheet”)
  12. 12. PRO-TIPS• Utilize the gchat status• Be sure to use some sort of punctuation before tagging someone in a tweet, otherwise only people who follow both of you will see it in their feed• Try to leave at least 10 characters at the end of your tweet so people can retweet you• It’s totally ok to use the button, but try to use the mention when space allowsSHARE TIME: What are your pro-tips for social media?NEXT UP: We’ll cover some other tools & resources
  13. 13. TOOLS & RESOURCES• TweetDeck• HootSuite• If This Then That• TweetReach• MuckRack• Facebook+Journalists
  15. 15. DEVELOPING A PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONALBRAND• READ: The First Steps to Building Your Personal Brand (Forbes)• SUBSCRIBE: MarketingProfs, Media Bistro• Personal website and corresponding social media handles•• LinkedIn• EXAMPLE: • Ann Friedman
  16. 16. THANK YOU!Questions?