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Media evalution


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Media evalution

  1. 1. Before creating my magazine I ensured I had a strong idea of the target audience Iwanted to aim my music magazine towards . I took onboard gaps in the market andsimilar music magazines which would lead to competition , loss in sales and unpopularityso I ensured that my magazine was unique and original. I aimed my magazine towardboth genders which would increase popularity and sales of the magazine giving it a morewider target audience. I aimed my magazine toward people between the ages of 15-25giving it the edge of being mature yet interesting to interest people of both ages.
  2. 2. I made my magazine to be in the genre of ‘r&b, hip-hop’ style representing and taking inspirationsfrom artists such as Nicki minaj, Tyga, J.cole, beyonce, drake ..ect and based my target audiencearound people who liked and listened to this type of music. A general stereo type shows that musicand style is connected showing that the type of music you listen to may reflect on the type of clothesyou wear and what kind of person you are also what the persons general interests might be … belowI have collected a few images showing what my target audience may look like and what type ofclothes they would wear.
  3. 3. My target audience shows a majority of black/mixed race. This may be seen as a stero type maybe suggesting that themajority of people that listen to r&b/hip-hop are black or come from black herratige. This could also link to the fact themost r&b/hip-hop singers are infact black themselves or have black herratige for example the artists I mentionpreviously ‘artists such as Nicki minaj, Tyga, J.cole, beyonce, drake ..ect ‘ are all black or have black herratigethemselves. Although my magazine is a r&b/hip-hop magazine my main image shows a mixture of races shown on themain image. The main image shows two girls with a white race and a girl with a mixed race. The group are a band andthe main singer is mixed race and is placed in the middle linking with the fact that the majority of the audience issomeone who is black or with black heritage so this might make them want to pick up the magazine because of thelink.
  4. 4. I engaged my target audience to looking at the magazine by mentioning popularr&b/hip-hop artists which would interest them I mentioned Nicki minaj, Tyga, J.cole,beyonce, drake which are all very popular and are big names in the r&b/hip-hopindustry.When choosing my target audience I took in the fact of how I may address my audience and whatwording I would use and how I would present the text. I decided of my audience to be betweenthe ages of 15-25 which may suggest that it would be more appropriate to use my informallanguage making the audience feel comfortable in what there reading and wanting to read on forexample I used language such as ‘+10 festivals to hit this summer’. More of a formal language couldmake the reader feel disconnected and have nothing in common and no interest in what therereading , it could also make them feel inferior and spoken down to.Through the magazine I used colours that would appeal to both genders , I did this toavoid having a gender my magazine is primarily aimed towards , this would avoidweakening the popularity and narrowing the amount of sales. I used colours like purple ,white , yellow and black. I used these colours because they are not seen as being a malecolour or a female colour were as if I used to colour blue it would be seen as a malecolour just as if I used the colour pink it would be seen as being a female colour .
  5. 5. The name of the magazine also attracts my target audience making it to be verysimple yet affective . The name ‘edge’ also links to my target audience wanting themto be edgy and have and edgy style , it is also a name that is aimed towards justfemale or just males , it can be aimed towards both genders.Although I didn’t use both male and female models to link with the fact is aimed towards both genders Idoubt it will make a huge impact because of the fact I have mention popular r&b/hip-hop music artistswhich both male and female obviously have a huge interest in. The only reason I have used just female isbecause the main bands and music artists are female. Using a bar code , issue number, price and date make the magazine feel more real to the audience and show the practice of code and convention. Shows I mention popular r&b/hip-hop artists which attract the target audience. This is also in a bold font to attract and make it stand out to the audience , the word ‘free’ above it is shown in a different colour and underlined to make the audience instantly think there getting a barging or winning a prize. Using the words ‘reveal all’ attract the audience into thinking that they have a big secret so they would want to read on . This is in a bigger font than the rest of what the magazine contains to make it stand out and seem important also to attract and lure the audience in.
