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Quality Process Improvement Facilitator Course


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Learn how to void known problem-solving weaknesses in process improvement!

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Quality Process Improvement Facilitator Course

  1. 1. 2016 Global TapRooT® Summit 2-Day Pre-Summit Course Quality Process Improvement Facilitator Course
  2. 2. As a trained TapRooT® Root Cause Investigation Facilitator, do you continually engage in process improvement? cc: milos milosevic -
  3. 3. We hope so! But if you're looking for help, see what this course offers... cc: gruntzooki -
  4. 4. How to avoid known problem- solving weaknesses in process improvement like... cc: HowardLake -
  5. 5. Identifying the wrong problem, then investing excessive time and money into the investigation. cc: Leo Reynolds -
  6. 6. Assuming things & biased evidence collection during the problem- solving process. cc: @boetter -
  7. 7. Making weak corrective action items that are not based on the root causes found. cc: Darwin Bell -
  8. 8. Next, we'll teach you how to use the TapRooT® Quality Problem Solving Road effectively by... cc: Kay Gaensler -
  9. 9. Creating a Problem-Solving Chart using a Burning Platform & High-Level Value -
  10. 10. Creating Advanced SnapCharT®'s cc: bengrey -
  11. 11. Reviewing the Root Cause Tree® with a quality perspective of System Failures. cc: extranoise -
  12. 12. Improving your strength & assessment of corrective actions. cc: -
  13. 13. ...ALL that plus more! cc: bindermichi -
  14. 14. Register today.