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M m1 resource_activity_unit_5a

  1. 1. Level 1 Student’s WorksheetUnit 5A Water QuizA Work in teams. Follow the instructions to complete the water quiz. 1 Read each question and fill in the missing passive verb forms from the box below. 2 Check the answers with your teacher. 3 Choose the correct multiple-choice answers. 4 When you have finished, score another team’s quiz. The team with the most points wins! 1 40 million empty water bottles __________ currently __________  __________ into the trash every day. Only 1% / 12% / 30 % of these are being recycled. 2 How much of the water on earth can __________  __________?   1% / 33% / 60% 3 How much of your body __________  __________  __________ of water?   70% / 80% / 90% 4 Approximately how many liters of water __________  __________  __________ next time you go to the bathroom?   3 / 5 / 8 5 Approximately how many liters of water __________ __________ last time you left the water running while you brushed your teeth?   1 / 3 / 5 6 What proportion of the world’s major rivers __________  __________ seriously __________ or depleted?   25% / 50% / 75% 7 Egypt / India / Russia is the country where the most water per person __________  __________ each year. 8 World Waterpark in Canada, which __________  __________ in 1986, is the one of world’s largest indoor water parks, with a maximum capacity of 4000 / 14,000 / 40,000 guests. 9 Visitors to the Jules’ Undersea Lodge hotel, __________  __________  __________ a 30-minute / 3-hour / 3-day Scuba diving course when they arrive. 10 By the time you feel thirsty, 1% / 3% / 6% of your body’s total amount of water __________  __________  __________. d will be given was opened be drunk have been pollute is made up is used has been lost are being thrown were wasted will be flushed Photocopiable © Macmillan Publishers Ltd. 2011
  2. 2. Level 1 Unit 5A Notes Teacher’s Teacher’s NotesWater Quiz Objective: to complete a quiz about water Time: 30–40 minutes Skills: writing—completing a quiz speaking and listening—working as a team to find answers Vocabulary: water Grammar: passive form Preparation: hand out one or two copies of the quiz per team ●● When the time is up, stop the groups and ask them to Lead-in» swap their quiz with another team in order to correct Write the following quiz question on the board: each other’s quizzes. Have them put a score on the Water ___ also _____________ to with which chemical quizzes and give them back to the original team. symbol? HBO / H2U / H2O (refer) The highest scoring team are the winners. Ask the class if they can complete the sentence with the verb in parentheses in the passive form (is referred).Then ask them Answers which answer they think is the correct one. (H2O) 1  12%  2  1%  3  70%  4  8  5  5  6  50% 7  Egypt  8  40,000  9  3-hour  10  1%●● Put the students into teams of three or four. Ask them to choose one member to be the “secretary.” The secretary writes in the answers. Follow-up●● Explain to the teams that they should work together to ●● Ask the teams to write their own general knowledge read the questions and choose the correct passive form quizzes using the passive form. Then have them swap from the box. Do the first one with the whole class as their quiz with another team. an example. Point out that they needn’t worry about the multiple-choice answers at this stage. When the Web homework teams have finished, go through the answers with the Ask the students to choose some of the questions they class. found interesting and to research them on the Internet. Have them research ways that they can reduce their water Answers consumption and report their findings back to the class. 1  are being thrown  2  be drunk  3  is made up 4  will be flushed  5  were wasted  6  have been polluted  7  is used  8  was opened 9  will be given  10  has been lost●● Now give the students about 15 minutes to work in their teams to choose the correct multiple-choice answer.Written by Leanne Gray    Design: Jordan Publishing Design Limited    Photocopiable © Macmillan Publishers Ltd. 2011