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Tara Gentile - Media Kit


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Published in: Career
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Tara Gentile - Media Kit

  1. 1. tara gentile hello@taragentile.comempoweringpassionatepeople toproduce &profit
  2. 2. “ you are already an artist. the world is your gallery.your opening can be tonight.Tara Gentile empowers artists of allsorts to produce & profit. Working withcoaches, writers, illustrators, makers,academics, and others, she unpacksyears of conventional living torediscover the unconventional beautybeneath.Tara is at the cutting edge a movementto reclaim creativity, autonomy, andpurpose as part of our daily lives.
  3. 3. ABOUTTARA GENTILETara Gentile is a thought leader in creative living &entrepreneurship.She began her own entrepreneurial journey inJanuary 2009, shortly after the birth of herdaughter. Her niche web community, Handmade inPA, grew at a rapid pace buoying her search formeaningful self-employment. In July 2009, sheacquired her flagship digital zine, Scoutie Girl.Scoutie Girl is the premiere web community forconversation around creative living.In August 2010, she realized her dream of growinga business that would completely provide for herfamily. Working from her home office desk, Tara ison track for her first 6 figure year. AS SEEN INTara isn’t satisfied with just teaching businessowners how to market or grow their businesses;she is known for digging deeper & stretching furtherthan other creative business coaches to discoverthe Truth behind fear, procrastination, andstagnation.Tara holds a Bachelors degree in religious studiesfrom Lebanon Valley College.
  4. 4. POPULAR ARTICLESBY TARA3 Reasons to Pay More for Your StuffDIY Paralysis: 3 Principles for Regaining Your MomentumYou Are Already an ArtistOn Being Stuck, Feeling Fear, & Not Giving in to Depression(L)earning What I’m WorthEmbracing Abundance: Breaking the Scarcity MindsetYOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS.TARA HAS INSIGHT.➡ What are the unique challenges of being a mom and an entrepreneur?➡ Do you have to be a “starving artist?”➡ What is the impact of Etsy on entrepreneurship in America?➡ How do you reconcile art & money?➡ What steps can a mindful shopper take to avoid mainstream consumption?➡ How is micro business aiding the global economic recovery?➡ How can someone redesign her life given the responsibilities of modern society?➡ What are a few tips for engaging your innate creativity? PUBLISHING 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion How to Sell with a Story TEACHING Website Kick Start The Art of Action
  5. 5. MAYI CARLES -- ARTIST, PANAMATara is like your Fairy God Mother, but BETTER!She doesnt work on the surface, but digs real deep, to thepoint of discomfort even, which shockingly helped meadmit + forgive + untangle all the messiness that wasntallowing me to move forward, from good to great.Taras laser sharp vision + strategic pragmatism is core-shaking + so empowering.YUKI MURAI -- TOKYOI have Tara Gentile to thank for helping bring normalcy andfocus back into my life. Her courses are golden. And focusequals joy. Scoutie Girl rocks my Twitterverse every day. Follow her now for the same effect. -- Chris Guillebeau author,The Art of Non-ConformityLINDA DEMERS -- DESIGNER, PROVIDENCETara is like having your own personal trainer. Shes amotivator. She has inspired, explained, intrigued, enabledand encouraged small businesses and, particularly, thehandmade community.I dont know where she gets her energy or prose, muchless her great ideas.
  6. 6. Book Tara for aninterview, workshop, orexpert commentary. Contact Tara: 610.698.7212“If you arewaiting until you“feel” like anartist to doremarkablethings, youmight bewaiting forever.