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Lean funnel infograph - how to apply lean thinking in sales


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Lean Sales book introduces end to end sales management method based on application of Lean thinking in sales and marketing. Lean Sales book also shared 20 case studies of B2B companies that have applied Lean in sales, marketing and customer facing processes. Lastly, Lean Sales shares 5 stories by senior executives themselves explaining how to create winning sales culture in international organisations.

Lean Sales approach is proven and tested approach for improving sales effectiveness and sales performance. Lean Sales is about creating more results with less selling.

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Lean funnel infograph - how to apply lean thinking in sales

  1. 1. THE LEAN FUNNEL™ STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION IN SALES Siloed functions, no alignment Lack of customer focus and insight Lack of analytical approach What’s wrong with sales? 1 The result: Sales function is like a slot machine Apply lean principles in sales Cut out the waste in the sales process Manage process Make clear and analytical go / no go –decision early in the sales process Manage inputs Align with customer journey Align marketing and sales processes Manage organisation Track & forecast individual cases and steer sales force + 10 % + 400 % Lean Sales frame provides the consistency for lean funnel development Increase in average case size + 100 % Increase in sales meeting amount + 20 % Improvement in proposal hit rate Increase in NPS GREATER RESULTS WITH FEWER RESOURCES What to do? 2 How to do it? 3 What are the results? 4