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SalesDriver™ Account Business Plan


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SalesDriver™ Account Business Plan

  1. 1. SalesDriver™ Account Business Plan Overview and screenshots January 2010 Tapio Nissilä
  2. 2. Overview of SalesDriver™ solution Software modules for improving sales management Sales and Marketing Management Segment Account Opportunity Encounter Management Management Management Management Account Sales Customer Sales Customer processes Sales Sales Person’s Selection Segmentation Business (solution, Funnel Gate Model Desktop Call Criteria Plan Planning product) Segment Yearly Sales Win & Sales Segment Sales Team Business Planning Mgmt Win Plan Loss Call Reporting Calendar Plan Cycle Reporting Review Reports Data Data Account Opportunity Collection Sales Value Resource Lead Collection Management Qualification for Incentives Quantification Management Management for Reports Process Criteria Segmentation Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform 2
  3. 3. Account Business Plan Contents Section Content 1. Executive summary 1. Executive summary • Summary for top level customer management • Includes main points from each section 2. Understanding customers business and current challenges • Customer’s strategic challenges 2. Customer analysis • Customers key development projects • Strategy, 3 year targets etc. 3. Description & analysis on current state of business • Wallet share 3. Business overview • Description of current business, current contracts • Key figures • Customers stakeholders and our customer facing team 4. Opportunities to solve customer’s challenges • Opportunities related to customers targets 4. Sales opportunities • On-going development projects • Identified sales opportunities Account strategy & 5. Strategy and targets set by the management 5. targets • Long term objective • Review period 5. Actions to reach the targets 6. Action plan • Action plan • Follow-up on actions to reach the targets 3
  4. 4. Account Business Plan Screenshot of account information page 4
  5. 5. Account Business Plan Screenshot of account plans and history 5
  6. 6. Account Business Plan Screenshot of validated and qualified sales opportunities 6
  7. 7. Account Business Plan Screenshot of activities 7
  8. 8. Account Business Plan Screenshot of reporting tools Account Business Plan Account Business Plan Tool for Daily Sales Work Summary Reporting 8
  9. 9. ResultsFaster time to benefit with CRMmanagement through systematic and proactive sales