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Bruin Financial Brochure


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Bruin Financial Brochure

  2. 2. 04 05 ABOUT BRUIN BRUIN Financial, established in 2010, is a leading We appreciate that the differing hiring requirements Headquartered in central London, we have an office in We have engaged BRUIN as a supplier and specialist recruitment consultancy, operating solely of employers or the unique skill sets of individuals call Singapore servicing the Asia-Pacific region, and firm plans in the financial services marketplace. for collaborative, dependable partnerships between in place to establish a strategic presence in key financial I can happily provide a glowing reference a recruitment provider and its clients or candidates. services centres worldwide. Driven by an entrepreneurial for them as a business and a supplier. Independently owned and managed by recruitment Therefore, we have opted to work in partnership with spirit, passion and an absolute belief in our ability to reliably professionals with decades of combined experience in They hit the ground running and are a select number of clients only, including many of the deliver tomorrow’s talent today, our ultimate vision is to financial services recruitment, we provide permanent, world’s leading investment banks and financial services become the recognised global leader within financial consistently providing an impressive flow temporary and interim recruitment solutions, employing institutions. This affords both our prestigious clients and services contingent recruitment. of top tier candidates. proven executive search methodologies within a contingent our talented candidates the highest standards of service, marketplace. care and attention throughout the recruitment process. External Recruitment Desk Team Leader, European Investment Bank
  3. 3. OUR FOCUS BRUIN Financial is a specialist contingent recruiter, Our operational model is rarely seen in financial services focusing exclusively in financial services recruitment. recruitment and the concept gives us a vital edge over Unlike more generalist consultancies, our leadership our competitors. As well as utilising traditional contingent team and consultants all specialise in a particular area recruitment techniques, such as our international database of financial services and bring vast experience and of candidates, targeted advertising and online social media expertise to the following divisions: networks, we also incorporate a range of established executive search tactics. Headhunting specific talent Accountancy & Finance for a shortlist, a process paid for in advance with other Banking Operations consultancies, is only possible because of the detailed Human Resources sector knowledge and the wealth of industry contacts our divisions possess. Risk & Compliance Sales & Marketing The combination of both of these methods, coupled with Secretarial & Administration our elite client list, enables us to provide a better quality of candidate in a shorter timeframe to clients, and offers Wealth & Asset Management candidates of all levels of seniority more appealing career Front Office; Sales and Trading opportunities with the leading employers in their sector Information Technology whether on a permanent, temporary or interim basis. Commodities06 07 HOW WE RECRUIT RESEARCH AND HEADHUNTING EXCLUSIVE CONTINGENT ASSIGNMENTS BRUIN Financial utilises executive search methodology BRUIN Financial is able to conduct retained assignments We have been thoroughly impressed with in the contingent market place. Because of this we are on behalf of our clients utilising our executive search able to source candidates within the market from non-client methodology whilst having no conflict of interest with their ability to source suitably qualified organisations. We have no off-limit restrictions with these non-client organisations. Such assignments are candidates… All they have submitted organisations and as such are able to proactively find the particularly suitable for significant client projects. have been well briefed about the company right candidates for our clients rather than simply searching our database or advertising our clients’ jobs. Our consultants TARGET CANDIDATE PRESENTATIONS and the role. They have always taken are supported by a large team of researchers whose role is These are often used where our clients are looking to the time to ensure they fully understand to map out non-client organisations and to generate unique fill more than one position and are also looking to improve talent for our client base. their market awareness. BRUIN Financial will run a the role and how best to position roles campaign to identify a number of suitable applicants for with candidates… They are responsive ADVERTISING the client. The number required for the presentation to be BRUIN Financial monitors its offline and online effective is usually between 10 and 30. Once the venue for and approachable… We are pleased to advertising closely to ensure that we are targeting the the presentation is selected, BRUIN Financial and the client have established a working relationship correct media forums for our clients. Online advertising present to the suitable applicants describing the benefits of with them. is selective and specific, ensuring we are focusing on the working for the client. There is often an open forum and the right type of target audience. client has the opportunity to meet candidates in an informal Head of Human Resources, interview process. The selection procedure follows on from DATABASE SEARCH the presentation. European Brokerage House All of our consultants have access to our large international database containing all of our carefully screened candidates, specialising in a broad range of business areas. New candidates are registered to our internal database daily.
  4. 4. OUR PHILOSOPHY Our entire team, from trainee researchers to senior board We are passionate about environmental awareness and members, share our vision of becoming the recognised preservation and have internal procedures in place to aid global leader in contingent financial services recruitment. waste reduction, recycling and energy efficiency. Our fundamental purpose is to deliver an unrivalled service We take our corporate and social responsibility seriously to clients and candidates by recruiting for tomorrow’s and incorporate our duty to operate in a responsible talent, today. In order to do this to our own extremely high manner into our daily working practices. standards, we hold four values in high esteem: Passion: being passionate about what we do keeps Best recruitment experience to date with us striving for perfection BRUIN. Very professional yet welcoming Honesty: being honest with our stakeholders engenders two-way commitment and friendly at the same time. BRUIN are Trust: we aim to instil trust in ourselves and show very effective and efficient at what they do. trust in our business partners I ntegrity: consistency in our values, approach and Head of Resourcing, actions is part of our culture European Investment Bank BRUIN Financial is committed to providing equal opportunities to everyone regarding hiring or promotion, and actively encourages diversity in our workplace.08 09
  5. 5. WHY CHOOSE BRUIN? As a contingent recruiter with an executive search FOR CANDIDATES methodology, BRUIN Financial is a refreshingly We are on the preferred supplier list for a number of different, and attractive proposition to clients, candidates major names in the financial services sector and recruit and recruitment industry professionals. Specialising for hundreds of roles, from entry-level graduate to senior purely in financial services and working with deliberately positions. We understand that every candidate has different chosen clients assures all parties of a bespoke service, aspirations and skill sets, so our one-on-one service to whatever their hiring or career requirements. clients is replicated with our candidates too. We offer comprehensive advice and support throughout the hiring FOR CLIENTS process, from CV preparation through to the interview Our specialist consultants have forged strong partnerships process and even after the start date. with our clients and completely understand their businesses and their development plans within the financial services FOR RECRUITMENT PROFESSIONALS sector. Our search capabilities, unhindered by any ‘hands Our unique operational model gives experienced financial off’ agreements, mean that we can source the right services recruitment professionals a chance to hone their individual in terms of qualifications, experience and specialist skills and enjoy the best of both the contingent cultural fit, for any role, wherever they are in the world. and search methodologies. Working alongside high calibre, niche recruiters in a mature, collegiate environment with genuine career progression and the prospect of share options, it’s easy to see why some of the most talented people in our industry have chosen to join BRUIN Financial.10 11 CONTACT US FOLLOW US So far the best agency I have worked BRUIN Financial First Floor with. Its recruiters are the only ones that 5 Old Bailey genuinely took the time to understand London EC4M 7BA my background and my wishes, and as T +44 (0)20 3145 3333 a consequence they sent me very relevant F +44 (0)20 3070 0136 and high quality job specs. It has been a If you are interested in beginning or furthering your pleasure working with them. financial services recruitment career, contact us at Director, UK Asset Manager
  6. 6. FIRSTFLOOR 5OLDBAILEY LONDONEC4M7BA T +44(0)2031453333 WWW.BRUINFINANCIAL.COM F +44(0)2030700136