Intercepting and Preventing Foreclosure.


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Facts based solutions approach. Empower yourself to make informed decisions

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Intercepting and Preventing Foreclosure.

  1. 1. Part 1- Intercepting and Preventing Foreclosure A Facts Based Solution Approach In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law. - Amendment VII of the United States Constitution
  2. 2. Deciphering Options Mortgage refinance, Second Mortgage or Equity Line of Credit Familiarize yourself with the 4 C's in Lending 1- Credit- Since the subprime collapse Banks have tightened their lending guidelines: 700 FICO = 20% down payment or 80% LTV 660 FICO = 40% down payment of 60% LTV 2- Capacity to repay the loan- In order to qualify for a mortgage for which the lender requires a debt-to-income ratio of 28/36: Max DTI should not exceed 45% example: Yearly Gross Income = $45,000 / Divided by 12 = $3,750 per month income. $3,750 Monthly Income x .28 = $1,050 allowed for housing expense. $3,750 Monthly Income x .36 = $1,350 allowed for housing expense plus recurring debt.
  3. 3. 3- Collateral – Does your home have equity? How much are the recent comparable sales in your area? Loan To Value (LTV)is a mathematical calculation which expresses the amount of a first mortgage lien as a percentage of the total appraised value of real property. For instance, if a borrower wants $130,000 to purchase a house worth $150,000, the LTV ratio is $130,000/$150,000 or 87%. 4- Capital- is defined as wealth such as money or property accrued by an individual indicating the amount of money you have saved to cover the down payment or closing costs and includes: Checking and/or Savings Accounts, Insurance Policies, Gifts, IRA, 401k, stocks, proceeds for the sales of existing property, real or personal.
  4. 4. Forbearance Agreement, Loan Modification Forbearance is an agreement between lender and you that reinstates the delinquent loan through the payment of a lump sum or scheduled payments over a period of time. Loan Modification is a change in any of the terms of the original note. This includes lowering the interest rate, re-amortizing the remaining balance, extending the term of the loan, or other options (at the lenders discretion) to assist you through a temporary setback. Ask yourself these questions: - How can you afford one more payment plan taking into consideration why you became delinquent to begin with? - Would this eliminate long term home loss? - Do I owe more than the house is worth?
  5. 5. Sell Your Home, Short Sale, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Selling your home as option? Now this gets even better.... whose buying at a time right now? Only “Investors” with a ton of CASH are. For regular folks like you and me who depend on one or more of the following: a fixed income, retirement benefits, help from other sources, WOULD never have access to an abundant supply of Bank Repos, Auctions and other too good to be true home prices that could have been our home originated with a sustainable fully amortizing 30 or 40 year fixed rate mortgages. Deed in Lieu of foreclosure is a voluntary conveyance of title to the lender. In short, you lose your home. Giving up your home because of regular unforeseeable events ( Job loss, health issues, etc.) is one thing... ...being subject to Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Deceptive business practices and outright mortgage fraud is another.
  6. 6. Revelation Using all the information you have acquired determine the following: Your TRUE Debt to Income and Loan To Value Ratios... ...then ask yourself this: Did I meet the minimum requirements for bank approval on my current mortgage?
  7. 7. “Too often we excuse those who build their own lives from the shattered dreams of other human beings” - Sen. Robert F. Kennedy
  8. 8. We Hold These Truths Be Self Evident 2008, Ontario, Ca.
  9. 9. Loss Causation U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK The Outstanding Public Debt as of 25 Jun 2008 at 09:27:49 PM GMT is: The estimated population of the United States is 304,241,474 so each citizen's share of this debt is $30,832.81. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.38 billion per day since September 28, 2007! Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!
  10. 10. For Victims of Fraud Waste and Abuse 2 Options that go hand in hand to STOP foreclosure. An arduous task which require you to learn and be prepared to help those in need. This will be your personal test of Faith. Faith in yourself, standing up for what is right, Faith in our Government enacted for the people and by the people and lastly Faith in God for giving you this opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference for your neighbor. 1- Holder In Due Course Doctrine DEMAND THIS: Show me the NOTE !!! The complexities of Mortgage Securitization cast a shadow of doubt on who has the legal right to Foreclose.
  11. 11. Subprime Derivatives
  12. 12. Forensic Mortgage Auditing “A tiny error made (even innocently) by the lender may be grounds to STOP Foreclosure” Know your Rights, Know your Options!!! Do not refinance to get out of a loan you cannot afford to begin with. Do not walk away. Stay in your home. Arm yourself with knowledge and turn this arduous task into a privilege of a lifetime. FIGHT BACK!!!
  13. 13. Flash Fraud Alert Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams !!! You need to be extremely cautious of any claim offering to lower your monthly mortgage payment while also promising that in a short time you can own your home free and clear of any debt. The con artist claims to offer or arrange for a new loan but instead tricks the homeowner into selling the home to the con artist or a third party and agreeing to either lease the home back or purchase it back on a land contract. The con artist or third party will pay off the existing mortgage or take out a loan. If the scammed homeowner lived in the home for a number of years, he or she likely built up and is surrendering significant equity. Equity is the market value of the home minus the value of all mortgages and other liens on the home. The con artist now owns the home and has stripped or taken the equity out of the scammed consumer's home.
  14. 14. ZERO FRAUD TO LE RANCE AV E N UE S Mortgage Document Auditing Services We report all suspicious activity to the following: FBI- White Collar Crimes Supervisor (Mortgage Fraud Division) IRS-CID (Internal Revenue Service- Criminal Investigation Division) Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Bureau of Investigation Major Fraud Division Department of Justice Department of Corporations Department of Real Estate Enforcement Office of Real Estate Appraiser Federal Trade Commission Office of the Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight- HUD Your Lender's Regulatory Bank (OCC, OTS, FDIC) What we offer: Forensic analysis of your mortgage loan documents for fraud and predatory lending. Consumer education and assistance in report preparation. Refer you to an Attorney with the highest level of Integrity, Empathy and Affordability. We do not: Negotiate a Short Sale with Client's current mortgage lender. Negotiate a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure with Current mortgage lender. Attempt to negotiate a modification of Client's current mortgage loan including but not limited to reduction in principal balance, reduction in interest rate, reduction in monthly payments, re-amortization of loan for longer term. Provide Legal advice, only your Attorney can represent you in a Court of Law. Give any guarantees whether expressed or implied. We are not: A mortgage elimination Company A law office or credit repair facility Legal professionals nor claim to be
  15. 15. Avenue S Forensic Mortgage Loan Auditing (661)860-4978 (661)860-4950