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Computer tips

  1. 1. ==== ====Get quality computer and electrical products, click the link to find out ====Computers are meant to do a number of functions but the most important is that the computerenables you to perform these functions quicker than manual methods. To ensure your computer ismore productive and you have a great time doing your work, here are some computer tips that aretime saving and will protect your computer form online threats.Online safety tipsIf you don not want your computer to be the next target of an online spyware or viruses, here aresome tips that will save you. First, use good anti-virus software that ensures pop-ups and threatsto be detected and you can exit from the webpage that shows a threat. Next, regularly remove thespyware and adware that invades you computer. A good firewall prevents internet programs thatyou do not want to open form accessing your computer. Also, keep a regular track for viruses andget them removed at regular intervals.Maintenance tipsLike any other machine to function properly and stay in good running condition, computers requireregular maintained. This maintenance means cleaning out of unnecessary and full hard drive,removing of viruses, spyware and adware and cleaning the registry system which controls themain functioning of your computer. The PC utilities software available for download can performthis function, but its recommended that you first get informed thoroughly and observe how itsdone before attempting installation and setting op on your own.Program tipsIts always advisable to learn about the new program before installing them. Most computerprograms alter the operation of your computer and after that have happened; it cannot be restoredto the original even after deleting the program. Another tip is to avail of the demo offers on manycomputer games and programs available on the web like shareware and freeware before actuallypurchasing them. In this way you get to view the program utilities before purchasing ordownloading.Short cut tipsSome computer tips help you enhance these functions by reducing time consumed on them. Usekeys instead of the mouse like the ALT+TAB to view the programs on your computer. An icon isdisplayed for each program with its description. CTRL+N open up another separate browser whichcarries the same web address. CTRL+P takes you to the print and CTRL+W closes the windowwhich you are presently viewing. All these functions can be done in a wink from your keyboardwithout the use of a mouse.Another great tip for all compute users is to install that software that automatically maintains yourcomputer and keeps it up to date. You can regularly check for new versions that give you better
  2. 2. features, with more tools and attributes and great offers.Some computer tips help you enhance these functions by reducing time consumed on them. Hpink couponsArticle Source: ====Get quality computer and electrical products, click the link to find out ====