  6. 6. The contents page gives the audience a sneak peak at what they are about to receive giving them a snippet from the ‘exclusive’ interview. The word exclusive also draws the audience in and captures there attention making them think that there getting a exclusive look in and that the magazine is exclusive which automatically enhances its worth. Making certain words appear in a bold font or changing the colour also attracts the audience , for example changing the font on the word ‘free’ and underlining it can attract the audience and lure them in to wanting to buy the magazine thinking they are getting something for free using a persuasive technique.Using page numbers show the realism tothe audience and show the practice ofsimple codes and convention.
  7. 7. Iv chose Bauer media as an institution to distribute my magazine for many reasons. Bauer magazine is one of the uks leasding media institution companies , they represent a diverse range of magazines , music channels , radios and tv , they also have over 80 influential media brands. I have chosen Bauer media because I feel that because of there diversity and and success that they could reperesnt bowsa magazine in a good light . Also because they have a lot of influential and successful music magazines such ad Q and kerrang so I feel if Bauer did distribute my magazine they would have the knowledge on distributing popular successful music magazines . • 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. •Bauer Media spans over 80 influential brand names • magazine heritage stretches back to 1953
  8. 8. Beaur media distribute kerrang magazine , kerrang magazine are one of the worlds biggestselling weekly music magazines, it is a genre rock based magazine which includes things likeposters, gig guides, reviews and exclusive features.Beaur media also distribute the magazine closer. Launched in 2002 , closer is a popular glossymagazine , including latest celebrity gossip and real life content. It also includes a largelifestyle section which includes subjects like diet and health, fitness, fashion and beauty.
  9. 9. Q magazine is the Uks biggest selling monthly music magazine , Q magazine has created nameand brand which is recognised by music lovers . It is seen as a very popular and upmarket ,professional music magazine and the voice of the music industry.
  10. 10. Using a large masthead , makes the magazine stand out and look more professional , it also Main image , medium close up , makes it stands out showing facial expressions , and as a professional the models clothing , this can magazine brand . portray and image and identity , appealing the a certain sector of the audience maybe having the same style or personality.Facial expressions and poses also play abig part in the magazine and how it isseen , using a model who is pulling ahappy , girly pose may show the Main headline title is usually boldmagazine is aimed towards young girls and links to the main image , Using colours , shows what thebut using the a model who is pulling a either promoting an interview or magazine issue is all about andsexual pose may show that the other. This shows that is also used to show a theme ormagazine is aimed towards an more model/models are influential in portray the personalities of themature generation or for males. ‘EDGE’ the music industry or are seen as music artists used for examplemagazine shows the models posing as famous or upcoming , which in ‘vibe’ magazine shows Janetmore rebellious and bad which may shows they have a big impact on Jackson using faint pastel pinkssuggest that there music is rebellious the audience. and bright blues portraying thatand bad but in ‘VIBE’ magazine Janet shes girly and bubbly were asJackson is pulling a more sexual pose in ‘EDGE’ magazine the colourswith her mouth open ands by her are dark and grungy maybetrousers which may suggests her music hinting that the band may haveis more mature. a dark side.
  11. 11. Big masthead capturesthe audiences attention, Mentioning the wordI have used a slightly ‘free’ on the frontedgy font to link withthe magazine title cover instantly makes‘edge’ because I have the magazine moremade my magazine to appealing andappeal to both genders , popular making theI didn’t want to make audience think therethe font to girly or two getting amasculine so I opted fora colour which would freebie/barging.appeal to both maleand female Making the main story the biggest font and aIssue number and date different colour makesmakes the magazine it stand out to thefeel more realistic and audience and makes itlook more professional known it’s the mainto the audience . story and linked to the main image.I have used a large mainimage to stay in lines the bar code is essential inwith what a typical making the magazine seemmagazine would have . more real and professional . ItThis type of shot is used is also a key thing that everyto emphasise this main magazine needs in order for itstar on the cover . This to be distributed . The baralso represents them to code I have used is one I foundthe audience in a certain on Google images .way using facialexpressions and types ofclothing.
