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Mexico Trip Information

  1. 1. 8th Grade Spanish Immersion Trip Cuernavaca, México
  2. 2. Pictures of Past Trips
  3. 3. Cuernavaca,Morelos,México Cuernavaca is located in the Morelos, Mexico. It is about one hour away from the international airport in Mexico City. It is known as "The City of Eternal Spring" due to its excellent climate.
  4. 4. What are the highlights of the trip? Students and chaperones take Spanish classes at Encuentros Spanish Language School. We all stay in home stays with Mexican families. We visit cultural and recreation sites in Cuernavaca We visit the zócalo, the Brady Museum, the Cathedral, the Palacio de Cortez, a water park, the Mercado Central as well as other places of interest.
  5. 5. More HighlightsWe visit the pyramids in Tepotzlan, and thesilver mining town of Taxco.We take a Salsa dance class.We have a Mexican cooking class.“My favorite part of Mexico was everything! I really loved Taxco though. Iloved that town and how we were allowed to be with different groups and
  6. 6. The Logistics of the Trip The trip is during mid-winter break. We leave on Friday, February 15 and return Friday, February 22. It costs $1200 (approximately) for airfare, housing, food, Spanish classes and all excursions and travel expenses within México. 3-4 students are in each house with one adult chaperone. All houses are in the same neighborhood, located near Encuentros.
  7. 7. Encuentros SpanishSchool Encuentros offers Spanish classes, provides homestays, and coordinates excursions in Cuernavaca and the outlying communities. menu.htm
  8. 8. More pictures!
  9. 9. A Mom’s Feedback on the Mexico Trip“The locals, markets and historical sites were the highlights of the trip. The peoplewere so friendly there, very warm and outgoing.The host families were on the whole terrific and really opened their homes to all of us.Unbelievable hospitality and food!All in all, this trip dispelled the myths of Mexico and stereotypes of Mexicans. Althoughone needs to beware in a big city (as its true anywhere in the world), there were a lotof people out at night and we mainly went out as a group - so I didnt feel that therewere any safety issues. Finally, it was good that the girls saw and experienced adifferent Mexico then the touristy beach resort areas.”Debby Tsuang(Katrina’s Mom-Class of 2012)
  10. 10. A Student’s Favorite Experience“My favorite experience in Mexico was going downtown in the evenings. The amount ofpeople out and about late at night was interesting to me. There were also so many differentstands with food, candy, knitted items, shirts, etc. Going downtown in Mexico allowed me toget to know the people and "feel" of Mexico. It taught me the importance of familyconnection in Mexico and also taught me about Mexicos exciting nightlife.” Michaela Flum,class of 2012
  11. 11. A Mom’s Feedback on the Mexico Trip It was an amazing experience to get to share with my daughter. Getting to see the bond that they have as a class - -the sisterhood -- was especially awesome. I felt completely safe the entire time (except for some middle of the night fireworks to celebrate lent/carnival.) In particular, our homestay was very special -- our family was fabulous and opened their home and their family to us -- I will cherish that part of the experience. We bonded with them.  It was by far the best part of the trip for me, andfor my daughter. All this despite a major language barrier. I expect to havetheir grandson come and visit us this summer. That part of the trip was lifechanging for us. I wish we could do it all over again! Id go back tomorrow!It was also great to see Ellies Spanish -- I was quite impressed. She wasthe translator in our homestay. I had no idea -- it was great to see herlanguage in action.”Jana Berber(Ellie’s Mom-Class of 2012)
  12. 12. A Dad’s Feedback on the México trip “As one of the 3 dads who chaperoned the Cuernavaca trip, I can saywholeheartedly that it was truly amazing. The Encuentros experience wasgreat for both me and my daughter (my high school Spanish all came back tome!). And for me, visiting the historic sites of Tepoztlán and Xochicalcowas the highlight of the week.It was a trip that also shattered my preconceptions of central Mexico,where I had never been before. Cuernavaca was a clean and pleasant suburb,and I felt safe the entire week, even walking the half mile with mystudents to and from our home stay every day.”Michael Hilton(Meghan’s Dad-Class of 2012)