EDT 370 Unit 4 Deliverable


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EDT 370 Unit 4 Deliverable

  1. 1. Unit 4 Deliverable Danielle Cole EDT 370 Fall 2013
  2. 2. Finding reliable resources… • 7th Grade Challenge Math Class • Topic: Solving one-step equations
  3. 3. Learning Goals • The learner will demonstrate their knowledge of solving one step equations by practicing problems with 80% accuracy. • Given the opportunity to create a poster, the learner will demonstrate their knowledge of the steps of solving one step equations. • The learner will reflect on their own understanding of solving one step equations by writing a 200 word reflection.
  4. 4. Resource #1 • http://www.math-play.com/One-Step-EquationGame.html • This source is an online basket ball game. Students must solve one step equations and then get the opportunity to shoot a basket. • This source has one main author. You can tell this person created this website with many math education resources. I believe it’s a reliable source and the game is instructive and fun for students.
  5. 5. Resource #2 • http://www.mathplayground.com/AlgebraEquati ons.html • This source is an interactive web applet that allows students to solve one step equations using a scale and algebra tiles. • This source is reliable because under the “About” tab you can learn about the teacher that created this website for her students. So this is a good example of teachers sharing resources.
  6. 6. Resource #3 • http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/Algebra/rentacar .html • This website is a challenging math problem involving equations. This source gives students a real-world example of solving equations. • This source was found under NCTM Illuminations. This source is reliable because NCTM promotes it for math education.
  7. 7. Resource #4 • http://youtu.be/W7fPsSw74TM • This source is a video of a math teacher explaining the concept of solving one step equations. • I know this is a reliable source because after watching the video the presenter clearly illustrates the math concept. The presenter is also a math teacher.
  8. 8. Resource #5 • http://www.mathgoodies.com/worksheets/generator/ pre-algebra/one-step-equations-wks.html • This website generates a math worksheet for solving one step equations. You can choose how many problems and some types of problems. Then once you have solved you can have it check your work. • This site is also created by a teacher. At the bottom of the page you can see a teacher’s name. They also have it copyrighted for 2013. So you know this site has been updated and used frequently by teachers and students. This makes the site a more credible source.
  9. 9. How I would use these sources… • Resource #1 & #2 are interactive games. I would use these for extensions or even to introduce the lesson to grab student’s attention. • Resource #3 I would use as an explore activity. After student’s have mastered the concept I would have a class period where they explore real world situations in math. • Resource #4 I would use if a student was absent and needed more help figuring out the concept. I would also use the video for student’s to use if they go stuck on their homework and needed more help. • Resource #5 I would use this source to create worksheets for homework. Or I would suggest it to students who want more practice before a test or quiz.