  12. 12. Using the same font as thefront cover on the title ,makes the magazine seemmore professional , andmaking it the same Using pictures on thethroughout. contents page promotes inside the magazine and gives the audience a sneak preview of what they could read and what they could read about.Taking quotes from insidestories , is what mostmagazines seems to do, itmakes the reader want to readon and read all the storieswhich persuades them to endup buying the magazine. Listing the main stories first adding pictures , different colours and fonts gets the audience more interested and then listening the other pages show what other things the magazine has to offer.
  13. 13. Using the bandname in a bigfont/differentcolours and fonts Making themakes them look question a differentimportant and as if colour to thethe story is also very answer makes itimportant this easier tomakes the band the understand for themain focus for the reader and makesreader . it look more professional asUsing the words most magazines‘exclusive interview’ either do this ormakes the reader think make it a differentthere getting an exclusive font or bolder.look in , and that theinterview is going tocontain secrets anduntold things , makingthem want to read on . The quote that is normally taken from the Using separate images of each of the band interview and enlarged is normally the members makes it seem more personal and thing that sounds over exaggerated on its gives the reader and closer look at the band own which makes the reader want to read members maybe showing there individual style more. and portraying there personality through facial expressions .
  14. 14. I feel my magazine is very aimedtowards people from the ages of 15- On the front page25 who have a general interested in it shows the bandr&B / Hip-hop music and culture and wearing verywould interest people in this social fashionablegroup as well . r&b/hip-hop is a very clothing andpopular and recognisable genre of standing next to amusic and with people like beyonce wall with graffitiand drake in the media to promote it. in the background as the bands name this represents cool urban street style.The specific social group that would be interested in my media product would bemales and females between the ages of 15-25 interested in r&b/hip-hop musicwith a cool fashionable street style edge and look up to artists such as rhiannaand drake and tyga for this image. To promote this I have looked at the clothingmy models were and the back drop of were the images have been taken.
  15. 15. I have learnt a lot from making my media product, I have learned more about different camerashots and angles and which works best for acertain image or page and how to portray myimages. I have also learned more about editingmy pictures to enhance them either editing theexposure or contrast , making it lighter or darker ,cropping my images and using different colours. Iedited my pictures on a free site called picknik ,having no knowledge of what picknik was or whatpicknik could do I taught myself and was amazedat what effects you could use to make pictureslook better and more professional. I also learnedhow to add text and use different effects such asblack and white , sepia and a 1960’s effect. I alsolearned how to use the website ‘fontspace’ whichis a website that has hundreds of different fontsincluding famous fonts that you can add your owntexts to . I found my font for my magazine titleand band name from this site. Technologies is notreliable 100% incase of loss of work so you need abackup file for each piece of work.
  16. 16. After creating my school magazine I found this task to be very beneficial as it gaveme an insight in to what creating a magazine was like but on a smaller scale. Butfrom the school magazine task I learnt to basics such as creating a target audienceand using things like layouts and colour schemes to appeal to the target audienceshowing my creativity. I learnt how to organise my work by planning each pagecarefully before making my final draft I carefully researched what colours andfonts would interest and capture the eye of my target audience . I also learnt thebasic codes and conventions from adding a bar code, price and date to make themagazine seem more realistic and professional , I learnt that every popular wellestablished professional magazine including a issue number this was recognisedby researching different magazines in the same chosen genre of mine .
  17. 17. After looking back at both magazines I have made I can see a drastic improvement whichshows I have learnt and made progress this is shown by the way I have laid out mymagazine and the presentation showing a clear house style , the photography is also amuch higher standard and the way I have edited the pictures looks more professionaland interesting. I carefully selected the clothing my models wore and made sure facialexpressions and backdrops linked to the magazine audience and house style. Lookingback on my magazines I have realised I could of improved maybe by using bettergrammar and punctuation or adding my text and images to the contents page. Irecognised this and made sure I improved this on my music magazine which shows I cantake criticism and improve my magazine. Here are images of both magazine covers showing I have made improvements by adding more text on my front page also adding a date and issue number and bar code .